Sher Afghan thrashed – MQM & PPP spinmasters deflecting the blame

This evening in yet another embarrassing move, a rowdy crowd physically assaulted Ex-Minister Sher afghan in Lahore. Though the blame is being placed on the Lawyers (MQM desperately wants to pin the blame on Lawyers and Civil Society) but it is apparent that the rowdy crowd dressed in plains clothes (not lawyers) thrashed Sher Afghan.

I fully condemn this incident and would at the same time to send strong words to the media spin-masters of PPP and MQM to not twist the blame around. A desperate attempt is being made to accuse the lawyers and civil society for this incident but if you have a look at the video the attach was initiated by a man dressed in plain brown shalwar kameez while throughout the approach to the waiting ambulance we witnessed people dressed in plain clothes attacking Sher afghan while lawyers tried desperately to prevent the attack. While Sherry Rehman the Minister of Information has initiated an inquiry. Little good will that do when the culprits belong within the ruling party, a prime example is yesterdays incident when Arbab Ghulam Rahim was beaten amongst a crowd of Jiya Bhutto chanting crowd and the spin masters have orchestrated the accused as being a hired servant of Arbab Ghulam Rahim himself

The funny part is to have watched the spin masters of MQM aka Farooq Sattar & Babar Ghauri accuse Asma Jahangir and Aitzaz Ahsan for the incident, little have they seen the television footage, they must surely recall that pictures speak louder then words, and spin masters would find it difficult to get away with their version of the truth.

In all this incident, Aitizaz Ahsan announced that he will quit the Supreme Court Bar Association, but just now in an emergency Press Conference from his home in Lahore retracted the statement as his resignation would have most likely thrown the entire lawyers movement into jeopardy.



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29 responses to “Sher Afghan thrashed – MQM & PPP spinmasters deflecting the blame”

  1. readinglord Avatar

    Leaving aside the blame-game it is in fact the natural reaction of the eight years of insult the nation had undergone so patiently.

  2. dontwanttoshare Avatar

    The video link is dead, it was working 2 hours ago. Don’t know what happened.

    May God protect the People of Pakistan.

    I have a feeling that things will get worse.

  3. zakoota Avatar

    This may be a coward act but the way Musharaf’s so called government had been treating people, I think they deserved it! The way this brutal regime massacred innocent children in lal masjid and people all over the country, this action seems very little. I imagine if Musharaf comes out in public without his intense security, what will happen to him? Im sure Shujaat, Pervaiz Illahi, Mahmood Durrani and MQM mafia are next in line for this public action. I wish, I wish!!!

  4. Obi Wan Kenobi Avatar

    Hahaha, it is so funny. Not that Sherafghan got beating but the way these lawyers and so called civil society is behaving :-), Teeth Maestro of course these are lawyers and your civil society because that’s why your leader Aitizaz Ehsan has resigned from supreme court bar. I just can’t under stand why you have to bring MQM in every debate. At least we did not see any such incident in Mush era. Long Live these stupid lawyers :-). I am really glad to see the evil face of these educated lawyers

  5. Obi Wan Kenobi Avatar

    Teeth Maestro, whole media is reporting that lawyers and civil society attacked him and even many judges said they are ashamed of this act of lawyers and you are still insisting in this post(and blaming MQM for fabricating stories) that the lawyers and civil society did not attack. Please wake up and smell the coffee.

    By the way where is your free speech, I am continuously moderated on this blog and I have never posted any ill comment which you had to deleted. Why am I moderated ? Please remove the moderation other wise you are simply hypocrite. And I am sure you can understand the difference b/w personal and business deals so please no hard feelings.

  6. Toqeer Gilani Avatar
    Toqeer Gilani

    This is a shameful conspiracy, aimed at destroying the Lawyers’ movement, launched by president house. Facts speak themselves. And every one can watch the footage as many times as one want to. All the people involved in thrashing Dr Sher(so-called) Afgan were in shalwar qameez and it was evident from the footage that police itself was actually helping the crowd to give Dr some more treatment. Nevertheless, the crying of so called Musharraf camp is beyond reasonableness. They are crying over the incident as if something done worst than they were busy in doing every day of their nine years’ illegitimate rule. Just take an account of their last year’s performance. They have killed more than 2000 people in just one year. And every one must recall the words of Musharraf after staging the 12th May carnage in Karachi last year when he was arrogantly screaming, “People have shown their power in Karachi and if any one comes in way of people’s power he/she will be crushed.” I think what they want at this stage is to get an unsoiled and safe exit after killing thousands of innocent civilians during their bloody rule. They want the new government to come on their terms and at the same time some sections of the ruling classes want a rid from the threat of lawyers and civil society’s movement. So both these gangs united to launch this conspiracy.

  7. M@ni Avatar

    @ Obi Wan Kenobi:
    a month before i was in a protest rally which marched towards the Chief Justice house in Isbd. the police really thrashed us with tear gas, smoke bombs and batons. when we were retreating there were two guys (whome we never saw in the protest), young around 20 with sticks and they started breaking the windows of the shops and cars. Me and my friend stopped them and they were forcing their way out to do more damage. In the meanwhile some lawyers came.. and they thrashed both the guys and asked them who are they…. both the guys were not giving satisfactory answers and ran away. The calm and positive attitude of the lawyers at that time (after police took the hell out of them) really impressed me. So i have myself witnessed the pplz who try to start the fire are not amongst the lawyers… as practically i have seen all this so i will agree with TM… Well Done TEETH MAESTRO…
    b/w I feel lawyers should be more careful from now onwards and identify the black sheeps

  8. gibran Avatar

    why cant anyone take things at face value? the lawyers have clearly turned into a lynch mob. they must return to their “baracks” and do what they are trained and paid to do.

    i have never really felt very strongly about this but now that i think of it, who the heck has given these lawyers the mandate to go out and be our protectors? how on earth do they have time to do all these things?? ive met several educated lawyers in the past few days, and clearly it seems like this “movement” is comprised mainly of low ranking lawyers with the support of some prominent and opportunistic high profile lawyers cum politicians.

    this “movement” is very isolated and extremely media savvy. one only has to watch the choreographed actions of the lawyers and their leaders. if anyone saw aitezaz last night at the press conference, he seemed to be very well versed with conducting the press conference, infact waiting some time for a certain channel to be able to take him live on air. for the first time i saw him loose him composure, and was shocked to see him blame the president for all of this. even seasoned commentators such as najam sethi (who is generally pro PPP and has been seen to support this “movement” in the past) has squarely laid the blame on aitezaz and his mob.

    what has happened last night is worthy of national shame. no where in the world would one see lawyers, generally considered amongst the most educated of society, behave like complete hooligans and animals.

    like they say, power can do strange things to people. shame on the lawyers, shame on their supporters.

  9. karachiwala Avatar

    this is the failure of the Police and administration

  10. Adnan Siddiqi Avatar

    One thing all psuedo intellectuals here are forgetting that the incident took place in the era of CARE TAKING government. While lawyers are not saint but things are visible in videos how guys in civilian dress was beating that moron Afgan. I don’t like AItazaz but he was sensible enough that he took entire blame and resigned.

    When same treatment was performed by Musharraf’s Taliban against Ch.Iftikhar,Missing people’s parents ,journalists then these Musharraf’s whiners were hiding in bin and advocating that “Lawyers deserve this”. now whoever did this, I say that our politicians deserve more humiliation than that. Musharraf’s chamchay had forgot that There is a bigger God than their god(Musahrraf).

    Ironically Arbab beaten up by his own employee and I liked it because same retard Arbab gave Behan ki Gali to an employee infront of Media

    I will not be surprised to see if one day Inshallah our Awam beaten up Musharraf like hell on roads of Islamabad.

  11. Adnan Siddiqi Avatar

    the sher afgan plot reminded me some 3rd class Indian underworld movie in which DON used his own people to create disturbance in city. Same tactics being played by Chuadaries of Gujrat and Musharraf.

    Offcourse Mush wants to divert attention from Main Issue World is whining that Pakistan can’t handle nukes.

  12. Adnan Siddiqi Avatar

    by the way who is next? Wasi Zafar or Shaikh Rasheed?

    Doc, why don’t you start a poll about options? 🙂

  13. Don Avatar


  14. nazia Avatar

    Public anger is abitter reality and in tyrant rule it always multipls.No doubt lawyers were showing their anger to sher afghan but those people who didnt hear the request of Itizaz of retrieving back were neither lawyers nor memeber of civic society.These were surely men of chaudry’s gangster groups that are very popeular in Lahore and gujrat.Chaudaries like altaf bhai are controlling a mafia group in central punjab surely are backed up by army intelligence.

  15. Haris Avatar

    @gibran: who the heck gave rights to lynch mob aka pak army to go out and take control of the government and tell us that we do not deserve democracy.

    najam sethi has been pro-musharraf, i think this very blog had posted about black sheep in journalists and your pro ppp journalist was among them.

    well how many people in black coats were thrashing him? i saw most of them were in plain clothes. all people black coats are not necessarily lawyers. you can buy a black coat and tie for 200-300 and mush (may Allah’s curse be on him) has been doing this. after 9th march mush (may Allah’s curse be on him) camp had arranged a fake lawyers seminars and you can easily find posts on black coats being short in market during those days.

    like they say, power can do strange things to people like mush (may Allah’s curse be on him). shame on mush (may Allah’s curse be on him), shame on his supporters.

  16. Haris Avatar

    @gibran you should have read and responded to m@ni’s comment.

  17. M@ni Avatar

    @gibran.. where were you when chief justice was manhandled by police and was thrown in his car..
    In the picture published in dawn today i can see only two lawyers amongst the many people and they were trying to save Sher Afghan. Lawyer Movement has given pplz of pakistan alot and they have shown us[civil society] a way how to stick to the principles. Have you ever been to any protest?? have u ever witnessed the way they are beaten up by the law forces.. Are these lawyers mad who wants to have their ass kicked. and by the way i have been with this movement from last year and i have seen every big name amongst lawyer in the protests leading the rallies and bearing the brutalities. Shame on anti lawyers movement supporters, They are pathetic, they will even just keep quiet when pakistan will be finished.
    Long live lawyer movement
    long live Pakistan

  18. Ali Avatar

    There are a large number of video hosting sites. Switch over, as youtube is quick to block these.

  19. Hassan Abbas Avatar
    Hassan Abbas

    Karachi burning;lawyers behaving like holigans; members of Parliment beating each other;the man in the street comitting suicide -The Chief Justice and his “Lordships still locked in.When will the army come marching in again? Will that mean Musharaf too will have to go? Things are obviously beyond the control of PPP;they can give the nation just more of the same.

  20. r789a Avatar

    Yearning for martial law after 5 days of new government?
    You seem reasonable and credible elsewhere. Whats up?

  21. Hassan Abbas Avatar
    Hassan Abbas

    r789a who is yearning for that muck?I only posed a question – Will PPP antics lead us to Martial Law once again?My way of asking it!

  22. pakistani Avatar

    I totally agree that it is not a way of civilized nations and I was not expecting it from lawyers, in case it is their act.

    @Obi Wan Kenobi

    MQM haha, No incidence in Mush era… dude your memory is really short term. What do you have to say about May 12 incidence?

  23. Ali Raza Avatar
    Ali Raza

    Rightly said Gibran, black coats shud go back to their baraks and no one should come out on the roads when citizens are been robbed, bombed, burnt and slaughter, by their own military and law enforcement agencies. Specially people of Pakistan don’t deserve that because as a nation if we ever had a chance to get united on a cause then there comes some exceptions who bawl and shouts like “who has given them the authority of struggling for my rights”. And when things get worse for common citizens they went back to the big daddy’s pockets pretending all is well, as my father my son my brother … none of them are victims.

    Its because of the lawyers moments you are relabeled as a national of self-governing and democratic country.

    Its because that they have come out leaving their jobs and income sources on stake, facing hardship and suffering on the roads, tear gas they smelled so that people can get the justice within courts and not on roads.

    What happened to Sher Afghan is shameful but buring of thousand of citizens is a noble cause. Its shameful whan somebuddy talk abt some minister been humiliated, but to keep silience on injustice is gracious.

    Media who has made that incident a mess how can he forget the incident when Tariq Azeem was beaten up by theri own representative.

    In Solidaroty with Lawyers Moment

  24. Altaf Avatar

    Teeth Maestro in DENIAL. Would Aitizaz Ahsan have announced his resignation if the people beating Sher Afghan were not lawyers? You talk about spin. Here is spin for you.

  25. Altaf Avatar

    Why do we have a habit of making either Gods or Dogs out of our leaders? Suddenly for the media Zardari, Sharif & Co. have become heroes of democracy that will bring about revolutionary changes in Pakistan. History has been conveniently brushed under the carpet.
    No one should be stupid enough to expect policies principally different from Musharraf by any of these oppurtunists.

  26. Altaf Avatar

    For people here (like Haris) suffering from selective amnesia:

    Urdu ka mahawara he “Is hammam me sab nange hain”
    Very true for Pakistani leaders.

  27. Jawan Avatar

    Delighted….. Deliiiiiiiiiiited

    Please remember that the people of Pakistan have been frustrated with the continous lies of the previous regime for the last 5 years. They insulted our intellect when they would openly lie on the media particulerly on CJ isuue and Lal Masjid issue. They were dictator’s drum beats and danced to his tune and therefore these incidents may keep on happening.
    Now its peoples turn. so take face it bravely Afgan and company. Soon it may be Durrani or Wasi Zafer or Shahbaz Choudhry or even Ijaz Ul Haq or Faisal Saleh.

    People of Pakistan hate Mush and Bush and these thrid rate actors of the dictator’s democracy drama are facing the music now of the bored audience.

    It is actually the hatred against the dictator that is now being shifted to approachable servants of him.

    And be thankful Afgan and Arbab because your enemies are innocent people of Pakistan. They could not copy dictator’s best alliy’s style of burning people alive.

  28. MALIK AMAM Avatar

    IF we believe that there were some other people like agents of mush and mqm and chaudarys plus(i would have add more names if i knew that how many peole u guys hate)if this is the case i just heard naeem bukhariu on the luckman show and he said that while protesting he can not recognize 20% of the lawyers just like if we think that there were others persons involed when beating afghan than we also should understand that all the lawyers are not protesting to free ifthikar many of them are buyed agents of PML-N and some other parties.
    this does not means that i like PMLQ or MQM i just hear the stories of both sides and than come to my judgments