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  • bassaam |

    So sad 🙁 especially for a Karachite. What really saddens is how soon it has happened. 

  • SayB |

    @DrAwab holy shit ! … I started out to just review this vid and now I'm 31 mins deep into it … kudos to the team !

  • AnjumKiani |

    @YeahWeKhan Alvi Sahib, he is good bro,, he has been to most of the dodgy place around the world

    • YeahWeKhan |

      @AnjumKiani U watched it? It was awesome. Is it @Drawab who made it? I dunno abt them but it's awesome work. Editing & real investigation.

  • Nauman Zia |

    I salute your hard work and passion to investigate into causes of all this mess. I didn't know this much abt my Country myself.