Sugar Boycott (Pakistan) – Nov 5th to Nov 12th

Boycott consumption of Sugar from 5th November to 12th November 2009 – The Power of One can make a difference



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29 responses to “Sugar Boycott (Pakistan) – Nov 5th to Nov 12th”

  1. Rai Azlan Avatar

    just give it a try "EK Koshish" say no to sugar.

  2. mrs faisal Avatar
    mrs faisal

    yup we can boycott 4 suger because our strenght is our power.

  3. Observer Avatar

    Is it the solution?

    Wouldn't the thugs just be happy to export the sugar at a higher rate?

    I say change the government. Get out on the streets and force the crooks out of office. Let's have a fresh round of elections, and vote for clean people this time. We have had enough of PPP and PML-N.

  4. Observer Avatar

    Btw: I am not against a boycott of sugar though the real solution lies in boycott of the ruling elite/mafia.

  5. munib Avatar

    Good initiative !!


    elections se kia hoga, aik chor aaiga aik jaaiga or for a change in taste

    koi "khaki badmash" ajaiga aik or "PML-pqrst" bananey

    change minds……….

  6. omer Avatar

    pakistan is a free economy state so u cant controll sugar prices…its not fair i f i come upto a computer salesman and tell him to sell the computer for so much an not more than that….who will invest in this country if this is the situation.this is what the government is doing with mill owners…no one will put an industry here which creates 100000s of jobs…this is y we r behind cuz no one understands whats really happening…its not the cuz of mill owners that there is a sugar crises.if sugarcane prices are high then sugar price will increase.the minimum purchase price for sugarcane has been risen by 20rs from 80 to 100 by the government for next year then how can anyone say the mill owners should sell sugar cheaper. they have to make profit. i can challange anyone that its not cuz of mill owners there is a sugar crises. mill owner employ 1000 workers meaning supporting 1000 family..this is just one mill owner im talking about..majority of pak population are farmers.. if they got high sugarcane prises then that means they also made good profits so infact the increase in sugar price is good as the majority of population made a good profit.they wouldnt care for the price hike.. also ary cooking show was boycotting sugar i saw the program the other day and guess who was there sponser COKE. coke consumes 150000tons of sugar a year pespsi is even higher. does this make sense? if they boycott then why is their sponser coke…. its all drama they just do what sells on tv. pakistan daily consumption is 240000 bags or 12000 tons….they show on tv that they caught hoardes hoarding 1000 bags or 2000 or 15000…..thats minimal if u consider the daily consumption of 240000bags..

    1. Ms.hira Avatar

      It's not that the prices are higher. Government wants to make money n have loads of sugar in stalk but won't give it to poor people.If we do a boycott of sugar, then the prices and salespeople will have to turn down. JUST REMEMBER WE ARE THE POWER, WE CAN CHANGE THINGS.IF WE WANT OUR COUNTRY TO BE AS GOOD AS OTHERS THEN SAY "HALLA BOL"AND SAY "YES" TO BOYCOTT.

  7. dr jawwad khan Avatar
    dr jawwad khan

    thank God some one thought that way.

    this is the right course of action against the dirty business of essential commodities.

    but i am not sure about the success of this call because one thing i know for sure about the moronism of general public that if you want to sell some thing on high prices, create an artificial shortage.people will become crazy enough to buy it at any cost.

    i am sorry to say but it is ture that we are a mentally retarded nation.

  8. farrahshah Avatar

    at least some resistance.i am surprised we the Pakistanis put up with everything.Actually at present our right to life and decencey has been taken away.

    We are blasted away,our faith is questioned,our rights to food and basic necessaties ahve been robbed ,taxes are going to be increased,no electricity,gas,education yet we have to pay the fee and the bills……..

    …….and the very posh presidents,prime ministers ,parlimentarians and the POSH Class goes on splashing their cash on generators,imported sugar and food bags and pizza delivery ,they can actually live on Mac Donalds…….

    And all we put up is SUGAR BOYCOTT……

    We cannot off course BoyCott life……..but if we can come out for Lawyers and Justice etc why not MARCH now ,ZINDAGI KI BAHALI TAK,



  9. Observer Avatar


    "elections se kia hoga, aik chor aaiga aik jaaiga or for a change in taste

    koi “khaki badmash” ajaiga aik or “PML-pqrst” bananey"

    Laissez faire?? No, never! We don't need any badmash – khaki or civilian.

    Who should change minds? I suppose you have the "awaam" in your mind:-) I want the awaam to change their mind and vote for a fresh leadership and not the usual crooks from PPP, PML-N+Q, JUIF-F etc. The awaam must not sit and wait for a messiah. He will not come from nowhere and help people. The people must help themselves otherwise not even Allah will help them!

  10. kaka kaka Avatar
    kaka kaka

    Stop consuming sugar? what about the bloodsucking leeches of

    other industries subject to cartelization/corporatism/corruption?

    By following suit we should stop having roti as well!!

    The poor are dying of hunger and all we come up with is 'consume less'

    , 'stop consuming',

    This notion is on the same wavelength as 'Ban on double sawari' and

    'Daylight saving'! KARTA KOI HAI BHARTA KOI HAI!

  11. Aly B - DiscoMaulvi Avatar

    I'm sorry I seriously dont agree with this ad. It makes it seem as if only the sugar industry is at fault. Why??? Isnt sugar priced appropriate according to international price? Where is the blame for the government who cancelled a sugar tender several months ago and chose not to import when prices were still tolerable? Granted the sugar industry is making a great profit but then they are in the business to make money not to do public welfare!

    It is the same if I asked why is the price of fabric so high? Lattha itna mehanga hai gareeb aadmi kafan kaisay khareeday??? So is the fabric manufacturer to blame? or the spinner? or the cotton grower??

    Waisay I think it is great to see people boycott sugar…. I've been drinking my tea without sugar for as long as I remember. Can you handle your tea without sugar???

    Ek Koshish…..


  12. MaXes Avatar

    In developed countries, boycott of a product is what people do when all else fails and it works. less sale and growing cost of keeping the product in warehouses, not to mention the running cost associated with the industry, forces manufacturers to reduce prices in order to raise consumption.

    Its a positive step i would say. People do need to know that they can influence the powerfull and its not their fate to remain succumbed to their wrong doings (i have seen many who regard the influential to be influential because thats how the status quo is).

    I am in Germany currently. Privileges we crave for are taken here for granted. Our incubation time as a young nation is over, its time we take steps towards some change.

  13. omer Avatar

    so as all of ure saying to boycott i hope every pakistani quits having sugar. so that mills shut down and 200,000 jobs are lost and 3,000,000 farmers go bankrupt and mill owners bankrupt to say they wont be able to put new industries which would create jobs..and also the thousands of people linked to sugar industry would not be earning anything…. this is pakistan and i think ke awam ki soch is like this…this is what we deserve…we will never progress.all this cuz sugar rose 10rs/kg… for godsakes people its not even a necessaty like atta chawal gosht…sabzi.. if u wana cry about something then do for the primary necessaty…

  14. omer Avatar

    one more thing about the ad guys..i dont think ke these actors have stopped using sugar..i think we have bigger issues than sugar…alot bigger…bombs etc…. kids cant even go to schools… and then nwfp

  15. omer Avatar

    these 80 or 90 sugar mills are responsible for feeding about 3,500,000 pakistanis indirectly and directly…if they are making profit then whats the problem..they even pay taxes 1 mill pays minimum 25 carore to the government…khuda ke liye plz people think about itr atleast just dont take everything in a negative sense just cuz of seeing media etc…

  16. yaseen ch Avatar

    well,it should have started from Pm house and President house instead frm media houses.

  17. Le Mystique Avatar

    I don't know if a total boycott would be of any help or if it would

    harm the ordinary Pakistanis.

    But I do think that our nation spends a lot on sugar, tea, paan,

    gutka, meethais/sweets. Perhaps its time that people start to find

    better alternatives of things such as sugar ( honey is a lot better alternative of

    sugar, and there is no reason why we should not start using honey

    instead of sugar…)

    People who are under-priviliged and uses to use sugar

    as a cheap way to gain energy, and can't afford honey should

    perhaps start bee-keeping themselves…

    I haven't used sugar since 2 years (excluding the 3-4 spoons of it

    I consumed) and use honey instead. I also take only 3-4 cups per week of

    black tea and I am alive and healthy! 🙂

  18. Observer Avatar

    Don't make economic reviews on everything. Most people agree that the level of sugar consumption in Pakistan MUST be lowered, but the price should still be affordable – especially for the poor people. Instead of high prices we need an awareness campaign to educate the people!

    Anyways – as earlier stated – this is not going to make any big impact on the sugar mafia. They will find a way out since sugar is not anything which will rotten, because people don’t want to buy it. Export is another option for these crooks (many of them are politicians).

    Btw: Many people also make an earning on cigarettes. Should we also consider the livelihood of these people when warning against smoking?

  19. omer Avatar

    u cant compare tobacco and sugar its like drugs and vegetables.ur boycott of sugar is cuz its expensive then i would say every other commodity has gone up and is expensive and so y dont u boycott every other food item cuz its expensive..meat is expensive boycott meat chicken too boycott chicken ohhh roti too boycott roti…u sayin people making living by selling tobbaco then my friend u boycott tobacco cuz its a danger to health not cuz its use to be 50 and now is 100rs. in uk government increase cigs price to rs650 by taxes to discourage if u boycot sugar cuz its a danger (its not) to ur health then u increase the price by taxes to discourage it.. my point is this that u dont boycott cuz sugar is expensive cuz then ull have to boycott everything which is expenseive which u WONT.i accept that consumption of sugar should be reduced but then consumption of every other commodity should be lowered as well cuz we pakistanis eat alot..then why dont u boycott everything…. honey is an alternative some one said and that he didnt die.hmmm vegetarians dont die either so ull boycott meat cuz lahori jitna gosht khata hai u cant imagine

  20. Mobashir Ahmed Avatar

    It's a good idea. Once again our government and political leadership have failed. If they can't control sugar prices, they should, at least, join this boycott.

  21. Ammad Avatar

    Pakistani sugar is available for sale at Iqbal Food and other groccery stores here in Toronto. If free-markets prevail, then the person who pays the highest gets it.

    I'm sure some one from Pakistan exported this sugar and I bet Canada is not the only place where it was exported.

  22. omer Avatar

    export of sugar is banned in pakistan… even the president cant export.. btw no can give ans to my questions… seems everyone is firing the gun with their eyes closed… no one can justify the boycott

  23. dr jawwad khan Avatar
    dr jawwad khan


    why you are so touchy about the boycott?

    you want to consume sugar on high prices. ok go ahead. but let the other people do what they feel right.

  24. Zia Syed Avatar
    Zia Syed

    Are you kidding me!!! You guys cant be seroius about this. Are you actully boycotting the use of sugar. Dont you think, your stand will actully aid them instead. They can get more profit in international market as compared to local. Rather than draging them to streets, you are giving them the excuse to run away from local business.

    I am pretty sure this add is been put up by sugar mills big shots to create an illusion.

  25. Khawer Avatar

    This is the futulity of reformism.

    1) The working class cannot boycott sugar, it relies on sugar as its main source of energy

    2) They'll just sell in the international market

    Why not nationalize the mills?

  26. dr jawwad khan Avatar
    dr jawwad khan

    Why not nationalize the mills?


    this is my favourite part….hummmm nationalization, set up courts which could carry out capital punishment, building nazi style colonies for the families of ruling elites.

    i wish i could do some thing for corrupt politicians, fuedals, army generals, corrupt burocrates,

    land,transport and all kind mafia bosses and criminals who play with essential commodities and basic nessacities of life.

    1. Ms.hira Avatar

      Then do somthing. We can all do our part, I think if we want to change all this we can. "Halla Bol", come out on streets and lets show not by violence but that we are much stronger than this government that takes away the rights of us pakistanis.

  27. fahad Avatar

    I think we should demonstrate for price hike!