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VOTE NOW! – For Pakistani filmmaker finalist in YouTube Democracy Challenge

Pakistani filmmaker Faraz Siddiqui is among the 18 contestants who has made it to the final round of the Democracy video challenge on YouTube. His video ‘Democracy is the message by people’ has made its way to the final list of 18 where six shall be chosen as winners from each region of the world

This comes from over 1600 entries from 111 countries around the world to reach the top 18 is an achievement, the voting lasts till 15th June which is only 3 more days so please promote this video and ask your friends and colleagues to vote for his success and consequentially a victory for Pakistan

Faraz has beaten two Indian submissions in the semi-final to make it to the top and is now in direct competition with two Nepalese contesting for the winner of the South and Central Asia region. Faraz Siddiqui belongs to Karachi and also runs a graphic design company called Collage. A double thumbs up for him for making us proud Pakistanis, now lets push this all the way to the top.

How do you vote? Head over to Democracy Video Challenge | www.youtube.com/democracychallenge page, click VOTE NOW and locate the video “Democracy is the message by people” click the Thumbs-Up Its the least you can do for Pakistan


  • Ali |

    I have voted for the video because being a Pakistani, it rather feels good to see your countrymen getting famous at something. However, the video itself is not good enough to get to this stage of the competition. Its a worn out concept used without much innovation. So yeah!

    Happy for you mate, but make a better one next time.

  • Shair_Awami |

    ahhh democracy!!!!

    jhootey wadey,

    bareyy barey iradey,

    sareee dunyai main dekhey hain,

    adakaron kai dramey,

    kaheen lafzon kai jadoo,

    kaheen nafraton kai tarazoo,

    kaheen ummeed-on kai asrey,

    kaheen *shaheedon* kai wastey,

    kaheen wasiat waley babooo,

    to kaheen *sharafat* waley babooo,

    kabhee faujeee dakoooo,

    to kabhee peeeer dakoooo,

    Abb aur kiaa rangg dikhaegeee,

    aaahhhhhh Democracy

  • MB |

    While i agree to above comment

    i still say

    VOTE . . as you have to put an effort and encourage the good work. He is way better than those retards on street chanting crap against INDIA ISREAL etc. while their practical contribution to state is ZERO bata ZERO

    • HakeemAliSina |


      Are protests not part of democracy?

      or do you consider protest against Israel and India as undemocratic, because????

      MB, you should drink SAFI three times a day, it *may* clean your blood and may give your sore brain some fresh food. If SAFI does not help you, then no body can. YOU MIGHT AS WLL TRY A BOX OF SURF.

  • Zulfiqar Haider |

    An excellent effort by a Pakistani in improving the image of this country in the world arena; I hope he wins the contest and wish him best of luck.

    • Nazia |

      An Individual effort doesn't count in third world countries.

      Our real democratic effort projecting us in outer world is that we have placed a corrupt and feudal character as our president.Our PM is spiritual leader of millions of illiterates of Pakistan and along with this he is a big landlord of one of deprived area of Pakistan.

      Our democratic efforts recognise in international level is that our army representing 0.003% of population is eating away majority of resources coming from credits and through hard income of 99% of population.

      Another mark of democracy for whole world is our parliament where parliamentarians are either filthy rich or legendary feudal families are taking decisions of Pakistan's democracy there.

      Any how projecting efforts of individuals is good part time activity for blogger to justify the authenticity of their world and time spent on this unpractical venue.

  • Abdullah |

    Democracy is a joke, it brings injustice and evil into the world

    Yes to Islam

    No to Democrazy

  • Zeba |

    Nice video! It was especially great to see the placard reading 'Freedom of Religion'. Hope he wins. Too late to vote now.