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Google’s head of news: Newspapers are the new Yahoo

An interesting read for New and Old media pundits – Google News head analyzes the new media struggle forward

Laidback Show – Episode 03 – UpShorts

The third edition of The Laidback Show – UpShorts, by Fasial Kapadia and Awab Alvi. Enjoy the discussion but would love some feedback on how we can improve this casual discussion podcast

Show Notes after the jump

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Google Doodle for Muslims or Pakistanis?

Google has over the past years becoming one of the most successful IT companies practically out-gunning most of its competitors in every possible field where it has any presence. The success of Google has predominately been due to its commitment to provide service far before the thought of minting money which according to their model invariably follows. This combined with its deliberate effort to harness a level of trust with its users plays an important role in ensuring that Google.com becomes a household name an invariably the most favored search engine by a long margin. Millions of people use Googles endless list of innovative services ranging from GMail, Blogspot, YouTube, Google Reader etc.
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