Burka Women…. Funny or Offensive?

Saad Haroon pokes fun at the Burka by producing this short YouTube Video titled Burka Woman. I personally think its a hilarious poke at the issue but saw some people being offended by it?

What is your reaction to this video

—– UPDATE —–

About 10 minutes after I posted this blog post on Facebook somebody marked this URL [https://teeth.com.pk/blog/2010/12/27/burka-women-funny-or-offensive] as SPAM preventing me to repost this on my facebook wall, what is interesting that someone is definitely offended enough to mark it as spam without so much as discussing the issue and arguing his own side.

I asked a question even in my blog post, “What is your reaction to this video” its an open ended questions, up for grabs, I thought it was funny, I know some may not agree – whats your call



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11 responses to “Burka Women…. Funny or Offensive?”

  1. Usman Malik Avatar

    Women have a right to wear Burqa or whatever they wish to wear and I very strongly support them for that. But in the same manner anyone else got an equal right to suggest otherwise or make fun of it until and unless they are not getting personal. I feel pity for the people who reported it as abusive on facebook!

    1. Tilsim Avatar

      Hilarious. Thanks for posting!

  2. syl Avatar

    Not offensive and derogatory for women BUT outrightly REVOLTING. to top it all..the music, lyrics, etc are below ordinary. The vocalist acts lecherous.

    It sure forms part of Cheryl Bernards strategic plan prepared under Rabidly unIslamic and Zionist organisation Rand Corp. The document is called Civil Democratic Islam. Our so called liberalists and secularists tow this line to gain access to western privileges.

    There is a concerted campaign to attack Hijab as it is anathema to secularist agenda.

    Good job Teeth. you can win Best Blogger award of Muslim world by abominable Obama as you have served the purpose well.

    No wonder u never posted interviews of Lauren Booth (journalist and sister in law of Tony B Liar)…..IN HIJAB

    1. Voodo Master Avatar
      Voodo Master

      @ Syl:

      So what if lauren booth converted to islam? So what if she wears hijab? Majority of muslim women do not. You are more interested in symbolism rather than actions and what good people do for others, muslims and non-muslims alike.

      It is also funny how you mention “journalist and sister in law of Tony B Liar”. She is probably as much of an idiot as her brother-in-law. But since she is white and related to such an important man, her conversion to islam makes Islam the greatest religion of all times? what a Pathetic argument.

      If anything islam does not need right now is the followers like you.

  3. jiman Avatar


    ".. Pakistani male mindset where they would spend hours watching porn but would encourage their women to be Mother Mary…"

    And you are so different, you don't watch PORN but like your mother to work in it….


  4. Brumby Avatar


    I am sorry that truth hurts, doesn't it? Not everybody could be a true Pakistani muslim like you, as made obvious by your comments.

  5. abrar Avatar

    Teeth Maestro,

    Change your companionship, you are riding with people who would take you to KUFR without you realizing it.

    What do you want to to next? Post a praise of Salman Rushdi Maluoon or post some cartoons of Muhammad (PBUH)?

    You may not be there yet, but your companinons wouldn't be happy until you get there.

    Take time out of your busy life and go on an off-road trip all by yourself into mountains and realize where you stand and where you are heading.

  6. Faizan Khan Avatar
    Faizan Khan


  7. Faizan Khan Avatar
    Faizan Khan

    I find it offensive.
    This comedian has a below average sense of humor.

  8. Doa Avatar

    Funny of course.

  9. Ali Naqash Avatar
    Ali Naqash

    This is PURE mockery and COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE! Someone did a GREAT job reporting it!