Laidback Show – Episode 03 – UpShorts

The third edition of The Laidback Show – UpShorts, by Fasial Kapadia and Awab Alvi. Enjoy the discussion but would love some feedback on how we can improve this casual discussion podcast

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4 responses to “Laidback Show – Episode 03 – UpShorts”

  1. MAk009x Avatar

    Well done, worth watching though a bit surprised that the Kerry Lugar bill did not come under discussion

  2. hibi_jibi Avatar

    One suggestion,

    You guys should mock *the burqa* or *the beard* or any thing that has to do with Islam and soon your show would be talked about on FOX, CNN BBC and you will have lots of people *enjoying* your laid back show.


  3. Momekh Avatar

    This is the laidbackshow I have seen, doc (it is the only one I've seen :/ ) … no but seriously, well done. 🙂

    One thing: Why not use YouTube for your videos? This thing has the worst controls in the world, the Vimeo upload never played (hence I never got a chance to see your previous shows)… What's so wrong with YouTube?

    Second thing: The 'sound' before the blooper had more noise than after it, perhaps you can look into that to get a more crisp audio. And a behind-the-scenes 'roundup' is always fun to watch 🙂

    And haan, the 'we-are-the-problem' thing you talked about in the end, I have a few comments on that that I posted some time back >

    Hoping to see more of the same in the future. Good luck and God bless,


  4. farrahshah Avatar

    Hello Doc

    You are so cute and camera shy.

    I thought the programme would be politics but it was Cricket.

    Of course I have no interest in cricket so I switched the channel fast.

    Best of luck it is a good programme.In the sense that both of you have a good converstaional skills and you do not talk over each other.

    Most importantly both of you are comfertable with your ownselves and actually this mutual understanding will take you a long way.

    Sincere wishes.