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TEDIndia Fellowship YES

It was only in June that TED.com had announced the opportunity to apply for the prestigious TEDIndia fellowship. The selection to this TED Fellows group was limited to bringing together some brilliant future leaders from this region together. I must say that had it not been due to Faisal Chohan, a TED Fellow himself, we in Pakistan would have probably never have heard about this prestigious event, let alone apply

I was fortunate enough to have taken the opportunity to apply and only recently have been informed that I have been selected as one of the 103 TEDIndia Fellow to becoming a part of the Global TED family.

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Touseef Ikram of Paksatire has drawn a cartoon on yours truly, with the raging twitter phenomenon this new keyword Dent-twit-tics rings true. Thank God the twitter fanaticsm has still not reached the dental chair to an extent that my twitter world has yet to see me twittering while I perform Dentistry upon my patients at Alvi Dental Hospital – but one can never predict the future…

it was only today that I had the misfortune to treat Faisal Kapadia and he was literally twittering and photoblogging while I was hard at work on his pan stained teeth [imagine the crap and torture that we poor dentists have to go through]
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Teeth Maestro selected as Best South Asian Blog – Thank You

Teeth Maestro - Best South Asian Blog

A few days back I was informed via a very unlikely & surprising source that I was being nominated by the Brass Crescent Awards for the Best South Asian Blog. The email was from the office of Queen Rania of Jordan congratulating me for the nomination in the particular category. On 1st December I looked through the great efforts by Queen Rania and made a post immediately on her cause

It was definitely an honor to be simply nominated, at that time I generally believed it would have been tacky to ask my readers for the vote and consequentially for a few days I sidelined the issue until a week later a few close aides convinced me that I must post on this issue, it was not a personal award and neither did it carry any financial motivation whatsoever, but instead it was a mere recognition for the blog which I have been managing for the 4+ year. Hence finally I succumbed to the request and on December 6th made a post on this blog asking my readers to vote for the Brass Crescent Awards and if maybe even me

Many did and THANK YOU to each and every person who spared a little time to cast their precious vote, as Teeth Maestro has been selected as the Best South Asian Blog by the Brass Crescent Society for 2008. Its these small recognitions that truly make this entire effort worthwhile, that said the icing on celebrations today would be to wish for a better, stronger, safer and brighter Pakistan ….. InshaAllah we will all succeed there as wellPakistan Zindabad

Teeth Maestro nominated for Best South Asian Blog – Brass Crescent Awards

No I have not won the award yet, but have been nominated as one of the Top Five South Asian Blogs for 2008. To win the 5th Brass Crescent Award of 2008, I need your vote

What is Brass Crescent Awards

The Brass Crescent Awards, a joint project of altmuslim and City of Brass, is an annual awards ceremony that honors the best writers and thinkers of the emerging Muslim blogosphere (aka the Islamsphere). Nominations are taken from blog readers, who then vote for the winners.

If you believe this blog, Teeth Maestro has done well in the past year then please hop over to the Brass Crescent website and vote for Teeth Maestro for the Best South Asia blog. Voting is open till 19th December 2008, Please also help spread the word

Finally we are breathing

Guest Blog by Farrah K Raja

When I came across” Teeth Maestro” I thought well how healthy my teeth are? The answer is always the same the one which Cinderella’s step mom used to get from the mirror.

I do not believe in cosmetic surgery or going under knife so I do not spend much time in front of the mirror but I do spend a lot on my computer.

In today’s world where now Obama will be addressing the Nation through internet, so that message is not limited to USA alone but to the whole world. The impact of internet cannot be ignored and I am so glad Teeth Maestro is one blog from Pakistan which very responsibly is providing an alternative for people to express and connect as compared to stereo type Print and Television Journalism.

I personally believe past ten years were extremely important in the history of the world and in the history of Pakistan.

We were led by a true statesman, Mr.Musharaff, the only thing he was lacking was he did not come through voting process. By God people of Pakistan have proved who ever does not come through this process is never going to rule us even if he delivers moon and the stars.

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You deserve what you get

For sometime I contemplated if this article may best be simply linked too in the collection of Decidous Links [mini-links] we have running on the blog but then it would not have opened an opportunity for comments and reactions and I suspect this heart felt article by Ghazala Minallah might evoke some comments from our readers here on Teeth Maestro

Published in The News on Saturday, May 31, 2008
By Ghazala Minallah

It appears that whoever comes into power in this God-forsaken country of ours, shuts themselves in a shell, oblivious of the cries outside. My head is bursting with questions, and I want my cries to be heard and answered. Firstly, why is Farooq Naek suddenly the biggest authority on the Constitution? Why is there a conspicuous absence of veterans like Justice Fakhruddin G Ibrahim, Justice Wajiuddin, former Chief Justices and judges of the Supreme Court and Aitzaz Ahsan? Is he the next Sharifuddin Pirzada in the making?

The recent unexpected verbal attack on Musharraf was eyewash meant to distract us and pave the way for the constitutional package. The package intends to reduce the chief justice’s tenure. It is ironic that such a ludicrous idea can even be considered by a party which claims to have its roots people’s hearts.
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Teeth Maestro v 4.0

Teeth Maestro v 3.0Welcome to the new design of Teeth Maestro’s Blog, it is for the record the fourth major re-design of this blog since 2004 when I first started to blog on the world wide web..

The v3.0 had been running for almost an entire year and saw us through some serious political debates here in Pakistan but like Pakistan its time for a change and I now present you the v4.0 design. I personally had grown tired of cluttered and confusing layout of the old design, though the play with the two side bars was truly a geeks paradise on earth but it was just a bit too much. So in an attempt to change I finally took the plunge last week and pulled out a theme which appealed to me.

A few improvement are noted below
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Husain Haqqani: A Follow up Post

Guest Blog post by Phil

A recent post run by Teeth Maestro on his blog that features another renowned web-activist that goes by the pseudonym of Temporal and writes at Baithak and discusses how a few old faces are reappearing and how they are making sure that their government service’s maligned past is buried and forgotten forever. These two gentlemen write with great authority and research on the political goings-on of Pakistan..

From the days of General Zia ul Haq, the most notorious (dick)head of state of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, one name never seems to die out. Like a roach, it has survived the test of time and come back to haunt the scene once again in the form of Husain Haqqani. Or Hussain Haqqani? The post by Temporal points out by mentioning a news report by Anjum Niaz in Dawn , and confirmed by two other major dailies of Pakistan, The News , and The Daily Times how this man and his other associates are going around town doing all they can to literally burn their past. The burning of all records of their previous cases held at the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) was personally seen out by him and a few other people.
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Karachi Riots: Call for Pictures, Videos and Personal Experiences

Yesterday Karachi faced yet another gloomy day, last count was that around eight people have been killed in the riots that broke off starting from the City Courts and then engulfed the rest of the city. A few dozen cars were torched and hundreds of vehicles damaged. Whosoever is to blame to yesterdays carnage must be brought to justice at all costs. So if you have any story to narrate, a picture or a video to share please do so.

If in case you are worried about protecting your anonymity I can offer some solutions or read extensively on Global Voices Advocacy Website or use the WITNESS Human Rights Video Hub to upload your videos anonymously [Submission Guidelines]
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RIP – KMB Going Down

KMB Login Error for Teeth MaestroWell its not news to anyone who regularly follows Karachi Metroblog but at this moment all of our current batch of authors are effectively sidelined and trashed. Sean the co-founder from Metrblogging wrote a post after he disabled all authors from the system where he states that the ongoing bickering and fighting amongst the authors and the management was the reason why he had to shut the site down and we all got the axe.

Dear Readers of Karachi Metblogs,

It is with a sorry heart that we at the Metroblogging headquarters in Los Angeles have to announce that Karachi Metblogs will be shutting down for a while while we decide what is the best future for it. While I could certainly try to sugar coat this and blame corporate restructuring, the truth is we are just sick of the constand bitter rivalry within the ranks of the authors which has lead to absolute chaos on the site. Honestly, not a day goes by that one author isn’t e-mail me complaining about this or whining about that, and quite frankly I just don’t care enough to keep putting up with all of it. It’s become a nightmare and it has to end.
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OffroadPakistan: Goran Gatti Trip 2008

A few weeks back in the middle of January I went on an off-road adventure trip to Goran Gatti one of the highest mountain deep within the Hingol National Park. It was a four day trip filled with adventure fun and excitement. The group had over 13 tough off road vehicles with over 35 people entourage our attempt was to reach the Goran Gatti mountain an elevation of 1045m but sadly fell 10 km short of the destination, it is rumored that no vehicle has ever made it there, and for better or for worse we could not reach the mountain as well. We hope to re-attempt this sometime in the future.

The highlight of the trip was the refurbished Red Ford F1 truck which was truly fascinating on the rugged terrain, this car has a long story behind it, took over three years into finishing but it was well worth the wait, read the entire story by Hamid Omar here on offroadpakistan.com.

I honestly believe it is very difficult to recapitulate the exciting event in words but if you were to take a taste of the adventure then do probe around the tons of stunning pictures which we took in the four days. it is possible that you might actually re-live the excitement with us. One thing is for sure, Pakistan is breathtakingly beautiful, and nothing in this entire world can beat the beauty of the hundreds of acres of untouched & unexplored regions of Pakistan.
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