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  • LAVA |

    Even though US Vice presidents hasn’t got mentionable role in past but current and so long VP DICK CHENEY is the most powerful vice president in US history. Indeed, there is a fair amount of circumstantial evidence that Cheney, not Bush, is the real power at the White House and Bush the figurehead and He orchestrated the 9/11 cabal in order to create Reason to justify Iraq war as you know 2day age we are living is an Age of Reason.
    He is the Zionist and staunch supporter of Zionist movement in Palestine which causes unrest not in that region but in the whole world.
    Sarah Palin basically chosen and tested on Dick of Cheney in WDC office and passed so thats why she got VP ticket for republican McCain and as I said above she better known as Israeli Bitch. rather;
    I’d like to say bitch&witch she who suck Dick of Cheney.