YouTube Blocked again in Pakistan

It is being reported on the mailing list for the Society Against Internet Censorship in Pakistan that YouTube is yet again being blocked here in Pakistan. Though no notification has yet surfaced from the the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority but most users are reporting a total blackout showing error pages while accessing

A little investigation shows that it could be a new system employed by the censorship body as when we try to access the URL it leads us to a blocked page but when you enter the IP address of the youtube website

It could easily be speculated that this block has yet again to do with the Geert Wilders movies Fitna which was released a few days earlier, but surprisingly it is not being hosted on youtube, in fact Google/Youtube had taken all instances of this movie due to a violation in its Terms of Service. The domain of the domain movie was also slashed by the host and later when Geert Wilders released the video, via LiveLeak it too suffered the cut since a number of employees were harassed forcing the management to remove the video for their own safety was.



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3 responses to “YouTube Blocked again in Pakistan”

  1. hammy Avatar

    it is working here as it was after the ban.

  2. d0ct0r Avatar

    my ISP multinet/transworld seem to be blocking/filtering youtube as well, the site is accessible but when any video link is clicked an error “your java script is off or have older flash player” appears instead of the actual video , my java script is enabled and i have latest flash player installed as well so it seems they’re blocking the actual packet which is sent by the browser to youtube’s server for detecting flash player.

  3. taymor Avatar

    i cann’t access the site too.