Umeed-e-Sahar – LAAL

Umeed-e-Sahar an inspirational video by Laal

It is my belief that the fate of the country rests on its citizens – considering how are politicians are committed on looting and plundering Pakistan to their hearts desire the fate of our country rests upon the citizens to join hands and say STOP

The question to all Pakistanis – When are YOU going to say STOP !!

Another VIdeo by Laal – Mainay Uss Say Yeh Kaha – Habib Jalib



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11 responses to “Umeed-e-Sahar – LAAL”

  1. Anas Imtiaz Avatar

    Beautiful. The video gives some amazing messages both for people and the leaders. The people must stand up for themselves while an inherent message for leaders is that their lavish lifestyle will always induce sense of hatred among the people. Imagine, a guy’s loved one dying in an ambulance because some VIP fears for his safety (not believing for once that life and death is in Almighty’s hands). How easy will it be for someone to use that guy’s anger to perform any violent activity!!

  2. abde Avatar

    Anas Imtiaz,

    If the plunderers do not understand the LAW, the rights and think they are above every thing, then I don't see why people would not or should not take things in their own hands.

    What the GAADS of democracy and their croonies want is that people suck-it-up in the name of democracy because they put fear in the hearts of the citizens that if they don't accept them as their leaders, some one else like a dragon will start to rule over them and they would loose their basic rights????Basic rights??? what rights do we have??? Security????Food????Employment?????Peace?????Fair Justice????

  3. Shahzad Khan Avatar

    Beautiful.. I m out of words.

  4. haris sajjad Avatar
    haris sajjad

    The entire concept is awesome! not only this video, if you go through the recently launched album of these young music intellects, you will for sure appreciate them. They are working to present the work of Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Ahmed Faraz, john Alia and Habib jalib to our youth…

    It is inspirational; It is motivational!

  5. haris sajjad Avatar
    haris sajjad

    @ AWAB

    Brother, you should listen to the album, it is available in market!

  6. haris sajjad Avatar

    @ AWAB
    Brother, you should listen to the album, it is available in market!
    BTW I love your blog!

    1. Teeth Maestro Avatar

      Haris – I did buy the album – yes its brilliant – my new favorite CD

  7. farrah, k.raja Avatar
    farrah, k.raja

    deeply touched and sad as well at our sufference.

    But I am extremely hopeful now that people have found various ,sweet and softer ways of expression which conveys the things far better.

    Pakistan is emerging and this expression is beautiful.

    On Singer ,his voice is deep and has got the base,best of luck.

  8. Dee Avatar

    Thanks for posting the video Maestro it is truly brilliant.


  9. Amj@D Avatar

    MY O MY!!

    "It is inspirational; It is motivational!" lol..really !!

    we are so sleepy Nation My GOD, that we need MOTIVATIONAl SONGS NOW 😛 to wake up as NATION ha ha!!

    sounds bit funny!!

    So now this proves that WE ARE DEAD NATION IN REAL!!

    Well everyone!

    Why don't you get it .. that you ALL ARE RESPONSIBLE for what is going on today!!

    -why you all VOted for these bastereds when you knew dat they gonna kick u hard

    The tragedy you are Watching in the Video, is happening everywhere in Pakistan and even worse is going on. Still I don't see any improvement to this country.

    We all can sit on the laptops/pcs n can only comment here…THATS ALL OUR TEENAGERS/ADULTS can do today!!

    Better see our TEENAGERS as well!! See how Media is taking them away from their education n from their religion. Our universities/colleges are more like DATING POINTs rather than education institutions!! ah!!

    I duno fromw here 2 start n where 2 end.. because i m having so much things in my mind right now! but i m not gonna confuse you all!! because you all know this better than me!!

    Everyone knows about himself/herself n about their surroundings!! they know that what is going on around!! who is our society now n how it was in the PAST..!!

    We can hardly change our self!! even in Abroad it hurts to see selfish Pakiz!!!

    We are the Nation , who don't learn from our mistakes!!



    We can only pray to GOD … that ALLAH HELP ALL OF US.. and make us UNITE

    Thanks to all for reading this comment..

    bye all


  10. sonia shahid Avatar
    sonia shahid

    younger generation would've remained oblivious to the works of these great poets if not for LAAL. salute to them. Shahraam's voice is mystical.