Karachi Riots: Call for Pictures, Videos and Personal Experiences

Yesterday Karachi faced yet another gloomy day, last count was that around eight people have been killed in the riots that broke off starting from the City Courts and then engulfed the rest of the city. A few dozen cars were torched and hundreds of vehicles damaged. Whosoever is to blame to yesterdays carnage must be brought to justice at all costs. So if you have any story to narrate, a picture or a video to share please do so.

If in case you are worried about protecting your anonymity I can offer some solutions or read extensively on Global Voices Advocacy Website or use the WITNESS Human Rights Video Hub to upload your videos anonymously [Submission Guidelines]

A short briefer on Anonymous Email: Prefer using an encrypted Gmail URL – simply done by adding an ‘s’ into the URL httpS://gmail.com. Alternatively you could also sign up for an account at Hushmail.com where your security is relatively guaranteed. This email method can be effectively used to send in Personal Experiences, Pictures and Videos. Read more here of the Global Voices Advocacy Website on Anonymous Email

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8 responses to “Karachi Riots: Call for Pictures, Videos and Personal Experiences”

  1. M@ni Avatar

    Enough is Enough… MQM planned well enough to blacken the lawyer movement.. Shame on MQM. Karachi is burning and my heart bleeds for the pplz of Karachi :(… Zardari stop showing dual standard and stick to your original alliance.. ANP PPP and PML-N

  2. nazia Avatar

    Mqm is under hand card of army mafia and naseerullah babar knows it very well.Army generals and US mafia are in no mood of transferring power to democratic powers as that would end their mafia rule.We as a nation is in the state of danger as MQM mafia is ready to create all kinds of chaos for strengthening their terror rule.The latest comments of mush and atlaf are almost synonmus and directly attacked to lawyers community who are soley responsible of downfall of mussarf’s culture and that is” rule without rules.

  3. wildanjel Avatar

    Pics of Riots? But why? I think you need some pics or videos that can show MQM, thats your favourite job :@ I am not supporter of MQM but what you are doing is also not fair. If MQM is involved in riots so are the lawyers. You should remain unbiased when posting.

  4. ilyas Avatar

    I think MQM is working for Jinnahpure. America and Jew mafia are involved in this conspiracy. They know that MQM can be first drop of rain.

    Zardari should hire Naseerullha Baber again to KHAPPY Pakistan.otherwise it will be very hard for PPP to control them.

    Ministry of Foriegn affair should contact UK government to sieze the Altaf activities.

  5. MALIK AMAM Avatar

    can’t we just shoot these people why doesn;t the ploice just shootem up.
    and r these lawyers even more imp than PAKISTAN ITSELF.

  6. Tahseen Alam Khan Avatar


  7. Nasir Jamal Avatar

    Please stop worrying about the people of Karachi. They can take care of themselves. Start worrying about Punjab where women are sold and paraded naked in the streets to settle scores.

  8. Nasir Jamal Avatar

    So you want to kill people without a trial? Do you support Naseerullah Babur because he ordered the killing of large number of MQM workers and supporters and said that we do not present them in a court because from there they are released on bail.