Raymond Davis goes free after paying $2.34 Million in Blood Money

As expected the Americans finally had their way, the CIA operative who had shot dead two Pakistanis on the streets of Lahore in January was released by the an additional session judge Yousuf Ojla in Kot Lakpath Jail. He initially found Raymond Davis guilty of the double murder but immediately the lawyers presented the families of the victims who absolved the case against Raymond claiming to have been paid blood money in exchange for the pardom, having no case the judge was more or less forced to withdraw all charges against the American.

The documents presented to the courts show that over 18 family members of the two victims were distributed cash in exchange for the pardon tuning to over $ 2.34 MIllion. Immediately after the release it is reported that Raymond along with the family members were flown out of Pakistan to an undisclosed location. Later a spokesperson for the white house in a press conference denied that the payment was made by the US Government and also made no comment if the family members were given passports or were being rehabilitated in the US in lieu of their pardon

What surprises me is that it was almost public knowledge that the Americans were applying pressure on the family but our government did nothing to assert its force to protect its people from foreign pressures on our own land. They have sold out the the Pakistani nation and it must be noted fact that all the leaders were in cahoots with this negations. On 18th Feb a report published by The Friday Times now makes erring sense as to why Fahim’s wife suddenly committed suicide. Fahims mother is documented now to have taken over Rs. 33,333,333

The Friday Times – Offers accepted

Ever wondered why there’s not a squeak out of the family of that poor boy Ibadurrahman, who was run over and killed by the speeding American Consulate vehicle that was chasing after Raymond Davis that fateful day in Lahore? Well, we have it from the horse’s mouth that Ibad’s family have been given four American passports and Rs 1 crore in compensation and that they have accepted both the passports and the money. They’ve signed on the dotted line and agreed to keep quiet. They will be leaving Lahore for the US shortly. An important personage of the Punjab Government went and personally made the offer to Ibad’s family and saw it through, notwithstanding the government’s pious denials to all and sundry that “the law would take its own course”. Something similar also happened to the late Fahim’s family (Fahim being one of the men shot dead by Raymond Davis), except that they fell out with each other. Apparently, Fahim’s mother was reluctant to share some of the spoils with his widow, who in a fit of desperation killed herself. Since then, the same mother and other relatives of Fahim have accepted the American offer.

There is no news about the murderer who took refuge in the US Consulate in Lahore after running over a pedestrian IbadurRehaman, and that family still awaits any form of justice

Locally I believe now we cant do much to argue about Raymond Davis, he has skipped out and at best is absolved of his murder, but what Pakistanis must exert tremendous pressure on the government to hold them accountable including the Govt of Punjab. Nawaz Sharif & Shahbaz Sharif to suddenly skip off to London claiming health reasons is a definite ploy to avoid getting mixed up in Lahore, all these lunatic politicians who are selling this country off need to be thrown into the gallows, they all are unfit to rule this country now or ever.

Its a very sad day for Pakistan, such blatant misuse of our country definitely does little to help the confidence building measures by the Americans in trying to solve the War on Terror – I can assure that this move will inspire more hatred against America, and more support for terroristic activities against America, little should be of concern for the Talibans holed up in NWFP, America will now have to contend with an angered Pakistani nation as a whole.


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  1. Brumby Avatar

    Anyone posting comments against the Sharia law under which David was released are in fact committing blasphemy and should be arrested and tried under the Pakistani Blasphemy Law. (lol) Thank you.

    1. Adnan Avatar

      Yes,according to American Sharia. Let me help you to come out of ignorance.


    2. Sahab Avatar


  2. Sular Avatar

    Good luck to american taliban to destablise muslim countries

    1. Adnan Avatar

      Its American Shariah not Islamic.

  3. Dr.Jawwad Khan Avatar

    Not unexpected….

  4. skeptic Avatar

    bastard zardari, bastard gillani, bastard kayani, bastard nawaz sharif, bastard shujah, bastard firdus ashiq awan, bastard shabaz sharif, bastad army, bastard ISI, bastard King of Saudi. May they have miserable existences both in this world and the next.

  5. skeptic Avatar

    All these people should start selling their daughters as prostitutes. They are pimps who have prostituted the whole of this country. Not to worry they have probably been prostituting their wives, mothers and daughters for a long time.

  6. skpetic Avatar

    WASHINGTON: The CIA said on Wednesday it enjoyed a “healthy partnership” with Pakistan’s intelligence service after an American spy accused of two murders was freed by the authorities.

    Yes, one of a prostitute and a repeat client….

  7. skeptic Avatar

    ISLAMABAD: The compensation money paid to the heirs of two slain Pakistani nationals — Faizan and Faheem — who were shot dead at the Qartaba Chowk, Lahore, by CIA contractor Raymond Davis on January 27, was paid from the government’s funds.

    Wow this gets better by the minute, so we paid for getting him released. No wonder it is haram to pay taxes to this government.

  8. Abdullah Avatar

    So Americans were right after all. Pakistanis can sell their mothers for the right price

    No honor left in Pakistan. I spit on the sleeping masses of the land of impure

  9. Arshad khan Avatar
    Arshad khan

    Justice quickly rendered by the Pakistanis. Awesome ending never fails in Pakistan.

  10. awara Avatar

    Ohh, what about the ISI propaganda that Raymond Davis was arranging nucleur stuff for Pakistani Taliban , blah blah blah?

    and now who is going to ask Mr. Kamran Khan about the whole Raymond Davis and Pakistani Taliban connection????

    Salam to Pak Fauj and ISI, who put Pakistan politicians infront to take all the blame, I guess people are learning slow and steady…


    1. skeptic Avatar

      Zaid Hamid and his american/taliban connection theory should have died with baituallah masood or the numerous drone attacks on south waziristan since.

      Yeah give the taliban nuclear material so they can sell it to alqaeda to use it on their favourite enemy the US. Davis and CIA would be even more brain dead than the ISI to try that venture.

      ISI and Army have proven themselves to be habitual liars.

  11. Rizwan Sayed Avatar
    Rizwan Sayed

    This sums up our status in the universe – we are one massive, loose anal sphincter….Amerikkans, Brits, Hindus, Arabs..aao aur lete jao….

  12. Windber Johnstown Avatar
    Windber Johnstown

    money and a US residence visa !!!!!!!!