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Husain Haqqani: A Follow up Post

Guest Blog post by Phil

A recent post run by Teeth Maestro on his blog that features another renowned web-activist that goes by the pseudonym of Temporal and writes at Baithak and discusses how a few old faces are reappearing and how they are making sure that their government service’s maligned past is buried and forgotten forever. These two gentlemen write with great authority and research on the political goings-on of Pakistan..

From the days of General Zia ul Haq, the most notorious (dick)head of state of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, one name never seems to die out. Like a roach, it has survived the test of time and come back to haunt the scene once again in the form of Husain Haqqani. Or Hussain Haqqani? The post by Temporal points out by mentioning a news report by Anjum Niaz in Dawn , and confirmed by two other major dailies of Pakistan, The News , and The Daily Times how this man and his other associates are going around town doing all they can to literally burn their past. The burning of all records of their previous cases held at the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) was personally seen out by him and a few other people.

Someone the same post makes an informative comment where they state how and where these few people are working after being reappointed to new roles with the culmination of a new government at the center. They also argue that the NRO as it all covered so it is unnecessary for them to do such petty things. And that Husain himself did not have any serious cases against him so why would he personally go to the NAB for such a thing. A very good arguement, until unless he is working for someone else other than himself. Some who might have had cases against them in the most corrupt 10 years of Pakistan’s governance.

Zardari for one is one such high profile case that needs no reason to worry about until the NRO is active. If luck serves him well, may it remain active and a suo-moto is not taken against it whenever the judges are restored.

Haqqani however takes very good care of matters and his close friends alike. He is in the know of such small people that have corruption cases against them that might NEED to be smoked out of the dusty NAB shelves forever and not left there in case incumbent weather in the Supreme Court of Pakistan. One such name is that of Rabia Noor

It is a well known fact around Pakistani education circles that Rabia Noor has high connections in the political corridors of Pakistan and Husain happens to one of them. Rabia Noor was the Principal of the Overseas Pakistani’s Foundation girl’s College who had over run her service retirement age and refused to step down from the seat when told to do so by the OPF at the age of 68. She has had been accused of corruption and gross mismanagement of funds. According to her, this accusation leveled against her was illegal as she had been appointed a Life Time Principal by the then State Minister of Labour Ghulam Akbar Lasi. The Dawn report on the notice issued to her office details the fine points. In another one of the several cases Rabia is held accountable for the non-provision of degrees to students in 2005 and “misguiding them” into a fraudulent program. This letter is how she defended her case; by trying to sway the public opinion about a much lesser a crime. Rabia Noor was subsequently put under the Exit Control List (ECL) in 2005 which failed to curb her freedom to travel around the world. This was confessed by a Senate Committee in a report in 2007 where they stated,

….the previous Principal of the OPF Girls College Islamabad namely Ms Rabia Noor was operating 68 bank accounts and the record of the most of those accounts has been destroyed by her. She caused loss of million of rupees to the College and absconded to USA. At present, her case with the NAB. (Report PDF) While we all await the accountability of those that were involved in serious national exploitation of resources, it seems a useless cause to stand up for what is right and what is wrong. Political back-scratching in Pakistan will never end. All this paper and more would have made useful for a raddi wala instead.

Guest Blogged by Phil


  • Tahseen Alam Khan |

    Aae meray bahimat farzando ye nan daikho kitna jantay ho
    ye daikho kis ko jantay ho.(A teacher asking to his students) This is what actualy happening in Pakistan.

  • nazia |

    Hussain and gen mahmmod durrani like people are basicly local agents of US and they live and survive in our culture as per demand of US.Its big task for our nation to pin point and criticise those character publicly who always want to live in best circumstances for them and their families.I am really surprised to see Reman malik and haqqani on differnt talk shows that how much importance are given to those people who are completly unaware of ground realites of Pakistan .All such names should be written on wall of shame and sent to govt of Pakistan.

  • mehdi |

    mosam nahi badleen gey pehra hei khizan ka / shoor hei charoon taraf bas ah o fugan ka / sakoon pay khoon dekh kar kehnay laga khumar / lava jo beh raha hei ek aatish fashan ka

  • Allah ka numayanda |

    dear readers i like to write alot but it wont do any good nothing going to change unless we change ourself . like some one said one con leads to another con so where u want me to begin from 1947 or 1971 just pick up the names of elite all around the world regardless of religion or nationality they all connected to one another the truth is thats a way it is this is war between good and evil or Allah and iblees or rich and poor now we have to wait and watch who going to win and i am sure not long to go thanks for reading