Oye Uth Jawana Kar De Saweray – Soch Band inspires the Youth to Rise

Oye Uth Jawana Kar De Saweray
Tera Mulk Dubya Wichh Hanairay

A very inspirational song sung by Adnan from The Soch Band on a show on Geo.TV – he beautifully conveys the prevalent conditions in Pakistan and urges the youth to rise up for Pakistan, one does enjoy that passion with which he sings the song, each word carrying an inspirational message for the youth of Pakistan



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3 responses to “Oye Uth Jawana Kar De Saweray – Soch Band inspires the Youth to Rise”

  1. Farhan Zafar Avatar

    I read your brief writing on change, but i think some concrete measures are also required in addition to inspirational and ideal thoughts which i mentioned here http://www.thenewstribe.co.uk/beta/?p=338
    if you have different opinion then will be waiting for your response for a better solution

  2. Chishty Avatar

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  3. Arshad khan Avatar
    Arshad khan

    Very good song. We need singers such as this instead of singers singing kuttaya and harami and such.