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MA Jinnah Road Bomb Blast of 28th Dec – Video of the devastation Next Day

A Bomb Blast ripped through MA Jinnah Road on 28th December 2009 – this video of the kilometer long stretch of road shows that the mobsters ransacked a large section of the street leaving a hundreds of shopkeepers devastated and a loss of millions of rupees.

A group of concerned citizens sympathized with many shopkeepers, trying to share in their grief but there were simply one too many. The kilometer stretch of road was in flames. Targeted attacks on particular markets was noted, indicating that it was not a random affair. The witnesses all say that the rioting starts almost immediately after the bomb blast that one has to wonder if there was a definite plan to cause serious harm. While walking the enter business district one noted that the fire continues to burn in a few of the buildings still 16-20 hours later, indicting that some chemical was used to ignite these shops. A short compilation of the videos and pictures that we took on our visit today can be seen here

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Umeed-e-Sahar – LAAL

Umeed-e-Sahar an inspirational video by Laal


It is my belief that the fate of the country rests on its citizens – considering how are politicians are committed on looting and plundering Pakistan to their hearts desire the fate of our country rests upon the citizens to join hands and say STOP

The question to all Pakistanis – When are YOU going to say STOP !!

Another VIdeo by Laal – Mainay Uss Say Yeh Kaha – Habib Jalib

[MiniLinks] Sony recalls PS3 game Little Big Planet because of ‘Arabic’ words

Sony Entertainment has announced that it is recalling the Playstation 3 video game, LittleBigPlanet, from retailers after it learned that the soundtrack featured some Arabic-language lines which were also in the Quran and backed with music Sony said that “one of the background music tracks licensed from a record label for use in the game contains two expressions that can be found in the Koran.” the two phrases are (literally translated from the original Arabic): “Every soul shall have the taste of death” and “All that is on earth will perish.”.

I’m shocked and irritated, not at the Sony company, but more so at us Muslims who have brought this type of paranoia upon ourselves over the past years. It is a natural reaction for companies to steer away from these hyper sensitive issues staying clear of the extremist element in the religion of Islam simply for the fear of being caught in a blood bath of some awkward religious controversy. I must now worriedly ask can we coax our own people to be a little more understanding or has the time for reconciliation passed us by. [Post edited fractionally just to clarify the confusion that was seen within the comments section]

Video – Aafiya Siddiqui and Her Son’s Interrogation


The video, obtained by Cageprisoners shows the media conference following the ‘arrest’ of a woman and a teenager identified by Afghan police as Saliha and Ali Ihsan. The US allege that this is Aafia Siddiqui and her 12 year old son, Ahmad.

Aafia Siddiqui was extradited to the US on 4th August 2008 on charges of attempted murder and assault. She denies the charges and claims to have been held in US custody since her disappearance in March 2003.

Her son Ahmad remains in Afghan custody. The whereabouts of her two other children, missing for 5 years remain unknown.

Mainay Uss Say Yeh Kaha – Habib Jalib


A poem by Habib Jalib called “Musheer” (advisor) [lyrics]. Jalib wrote it as a satirical piece against Hafiz Jalandari in the period of Ayub Khan. It is equally valid today.


Shahram Azhar – Vocals
Taimur Rahman – Music
Mahvash Waqar – Backing Vocals
Taimur Khan – Director Producer
Dita Peskova – Assistant Director
Jamie Mill – Recording Director
Laal & Taimur Khan – Music Producer
WIDEi Films – Production Company
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Karachi Riots: Call for Pictures, Videos and Personal Experiences

Yesterday Karachi faced yet another gloomy day, last count was that around eight people have been killed in the riots that broke off starting from the City Courts and then engulfed the rest of the city. A few dozen cars were torched and hundreds of vehicles damaged. Whosoever is to blame to yesterdays carnage must be brought to justice at all costs. So if you have any story to narrate, a picture or a video to share please do so.

If in case you are worried about protecting your anonymity I can offer some solutions or read extensively on Global Voices Advocacy Website or use the WITNESS Human Rights Video Hub to upload your videos anonymously [Submission Guidelines]
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Sher Afghan thrashed – MQM & PPP spinmasters deflecting the blame

This evening in yet another embarrassing move, a rowdy crowd physically assaulted Ex-Minister Sher afghan in Lahore. Though the blame is being placed on the Lawyers (MQM desperately wants to pin the blame on Lawyers and Civil Society) but it is apparent that the rowdy crowd dressed in plains clothes (not lawyers) thrashed Sher Afghan.


I fully condemn this incident and would at the same time to send strong words to the media spin-masters of PPP and MQM to not twist the blame around. A desperate attempt is being made to accuse the lawyers and civil society for this incident but if you have a look at the video the attach was initiated by a man dressed in plain brown shalwar kameez while throughout the approach to the waiting ambulance we witnessed people dressed in plain clothes attacking Sher afghan while lawyers tried desperately to prevent the attack. While Sherry Rehman the Minister of Information has initiated an inquiry. Little good will that do when the culprits belong within the ruling party, a prime example is yesterdays incident when Arbab Ghulam Rahim was beaten amongst a crowd of Jiya Bhutto chanting crowd and the spin masters have orchestrated the accused as being a hired servant of Arbab Ghulam Rahim himself

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Arbab Ghulam Rahim gets Slapped with a Shoe

Today at the Sindh Assembly Arbab Ghulam Rahim gets a royal treatment with a shoe slapped across his forehead. It may seem funny for many, sweet revenge for others but all said as members of a democratic and sane society we must condemn this act as this is no way to treat an elected parliamentary member or for that matter any human being.

If you despise him, then try him for corruption, take him task for all his wrong doings heck take him to court and prove his underhanded dealings but more importantly use words but avoid any form of physical assault. I must condemn this act at all costs.


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Geert Wilders to edit ‘Fitna’ for Copyright Infringement & Dutch businesses threaten to sue

Geert Wilders the creator of the anti-Quran film which drew worldwide condemnations will edit out a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad after complaints of copyright infringement. He had used the cartoon by Danish artist Kurt Westergaard twice in the film “Fitna.” The drawing, which depicts Islam’s prophet wearing a bomb-shaped turban with a lit fuse, provoked violent protests in Muslim countries when it was published by European newspapers two years ago.

The Danish Union of Journalists has said it would sue Wilders for copyright infringement and in response Wilders’ spokeswoman Daphne Rozenboom said in an e-mail that Wilders would replace the cartoon and make other minor edits.

At the same time major Dutch businesses are threatening to sue Geert Wilders over his documentary portraying the Noble Qur’an as inciting violence they fear that a Muslim boycott of Dutch products would inadvertently affect their businesses
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YouTube Blocked again in Pakistan

It is being reported on the mailing list for the Society Against Internet Censorship in Pakistan that YouTube is yet again being blocked here in Pakistan. Though no notification has yet surfaced from the the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority but most users are reporting a total blackout showing error pages while accessing youtube.com

A little investigation shows that it could be a new system employed by the censorship body as when we try to access the URL youtube.com it leads us to a blocked page but when you enter the IP address of the youtube website

It could easily be speculated that this block has yet again to do with the Geert Wilders movies Fitna which was released a few days earlier, but surprisingly it is not being hosted on youtube, in fact Google/Youtube had taken all instances of this movie due to a violation in its Terms of Service. The domain of the domain Fitnathemovie.com movie was also slashed by the host and later when Geert Wilders released the video, via LiveLeak it too suffered the cut since a number of employees were harassed forcing the management to remove the video for their own safety was.