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Oye Uth Jawana Kar De Saweray – Soch Band inspires the Youth to Rise

Oye Uth Jawana Kar De Saweray
Tera Mulk Dubya Wichh Hanairay

A very inspirational song sung by Adnan from The Soch Band on a show on Geo.TV – he beautifully conveys the prevalent conditions in Pakistan and urges the youth to rise up for Pakistan, one does enjoy that passion with which he sings the song, each word carrying an inspirational message for the youth of Pakistan

International Youth Conference 2010 – 6th to 9th Dec, Islamabad

International Youth Conference & Festival is to be held in Islamabad from 6th-9th of December which will attract students from around the globe. The four day conference will give an opportunity to students from around the world to interact and learn from each other experiences. The conference has been organized by Miradore Productions and Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, in partnership with Khudi Pakistan and Ministry of Youth Affairs is also supported by Google, Youtube and NCHD and Ministry for Women Development. Students from US, UK, Turkey, Somalia, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh and Scotland are expected to come to Islamabad to attend the event.

The focus of the event is to highlight the role of youth in peace building and to bridge cultural, regional and religious gaps. Participants will also discuss ways to work for women empowerment, disaster management and use of modern social networking tools to help in these areas.

I believe this to be a great initiative by the organizers to bring various students from around the world and allow them to share their opinions engaging in dialogue, literally investing in the future. I wish the attendees an amazing conference

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Pakistan Youth Alliance – A Ray of Light In Darkness

Pakistan Youth AllianceI grew up in a country plagued with uncertainty. A country whose bases of formation, clear as a mirror are fogged by stains of provincialism, sectarianism, feudalism, terrorism and exploitation. The high frequency of crisis which this piece of land has seen in its nascent years has resulted in an exodus of people who would rather not associate with Pakistan. I grew up among a generation disappointed with the state of affairs around them, hopeless about the future of the country and after many years of exploitation by linguistic, religious, feudal and political pundits had somehow made a compromise with the situation that nothing can be done, things will never change and till the time we are comfy in our abodes, let us not care about what happens around us. Resultantly our nation in its utter disappointment, that nothing can be done, has given a free hand to anyone in power, to bend in whatever way that suits his interests the destiny of our whole country.

A million examples can be quoted in which issues of national importance were politicized for personal gains putting the development of Pakistan on a back burner. A political setup based on family politics and an active military participation has made sure that Pakistan remains either in claws of military or civilian dictatorship thus barricading entry of worthy, deserving and patriotic leadership. When people come to realize that they will never get representation in avenues of power, they either lose hope or demand a revolutionary change in system. Our countrymen sadly due to their apathy and rampant ignorance have selected the former.
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