MA Jinnah Road Bomb Blast of 28th Dec – Video of the devastation Next Day

A Bomb Blast ripped through MA Jinnah Road on 28th December 2009 – this video of the kilometer long stretch of road shows that the mobsters ransacked a large section of the street leaving a hundreds of shopkeepers devastated and a loss of millions of rupees.

A group of concerned citizens sympathized with many shopkeepers, trying to share in their grief but there were simply one too many. The kilometer stretch of road was in flames. Targeted attacks on particular markets was noted, indicating that it was not a random affair. The witnesses all say that the rioting starts almost immediately after the bomb blast that one has to wonder if there was a definite plan to cause serious harm. While walking the enter business district one noted that the fire continues to burn in a few of the buildings still 16-20 hours later, indicting that some chemical was used to ignite these shops. A short compilation of the videos and pictures that we took on our visit today can be seen here

Let it stand for the record that there was NO indication that it was a Shia-Sunni attack, but seems more like destabilizing forces trying to create chaos in the region. While discussion with many shopkeepers indicate that the mob was well prepared and seemingly resembled the activities of 27th December rioting that took place after Benazir Bhutto was assassinated



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  1. Talkhaba Avatar

    CCTV footages also show who are the terrorists

  2. aman Avatar

    THe innocents of Imamia Student Organzation and Tehrik Nifaz-e-Fiqah Jafria are responsible for burning the livelyhood of thousands of peoples of karachi.

    Yes I condemn the bomb-blast and the lives lost of inncoents, but did it have any thing to do with the people whose business were burned?

    Karey koee, bharey koee????

    Why these scums can not take the respnosibility. TTP may be bad and ugly but they have the balls to take the responsiblity.

    Asteen kai saanp, who burned the lively hood of the people should be executed…NOW…

    but wait…who would do it? the Government is busy saving Zardari's A$$ and look at Kamal Mustafa, he is blaming on Police as being silent observers of the rampage…

    Dear Kamal Mustafa, were you busy choosing Peer Sahibs? that you couldn't get to the place and stop the carnage?

    Shame on the GOvt of PPP and MQM, this is the second time people of Karachi have suffered at the hands of these two Mafias….

    1. Aamir Mughal Avatar

      خودکش بمبار نہیں فرض شناس سکاؤٹ
      ریاض سہیل

      بی بی سی اردو ڈاٹ کام، کراچی

      آخری وقت اشاعت: بدھ, 30 دسمبر, 2009, 19:23 GMT 00:23 PST

      Dear Mr Aman, please ask CJ about 12 May 2007 and his comment on Nazim???

      Karachi Nazim doing excellent job: CJ SC seeks report on trees cutting in Lahore Wednesday, December 02, 2009 By our correspondent

  3. aman Avatar

    Dear Amir Mughal,

    What makes you think that I would be irritated by you cursing MMA? just because I put my views against the two (biggest) mafias of Sindh? PPP and MQM? Go ahead, curse Qazi, Mr.Diesel and whoever you want, trust me I would not come defending them as you defend the ch-u-t-o-o-s of PPP:

    I'm beyond that, I humbly thank GOD for that.

    You are like the jacka$$, no matter how many books one loads on it, it doesn't bring him (the jacka$$) any sense. You can copy paste from all the sources, but nothing worthy stays between your two ears.

    1. Aamir Mughal Avatar

      Jatoi was on ExpressNews Channel and Reality of Expressnews Channel is as under:

      Talat Hussain, AAJ TV, “Ghairat – Honour” & Express News.

      Five journalists who were in the waiting list are:

      1- Rauf Klasra, Cat-II, Seniority Number-29

      2- Amir Mateen, Cat-II, Seniority Number-14

      3- Kiani Khaleeq Ahmad Khan, Cat-II, Seniority Number-25

      4- Javed Chaudhry, Cat-II, Seniority Number-20

      Journalist Corruption Scandal – Rauf Klasra

  4. Talkhaba Avatar

    The initial evidences take us to MQM. None other than terrorist MQM can do it. The chemical used is similar being used for burning lawyer in Tahir Plaza by MQM.


    1)Bomb blast at 16:13hurs at Light House

    2)Shops set on fire at 16:22 hours with chemicals by youngsters in length of 2 Km till Bolton market

    3)CDGH Fire brigade reached after 3 hours without water backup

    4)Despite public holidays, thousands of hand written black banners were hanged in city by 9m

    5)Why did City Nazim tried to waste the CCTV footage?

    1. Aamir Mughal Avatar

      JI splinter group leader, females held for links to suicide attackers Friday, December 18, 2009 By Umar Cheema

      جاسوسی:تین افراد کا کورٹ مارشل

      آصف فاروقی

      بی بی سی اردو ڈاٹ کام، اسلام آبا

    2. farrahshah Avatar


      Excellent points raised.

    3. SKN Avatar

      Lollzz….Are you Crazy Talkhaba or Jamati??? No matter whatever you are its just disgusting, you are puting blame on MQM even knowing that this all has done by Pro-Jamati group called Jindullah!!!!

  5. farrahshah Avatar

    and I wish to pay the tribute of highest order to the people of Karachi,their sense of defiance,unity and humanity prevailed in the face of adversity.Terrorists could burn the bodies and robbed the shops but they could not touch the human hearts of Karachilites which are filled with peace and unity.

    Long Live Pakistan

    1. SKN Avatar

      Jamatiyon par beshumar lanat!!!!

      Lateron it was proved they were not other then Jamati dogs who did this bomb blast and burnt shops!!!

  6. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    Mr. Shahid Qureshi/Earthman/Abid ullah Jan also use Pseudonym International Professor and lives in Canada [i.e. as per Islamic Point of View Daarul Kufr] and since when Canadian Nationals started talking on sensitive Sectarian Issues. This International Professor [His real id is discussed in the post] Brigadier [Retd] Usman, Abidullah Jan & Civilian Leadership

    The same International Professor i.e. Abdiullah Jan from Canada who is now supporting "Shahid Masood" had written a year ago about Pakistani Media. His other partner in this false propaganda is Brig. [R] Usman Khalid of LISA UK.

    Not a single word is mine, READ ABIDULLAH JAN ON THE SAME GEO TV


    Zardari has closed mouth of media with pearls – Now corrupt media is mouth piece only

    Monday, October 20, 2008 – 04:55 AM EST –

    Dawn group:

    Dawn group is completely sold, now it must remove image of Quaid e Azam from of the front page and may put picture of Zardari instead. Two brothers of DG ISI are running Dawn group, complete sectarian and polluted doctrines of ISPR are widely visible, influence of Sheher Bano alias Sherry Rahman who had been working with this group is another example of pressure on Dawn group, It is completely in grip of gay and lesbian liberals, almost all reports, columnists and sectarian agenda is given by Zardari. After appointment of Abdullah Hussain Haroon at UN, a continuity of same sect monopoly is also visible. Large amount of funds are flowing towards Dawn group from different sources including ISI, ISPR, PID and other sources. Its renowned columnist Cowsji when pointed out case of “Goad” written by Zardari at Mazar e Quaid was not presented in proper report and Dawn group tried to cover the story, neither Dawn TV reported on the issue. Israeli and Indian agents are widely visible on this channel including Irfan Hussain and Subaidar Major (retired) Kamran Shaffi, and with complete grip of Ispahani’s and Agha Khani’s on the paper.


    ARY is also completely sold, owners of group have deep links with Zardari in corruption cases, and ARY case is its example in money laundering of Zardari. Since long its three top anchors P J Mir, Javed Malik and Mazhar Abbas are already sold and receiving perks from PPP, another anchor Asma Shirazee could be seen with liberal fascist and brother of DG ISPR, it is working on slips of ISPR and PID, moreover it is against sovereignty of Pakistan by joining Indians and providing them access to strategic information. However it is not in the complete grip of liberal fascists as GEO and AAj are.

    Jang – Group including GEO:

    Have you seen an ad on GEO TV which starts with screaming voice of woman copied from rape scene of any movie? Then a voice starts commentary to bash Islam, soon after that crusaders notorious propaganda and naming terrorists as Islamic terrorist. Whether you think that Mir Shakil ur Rahman is liberal fascist or Jang Group is pro neo-Cons? Both speculations are not correct. In fact sons of Mir Khalil ur Rahman are not fool to side with any ideology openly, it is their history that those jump in ruling boat no sooner any ruler grab power and both sons started to itch palm of the hand, then those start to caress on their belly, finally start looting Govt. sponsored 60% ads, for which those are ready to kill anyone or group irrespective of sympathy. Mir brothers have received millions for running above particular ad to encourage army to attack on peoples.

    Have you seen video of Amir Liaqat Hussain to provoke sectarianism, provide opposite sects to take law in their hands. It is out of question that whatever Amir Liaqat Hussain is saying it did not have PPP’s and MQM’s backing, current strategy when Zardari is acting as Ahmad Challibi of Iraq, Benazir is killed like Khoi and all major vacancies have been filled with particular sects to color American made blue print of sectarianism, and convert it in next Iraq. It is feared that a sect which is joyfully distributing Amir Liaqat Hussain’s cassette worldwide could face dire consequences, blue print of Pakistan next Iraq is based on factors to irritate different sects, provoke each other to take law in their hands, communicate hate, and when bomb blasts will start give it color of terrorism. Mir Shakil Ur Rahman is directly responsible if any kind of sectarian fight may start by hiring such polluted person. It is not too late to take action against Amir Liaqat Hussain because print and internet is full of tit for tat replies around the globe, which are difficult to digest.

    Role of Dr. Shahid Masood: Perks of Dr. Shahid Masood are another cause of Jealousy among journalists, and a large number of so called journalists are standing in queue to be hired, ARY’s Javed Malik, P J Mir, Hussain Haroon of Dawn is its example. If you may read columns or watch on GEO character of Jang group’s main writers and anchors, surprisingly those are running hate campaign, those have forget NRO and corruption of Benazir and Zardari, tyranny of army and Mush, brutal beating and closures of programs of media only a few months back. Peoples are laughing when Hasan Nisar started to wear Sindhi Ajrak, alcoholics like Nazir Naji, and Masood Ashar, foreign funded NGO’s like Kishwar Naheed, old Shahab and Musawat mentality persons like Irshad Haqqani, Ch: Fawad Hussain, Agha Masood Hussain, Abid Tehami , Imtiaz Alam, and Ikram Saigol have changed their tones. The News is in complete grip of Israeli lobby, a character is Kamila Hayat, hot carnivorous aunty, in this age she keeps eye on teen ager moulvies, it is psychological matter like fiction book “Lehaf” of Ismat Chughtai wrote character.

    It was unbelievable that Dr. Shaid Masood will directly broadcast speech of Hamid Karazai from India on PTV, which was rebroadcasted through private TV channels on international networks, standing at SAARC conference and blaming Pakistan, according to him Pakistan is harboring terrorists, reason of broadcast was so plain that he used name of corrupt Benazir as “Shaheed’ two times, in same conference bogus speech of Yousuf Raza Gailani confirmed an impression of third class politician. On the whole a long list of anti-Pakistan elements is on pay role of Jang Group, it has permanent lobby of MQM at Karachi.

    Aaj TV:

    It is another creation of “Memon Production”, their goal is money, since its anchors have joined liberal fascist groups, its famous programs like “Bolta Pakistan” has lost its credibility. Particularly Nusrat Javed of jamat e Islami has recently joined fascist vigilantes funded by Salman Taseer Singh and neo-crusaders are funding them from hidden resources.

    Salman Taseer singh media group:

    History of Salman Taseer is based on filth; he is product of cross breed. Mush used him for his purposes later when Benazir-Zardari were allowed for political campaign under deals and NRO, Mush financed him for Urdu paper Aaj Kal. Chief of Shia terrorists groups Najam Sethi and Jugnu Mohsin both runs Daily Times and Friday Times, 99% reports, columns and editorials are based on hate, sectarian agenda and vulgarity. World renowned gay and lesbians, Islam Bashers and Salman Rushdie gang writes for above papers. Mush rule was a golden era for them and those earned billions, and now PPP is using and financing them openly. Newspapers of this group are flag bearers of Judaism, Hinduism and try to pose as agents of crusaders in Pakistan (for overseas financial benefits).

    Well distinguished Indian lobby in Pakistan, supported by Zionists, for example Najam Sethi, Ejaz Haider, Aizaz Syed and Jugnu Mohsin are spokespersons of RAW, ex wife of Salman Taseer Singh, Talveen Singh is a resourceful women, and his Sikh son is working with The Times. Daily Times, Friday Times and Aaj Kal have many funny characters such as Khalid Hasan, known as post card, Mirzayee by faith and spokesperson for Israel, a male eunuch, he was hired by Bhutto as bar tender for serving newly joined pedophiles, Kausar Niazi had same taste, he also has some psychological problem of porn and sex, he is scholar of Noor Jahan and Madho Bala, moreover fiction of “Saadat Hasan Minto” is his main contribution, everybody can guess his mindset. In others Rafia Zakria who runs alt-Muslims website, mean to made alterations in Islam, being close girl friend of Salman Rushdie she is trying to alter Islam. Majority of lesbian and ex. Muslims lives around her. In others Irfan Hussain who also writes for Dawn is Israeli agent and head of a leading Israeli organization. Khalid Ahmad and Manzoor Ejaz both are Mirzayee, others most writers are Shia, read analysis of Hasan Askari Rizvi on pay role of CIA or Salman Rashid Mirasi who says that Gen Kiyani is other birth of Bhagvan (if he will continue killing Pushtoons).

    Black sheep of media group are sent to USA to shut their mouth:

    About two weeks back following so called journalists (black mailers) were financed to propagate in favor of flawed democratic government and blemished president, those all were sent to USA, please watch carefully names which are either moles of ISI or belong to lesbians’ gang.

    1. Zaffar Abbas Dawn

    2. Mazhar Abbas (Gen Sec of PFUJ and anchor of ARY)

    3. Masood Ansari (Dawn group, Herald magazine)

    4. Ejaz Haider ( Shia terrorists, daily Times and Friday times)

    5. Asma Sheerazi: reporter of ARY, the only lone reporter which uses Hijab, it wondered to watch that her company is always with top pedophiles or gay type journalists. God knows actual matter.

    Some other examples:

    Nation is hungry and naked and media is running ads of “Benazir support program” since many weeks worth billion, not a single penny has been given to needy peoples but propaganda is at same level which PPP conducted during last regime “Meray Gaon main Bijli Aayee hay”, a loot program. PPP’s main strategy is propaganda, true copy of dictatorship, impatient and non tolerant. Its leaders are issuing bare naked threats to media and want to kill freedom of expression, media is debarred from writing words like “NRO”, “corruption”, “deal” or any criticism against PPP’s flawed democratic government. If any media channels relay discussion programs, PPP’s top leadership did not like to participate. Peoples have stopped watching bogus single sided propaganda programs. There is no doubt that Journalists are filling their pockets and mouth of media owners has filled with pearls, so corrupt Pakistani media is a stigma on the name of journalism. Peoples named them as “his master’s voice” or “mouth piece of corrupt rulers”.

    It is wondered that not a single leading channel or paper wrote anything about destruction of Kalabagh Dam by PPP. Where load shedding and lack of power supply has made crazy to citizens.

    Responsibilities of media during civil war:

    If Pakistani media will not fulfill its obligation to bring truth in public, if it will not raise finger against looters, plunderers and murderers then fate of Pakistan will not different from Iraq, Lebanon or Afghanistan. Stop taking advice of ministry of information or DG ISPR, if there is no way out then at least present both sides of the story. For example in each American aggression in Tribal areas, reports indicate that foreigners are killed, next day it proved to be incorrect, why Pakistani media is not honoring its responsibilities. There is no doubt peoples track and trace truth but it does not mean that media owners are running for for govt. ads to suck people’s money only. It is very well clear that pearls have closed mouths of media and made them mouth peace or his masters voice. There are a few honest journalists who are working on true principals otherwise it was sufficient to trust BBC reports rather local media. Don’t forget tyranny of PPP era’s when Bhutto directly threatened Mir Khalil ur Rahman, and on the issue of “Urdu Vs Sindhi” and “Bangla Desh na manzoor” all newspapers were put under censorship, now media is under threat of corrupt Sherry Rahman, her fourth legal husband is in hospital, otherwise stories of her liberalism are well known. In this flowing Ganga all channels and media groups are directly or indirectly involve in sucking people’s money, role of secret lifafa’s is a separate issue and a kind of corruption and dishonesty.


    International Professor


  7. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    Mr. Shahid Qureshi/Earthman/Abid ullah Jan also use Pseudonym International Professor and lives in Canada


    From: international. professor

    Subject: [Pakistan Post] Life threats to Dr. Shahid Masood


    Date: Tuesday, November 24, 2009, 10:27 AM

    Parasites strike back – Life threats to Dr. Shahid Masood

    By Earthman: International Professor

    Standing against tyranny of powerful, corrupt and fascist rulers of Pakistan is a crusade (here word Jihad would hurt sentiments of Beghairat Lobby of Pakistan), since pen and paper holding intellectuals, scholars and journalists are considered to be soft target by powerful war lords, so their first target is always similar class.

    When rewinding memories of bitter recollections of previous rulers, none of them left any soft impression, each used its power and unique style of victimization. There are many bitter stories and facts faced by those peoples who raised the flag to fight against social injustice and chalked out corruption of feudal mentality politicians and generals.

    Leaving all other stories when mad generals massacred girls of Jamia Hafsa, heart burning sighs of 7000 innocents girls who were killed, abducted or buried alive were shaking my soul, I raised the flag against tyranny of cruel generals, nobody was ready to side with me, intelligence moles were labeling me Al Kaida and Taliban, and anonymous peoples were sending petitions to American politicians to shut my voice.

    Later against tyrannical regime of Musharraf when talking against Mush was Jihad. ISI and MI were involved in kidnappings, target killings and sale of citizens, the only voice of Mr. Shaheen Sehbai was also made silent and lonely website was closed. It was a great setback for all those who were fighting against dictatorship and trying to bring back democratic process back on track.

    Mr. Abid Ullah Jan, the Director of famous website Dictatorship Watch worked day and night to raise awareness among not only among Pakistanis but also to face powerful western media. Finally Musharraf was kicked out, and the day when Speaker of PPP was elected every one thanked God and think of taking some rest. But PPP followed the same fascist policies, the chapter of accountability was closed, army started to kill citizens as usual and Zardari mafia converted entire country into a colony of the imperialists. Mr. Abid ullah Jan who voluntarily helped in removal of fascist dictator became target of un-grateful peoples, finally disheartened wrote a message on his website "The last message for Pakistan" and quit. (1). It was also a great setback because we had to face another tyrant Zardari, whereas he was spending millions to procure media, journalists and websites.

    Sherry Rahman used all evil techniques to close mouth of media and curb on websites. Later Fauzia Wahab, Shaitan Malik, Kaira and Farhat ullah Babar repeated old techniques of dictatorships. I have nothing left to loose but still those try to snatch my leftover belongings. Later pillars of Pakistan media who have the repute and as such have backing of powerful journalistic organizations when started to raise the flag against corruption and misconduct of ruling mafia, than corrupt war lords used dirty techniques and tried to shut their voice, but in vain. Now according to source Zradari mafia has circled many names with red ink for elimination from the scene.

    Curb of famous program of Dr. Shahid Masood, "Merey Mutabiq" and life threats to him are unacceptable. We strongly condemned fascist acts of Peoples Party with the warning that you don't have enough power to shut voice of Dr. Shahid Masood. His program would be delivered door to door, by websites; emails, DVD's, You Tube, Twitter and unlimited means would make you crazy.

    It is strongly recommended that Jang-Group must register complaint to police for future reference and it is duty of all media owners to arrange proper security of leading journalists on the hit list of Zardari, marked with red pen including dr. Shahid Masood, Mr. Ansar Abbasi, Mr. Hamid Mir, Mr. Kashif Abbasi, Mr. Shaheen Sehbai and Dr. Shireen Mazari etc.

    Please support Dr. Shahid Masood and other journalists who are raising their voice against fascism, corruption and who are trying for implementation of rule of law in war torn Pakistan. Watch his programs; distribute his programs to neighbors and friends, don't let shut another voice.

    Remember burglars have been caught in broad day light and all passages to exit have been closed, the only trick left over with those thieves is to harm opposite drum beaters and flag bearers, don't be deceived.

    It is weakness of media owners who have adopted self created code of conduct under pressure of Pakistan army which is making lion to cats, for details please see next article.

    1. The last message for Pakistan, By Abid Ullah Jan: 2009/05/21/


  8. khan Avatar

    in pakistan every one is on sale .a nation of corrupted people. buy them $ sale & repeat it again & again .talk about electronic media……dawn group is fully & others are partially sold, except Jang group.i salute them.people are dying,shouting give us roti,dawain ,kapra,makan,chinni,atta,bijli,noukri,talim.ppp refuses to provide what they badly needed instead give them slogan eik zardari hazar pe bhari.also lollipop of promises,& my innocent country men are waiting ..waiting..waiting … is my pakistan in the year 2010. president one of the richst man(no known/declared source oe income)

  9. khan Avatar

    in pakistan every one is on sale .a nation of corrupted people. buy them $ sale & repeat it again & again .talk about electronic media……dawn group is fully & others are partially sold, except Jang group.i salute them.people are dying,shouting give us roti,dawain ,kapra,makan,chinni,atta,bijli,noukri,talim.ppp refuses to provide what they badly needed instead, give them slogan eik zardari hazar pe bhari.also lollipop of promises & my innocent country men are waiting ..waiting..waiting … is my pakistan in the year 2010. president one of the richst man(no known/declared source of income)

  10. Karachi wala Avatar
    Karachi wala

    Terrorist MQM is working for the interests of america, britain and india. This blast was done by MQM.

    1. SKN Avatar

      Don't use the name "Karachi wala" as you are not the representative of Karahci!!!

      Later on it was proved this blast was done by Jamati Dogs!!!

      Shame on you Jamati Dogs!!!!