Watch out, we’re the Green and White

Join the revolution – Watch out, we’re the Green and White

Credit Faisal Qureshi



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9 responses to “Watch out, we’re the Green and White”

  1. Salman Asghar Avatar

    great job done!!

  2. E K Singh Avatar
    E K Singh

    poo poo this stinks

  3. Shayan Avatar

    We know these sardars for centuries. They always stink

  4. Sabeen Syed Avatar
    Sabeen Syed


  5. khurram Avatar

    This is simply great, I loved the song as well as this video. Awesome work. Watch out we are green N White, Yahooooooo!

  6. dr jawwad khan Avatar
    dr jawwad khan

    join the revolution??


    by singing/listening patriotic songs in english?

    by listening the same old god damn claims that we have a great potential?

    is there some thing beyond these ridiculous claims?

    we need a revolution….a bloody revolution which can kill all political dynasties, civil and military beurocrates, corrupt element of societies and liberal finatics especially.

  7. readinglord Avatar

    They still say 'Pakistan he to ham hein'. Should it not be reverse?

  8. passer Avatar


  9. Shahzad Khan Avatar

    The song is an ok effort, but I hate the fact that the video uses all stolen images from photographers.. without even giving them credit.. shame..! respect rights.. respect talent.

    hire some artists if you want good imagery !