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AETIBAR — by Atif Aslam, tribute to Junaid Jamshed

Junaid Jamshed’s AETIBAR — by Atif Aslam, a tribute to the legend

Every Last Child – UN Video highlighting the efforts of KPK Govt against Polio

A short promo video by UN highlighting the efforts of KPK Govt in helping eradicate polio from Pakistan.


MUSIC VIDEO: Waiting for the End

An amazing Video by Faraz Ahmed Yar Khan

Dont just support the Change – Be the Change

Canadian popstar Kristie Yung sings in Urdu to pay tribute to Alamgir

Kristie Yung & Alamgir on iTunesAlamgir, the man who is regarded as one of the pioneers of pop music in Pakistan, was diagnosed with complete renal failure since 2004 and has been undergoing regular dialysis for the past many years, and has been waiting for a kidney donor which is a three year waiting list he now needs his fans’ help and support.

“I’m trying to raise funds for my treatment and if God wills the people of Pakistan will respond as they always have, with love,” exclaims Alamgir in an interview to Express Tribune.

As a step forward Canadian popstar Kristie Yung records a song in Urdu giving tribute to Alamgir and when you purchase the song from iTunes all proceeds from this song will be given to Alamgir’s Health Fund.

Jahil Offline with Farigh Liaquat Hussain

A video podcast has just appeared making fun of Jahil Online aka Aamir Liaquat Hussain in response to the controversial video that had recently surfaced where he was caught using profanity in some particular off-air segment.

Daniyal Noorani presents Own2Feet

Daniyal Noorani presents a music video “Own2Feet” telling the story of dysfunctional partners and highlights some of the issues observed in US-Pak relations.

I believe in a mere 4 minutes Daniyal has presented a true picture of the imbalance of the US-Pakistan relationship possibly suggesting that its time for Pakistanis to standup for their own dignity and self respect

Oye Uth Jawana Kar De Saweray – Soch Band inspires the Youth to Rise

Oye Uth Jawana Kar De Saweray
Tera Mulk Dubya Wichh Hanairay

A very inspirational song sung by Adnan from The Soch Band on a show on Geo.TV – he beautifully conveys the prevalent conditions in Pakistan and urges the youth to rise up for Pakistan, one does enjoy that passion with which he sings the song, each word carrying an inspirational message for the youth of Pakistan

Burka Women…. Funny or Offensive?

Saad Haroon pokes fun at the Burka by producing this short YouTube Video titled Burka Woman. I personally think its a hilarious poke at the issue but saw some people being offended by it?

What is your reaction to this video

—– UPDATE —–

About 10 minutes after I posted this blog post on Facebook somebody marked this URL [https://teeth.com.pk/blog/2010/12/27/burka-women-funny-or-offensive] as SPAM preventing me to repost this on my facebook wall, what is interesting that someone is definitely offended enough to mark it as spam without so much as discussing the issue and arguing his own side.
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VOTE NOW! – For Pakistani filmmaker finalist in YouTube Democracy Challenge

Pakistani filmmaker Faraz Siddiqui is among the 18 contestants who has made it to the final round of the Democracy video challenge on YouTube. His video ‘Democracy is the message by people’ has made its way to the final list of 18 where six shall be chosen as winners from each region of the world

This comes from over 1600 entries from 111 countries around the world to reach the top 18 is an achievement, the voting lasts till 15th June which is only 3 more days so please promote this video and ask your friends and colleagues to vote for his success and consequentially a victory for Pakistan
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TEDxKarachi: What Pakistan Needs Now – Mini-film winning entry

In the run up to the TEDxKarachi event that was held on Friday, we had a small competition for a 60-second mini-film on What Pakistan Needs Now.

Congratulations to Ali Kapadia on his effort to present the concept in 60-seconds What Pakistan Needs Now

Find Heaven – A Musical response to the brainwashed Suicide bombers

Today a string of 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 bomb attacks in Pakistan has the entire nation emotionally hurt compounded the fact that we also suffered a loss of 40 innocent lives. The series of suicide bombings has forced many of us to vocally condemn this mindless act of terrorism but interestingly Daniyal Noorani has chosen to send his message across in a short 3-1/2 minute music video, where he tries to narrate a story of a confused boy, searching for answers, ends up interacting with some mindless Islamic fanatics who expertly manipulate his concerns into becoming a potential suicide bomber. It serves as a touching reminder on how the Talibans can take advantage of the impoverished manipulating them for their own secret agenda which has nothing to do with Islam and heaven

Music, lyrics and direction is by Daniyal Noorani, character design and animation by Marria Khan, while the guitars by Shahjehan Khan and violins by Mialy Clark. He shares his reasons on why he wrote this song on Dawn Blog to say
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David Blaine talks about his journey into Human Endurance

TEDMED 2009 hosted a talk by David Blaine the magician, he talks about his progress in trying to break the world record for holding his breath for 17 minutes and 4.4 seconds, which he successfully did on Oprah’s show. This TEDMED talk is worth a listen as it shows his constant commitment to achieve the unimaginable