The NoNam Show – Episode 1.0

The Nonam show Ver 1.0 from Nonam Show on Vimeo.

Show Notes for The NoNam Show Episode 1.0 below



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13 responses to “The NoNam Show – Episode 1.0”

  1. A Mitchell Avatar

    An option for future shows is the TalkShoe platform []. The enhanced version, which is free, allows audience interaction. You can test it privately first (hint, hint).

    Blog N Roll is a good show title. So is OverBite.

    Topic that desperately needs to be addressed: where did Ganja get his new hair? And how much did it cost? Wow, what a difference!

  2. malik su Avatar
    malik su

    More urdu and less english please, if possible. I am sure it will become useful source, well worth the time spend by you and the visitors if it champions the ordinary people.

  3. Talismi Jadogar Avatar
    Talismi Jadogar

    Umro Ayyar Frenchy & Bagar Billa Talk. TED talk has a feeble rival, sighs, yah din – tsk tsk.

    Include some scandals mirch masala, some mud-slinging, but please don't follow Azfar Mani, i hate them.

  4. Ali Avatar

    the show looked laid back,

    so i wud suggest, maybe

    The Laid Back show, as in oppose to Late night Show

  5. Rana Avatar

    More Urdu PLEASE, it will be much more useful and involve maximum number of people.

    Shouldn't be very casual, it will loose importance and strict code of conduct please, don't say unethical things.

    Nobody can control the power of internet, this show can be BIG in future, please make the best use of it.

    This can be used as a platform to be the voice of less privileged and people (who are of course neither you nor me who have connected dad or chacha or friends)

    So far it looks like just another talk show, make the most of it by giving it a purpose, remember the superfluous talk shows for the sake of (so called) awareness are already available in plenty.

    Set targets, what are you trying to achieve, we don't have time, set objectives, so far the purpose is not clear.

    Hope my comments help.

  6. A Mitchell Avatar

    Tell me, how will the PPP’s next PM be able to follow along if the show is all in Urdu?

    Seriously, if the upcoming interactive technology platform is in English, as Dr Awab’s blog is, how many non-English speakers will be lost — compared to the number (especially in your international audience) who will be gained by keeping the show in its present format?

    Good new Urdu programming definitely needs to become available online. However, if this show tries to be too many things to too many people then I’m not sure it will truly serve the most vital need of the day.

    A big reason Pakistan and Pakistanis are treated poorly in some parts of the world is because of the tremendous misunderstanding that is perpetuated about the country and its people. Especially in the West, we have no decent role models and no opportunity to see intelligent, rational Pakistanis being presented in a fair manner. Are those misunderstandings going to be cleared up by a show that is in Urdu?

    The image that many Americans have is that Pakistanis are living in caves or mud huts and are opposed to modern technology. This online show, whatever it’s called, can accomplish a lot in terms of changing global perspectives about Pakistan, its people and vital issues of the day.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing Faisal Qureshi on this show, hopefully more than once. His voice is extremely important — but if the show is in Urdu then his international influence will be diluted.

    The show’s hosts shouldn’t take themselves too seriously. Keeping the whole thing relaxed and fun is what made the first edition so enjoyable and will keep your audience coming back. If I wanted to watch some talking heads or a training video, there many other sources for that stuff.

    Goals? Just have fun. And don’t be afraid to step back now and then and provide definitions and background information so that your global audience can follow along.

    Thanks for a great first show! I look forward to many more.

  7. Saad Avatar

    Excellent first show, doc. Will be looking forward to seeing more of you folks.

  8. Shiraz Avatar

    Cool…here are few names you may want to consider for your show:

    Alvi Kapadia Show

    TeethPan show



  9. Faisal Kapadia Avatar

    Thanks for all the feedback ppl, I do realize that urdu is important but I am on Mitchells side here. We blog in English and communicate in it regularly so why speak urdu on the show? If you are concerned about the masses? they don't exactly have dsl connections to view urdu underground shows on the net either…would still understand the point if "that infrastructure" was prevalent.

    To the Laid back show!!!!

  10. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    Dear Awab Sb and Kapadia Sb,

    Just a suggestion. Why don't you and Kapadia Sahab invite those [whom you discuss in your blog] on camera. Like you two are discussing above, you should interview anyone and then launch their interview on your blog and I am sure through this way your blog would be more effective than these Private TV Channels who are indulged in RAT RACE.

  11. Farhan Janjua Avatar

    Loved the show. It's just awesome. Truly the voice of Pakistan blogosphere. Doc! I want to participate in your show 😀

  12. Alex27 Avatar

    Is it something the neighbours are doing at Fermilab? ,

  13. Daddy98 Avatar

    This is a smaller effect than what we found in the cross'national specifications, but it is still noteworthy. ,