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1972 Expulsion Letter for Mr. Asif Ali Zardari from Cadet College Petaro

In 1972 Asif Ali Zadari (also known as Asif Ali Baluch) was expelled from Cadet College Petaro on the grounds of misconduct, his claim to have graduated with a Matric degree in 1972 goes unfounded on the basis of the order issued by the Principal of the college who has categorically expelled Mr. Asif Ali Baluch from the college records for ever.  So in short we have a president who was expelled from Cadet college before completeing his Matric, then is said to proceed to St. Patriks High School where a clerk lays claims that even in these examinations he failed we simply have a president who has not even completed his education to rule over us as the most corrupt politician we may have ever seen
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Raymond Davis goes free after paying $2.34 Million in Blood Money

As expected the Americans finally had their way, the CIA operative who had shot dead two Pakistanis on the streets of Lahore in January was released by the an additional session judge Yousuf Ojla in Kot Lakpath Jail. He initially found Raymond Davis guilty of the double murder but immediately the lawyers presented the families of the victims who absolved the case against Raymond claiming to have been paid blood money in exchange for the pardom, having no case the judge was more or less forced to withdraw all charges against the American.

The documents presented to the courts show that over 18 family members of the two victims were distributed cash in exchange for the pardon tuning to over $ 2.34 MIllion. Immediately after the release it is reported that Raymond along with the family members were flown out of Pakistan to an undisclosed location. Later a spokesperson for the white house in a press conference denied that the payment was made by the US Government and also made no comment if the family members were given passports or were being rehabilitated in the US in lieu of their pardon
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