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1972 Expulsion Letter for Mr. Asif Ali Zardari from Cadet College Petaro

In 1972 Asif Ali Zadari (also known as Asif Ali Baluch) was expelled from Cadet College Petaro on the grounds of misconduct, his claim to have graduated with a Matric degree in 1972 goes unfounded on the basis of the order issued by the Principal of the college who has categorically expelled Mr. Asif Ali Baluch from the college records for ever.  So in short we have a president who was expelled from Cadet college before completeing his Matric, then is said to proceed to St. Patriks High School where a clerk lays claims that even in these examinations he failed we simply have a president who has not even completed his education to rule over us as the most corrupt politician we may have ever seen
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Umeed-e-Sahar – LAAL

Umeed-e-Sahar an inspirational video by Laal


It is my belief that the fate of the country rests on its citizens – considering how are politicians are committed on looting and plundering Pakistan to their hearts desire the fate of our country rests upon the citizens to join hands and say STOP

The question to all Pakistanis – When are YOU going to say STOP !!

Another VIdeo by Laal – Mainay Uss Say Yeh Kaha – Habib Jalib