1972 Expulsion Letter for Mr. Asif Ali Zardari from Cadet College Petaro

In 1972 Asif Ali Zadari (also known as Asif Ali Baluch) was expelled from Cadet College Petaro on the grounds of misconduct, his claim to have graduated with a Matric degree in 1972 goes unfounded on the basis of the order issued by the Principal of the college who has categorically expelled Mr. Asif Ali Baluch from the college records for ever.  So in short we have a president who was expelled from Cadet college before completeing his Matric, then is said to proceed to St. Patriks High School where a clerk lays claims that even in these examinations he failed we simply have a president who has not even completed his education to rule over us as the most corrupt politician we may have ever seen


No. CDT/5940/72 Petaro, the 6th April 1972

As directed by the Government of Sind, the following cadets: (1) Wahid-ud-din Akbar (self-styled Principal), (2) Zarar Lucman (self-styled Vice Principal), (3) Mohd Nasim (self-styled Adjudicator), (4) Asif Ali Baluch (self-styled Bursar) are hereby expelled from the College on account of the reasons stated below

  1. Hatching a plot to take over the administration of the college on 5th April 1972
  2. Entering the offices of the principal, vice-principal, Bursar, Adjutant, Office of Superintendent, Chief Accountant, Telephone room illegally, occupying these offices and tampering with and destroying some of the records and files there on 5th and 6th April 1972
  3. Declaring themselves Principal, Vice-Principal, Adjutant and bursar, respectively
  4. Behaving with utmost impertinence and disrespect towards their kind and affectionate teachers
  5. Creating unrest and dis-affection among the cadets

The names of the above-mentioned cadets are being struck off the college rolls and they are forbidden to enter the premises of the college ever in the future

The Principal reserves the right to expel any other cadet on the basis of evidence against them that further investigation may bring into light

(S.S. Azim)
Cadet College, Petaro



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9 responses to “1972 Expulsion Letter for Mr. Asif Ali Zardari from Cadet College Petaro”

  1. MunibKhi Avatar

    Its not surprising at all. Only a crook with such a profile could loot PAK like the way this man is

  2. Shahid Malik Avatar
    Shahid Malik

    all great men…. did not finish college…. bill gates… Mr Zardari…… and both are the richest ppl in the world….. we must be proud of his achievments…. we should honor him before he eats up rest of the country….

  3. Shahjahan Chaudhary Avatar
    Shahjahan Chaudhary

    Bill Gates doesn't lie about being a dropout 🙂

  4. Saad Avatar

    The only problem is that he hasnt lied about it. Education is not the criteria for becoming a President as per the Constitution and the degree condition in LFO was struck down before his election.
    By your criteria the masses of Pakistan should be banned from parliament?! Since surely you cannot expect an ordinary farmer to be educated and hence according to you is ineligible to lead his people.
    If we are talking about characterization shall we not talk about Islamic criterias and the hudood punishments by which standards certain office bearer of PTI would be stoned to death. Guess what, its not ethics that save him its the Constitution so I would advise you to stick to the Constitution!

  5. MunibKhi Avatar

     @Saad  and othersThere is hell lot fo diff b/w dropping out because of getting F in all papers or a similar case and being kicked out for doing "badmaashi/lootmar/ghundagardi"  . .All great men who didnt complete education , did it for a reason that MAKES SENSE. Kindly ellaborate the sense part in the badmashi and ghundagardi shown by Zardari in his expulsion ?

    1. Saad Avatar

       @MunibKhi lol, please read histories of famous dropouts. Bill Gates was expelled from his school for bugging computers. But thats not my point here, the point is that education is not the criteria by Constitution and President Zardari has never claimed that he has got a degree or high school education.
      Also, if Harvard graduate BB and Oxford graduated Bhutto couldnt satisfy you I doubt Zardari ever can.
      Also in the list of students expelled from school due to misbehaviour is the name of our beloved founding father but I wonder how our text books never mention that part of his adolesence.

    2. Saad Avatar

       @MunibKhi Just to clear your confusion he later did continue his education and went into Harvard before leaving it to start MS and though i’m not sure I think he was even incarcerated for something.

  6. adeelijaz49 Avatar

    although i am not a pro PPP, but bro, this letter is issued to MR. Asif Ali Baluch. So stop fooling around…

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