Geert Wilders to edit ‘Fitna’ for Copyright Infringement & Dutch businesses threaten to sue

Geert Wilders the creator of the anti-Quran film which drew worldwide condemnations will edit out a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad after complaints of copyright infringement. He had used the cartoon by Danish artist Kurt Westergaard twice in the film “Fitna.” The drawing, which depicts Islam’s prophet wearing a bomb-shaped turban with a lit fuse, provoked violent protests in Muslim countries when it was published by European newspapers two years ago.

The Danish Union of Journalists has said it would sue Wilders for copyright infringement and in response Wilders’ spokeswoman Daphne Rozenboom said in an e-mail that Wilders would replace the cartoon and make other minor edits.

At the same time major Dutch businesses are threatening to sue Geert Wilders over his documentary portraying the Noble Qur’an as inciting violence they fear that a Muslim boycott of Dutch products would inadvertently affect their businesses

If they (Muslims) decide to boycott Dutch businesses, it will harm Dutch exports,” Bernard Wientjes, the chairman of the Dutch employers’ organization “Companies like Shell, Philips and Unilever are easily recognizable as Dutch companies.”

Truly Geert Wilders’ movie was simply over hyped and it turned out to be nothing significantly controversial as initially projected, Pakistan still has chosen to continue blocking the YouYube website even despite the fact that the video is no longer hosted there



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4 responses to “Geert Wilders to edit ‘Fitna’ for Copyright Infringement & Dutch businesses threaten to sue”

  1. Junaid Avatar

    it was a trash there was no need to make a fuss

  2. Hassan Abbas Avatar
    Hassan Abbas

    Who says the movie is not hoisted there.It is very much there.It’s a shame Muslim countries havn’t banned Dutch products.And shame on you for thinking there is no need to object

  3. kinkminos Avatar

    without in any way trying to justify the “blasphemy” of various dutch people, i do think that muslims around the world need to get riled up about (dare i say it) more important things.


    – the continued lack of democracy in almost all muslim majority states.

    – the deliberate misinterpretation of islamic values to justify harsh and barbaric practices like death-by-stoning.

    – the lack of any concerted development of islamic philosophies relevant to a twenty-first century world.

    instead, we allow ourselves to be baited by more cunning anglers than ourselves, then writhe in bittersweet pain because, as much as anything, we feel too impotent to do anything other than rant about minor hurts inflicted upon us by others. ’tis nothing but cheap quasi-orgasmic catharsis. tsk tsk tsk. what a sorry bunch we are becoming.

  4. fixhist, Toronto -Canada Avatar
    fixhist, Toronto -Canada

    It is very hard for me to understand how Neocon rodents like Daniel Pipe could influence with such racist hate to a Netherlands politician?
    World looks to Hague for fairness and justice,It is very hard for me to accept such crappy stuff like Danish caricatures and movies like fitna popping up?

    Here is why I’m so confused,that it shouldn’t be happening in Holland “Je maintiendrai”
    1. Any propaganda for war shall be prohibited by law.
    2. Any advocacy of national, racial or religious hatred that constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility or violence shall be prohibited by law. Tell me if I’m wrong some where?
    Besides, EU Ombudsman and UK editors code of ethics make Geert Wilders to be way too off the mark from acceptable social behavior in EU.

    It is unfortunate that,Netherlands court has dropped the case filed against Geert Wilders.
    As courts operate under specified Laws set by legislative assembly,they didn’t have such laws as yet.Court couldn’t have taken decision not specified in books of law.

    Matter should have been filed in Human Right commission of Netherlands or EU.

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