Pakistan Youth Alliance – A Ray of Light In Darkness

Pakistan Youth AllianceI grew up in a country plagued with uncertainty. A country whose bases of formation, clear as a mirror are fogged by stains of provincialism, sectarianism, feudalism, terrorism and exploitation. The high frequency of crisis which this piece of land has seen in its nascent years has resulted in an exodus of people who would rather not associate with Pakistan. I grew up among a generation disappointed with the state of affairs around them, hopeless about the future of the country and after many years of exploitation by linguistic, religious, feudal and political pundits had somehow made a compromise with the situation that nothing can be done, things will never change and till the time we are comfy in our abodes, let us not care about what happens around us. Resultantly our nation in its utter disappointment, that nothing can be done, has given a free hand to anyone in power, to bend in whatever way that suits his interests the destiny of our whole country.

A million examples can be quoted in which issues of national importance were politicized for personal gains putting the development of Pakistan on a back burner. A political setup based on family politics and an active military participation has made sure that Pakistan remains either in claws of military or civilian dictatorship thus barricading entry of worthy, deserving and patriotic leadership. When people come to realize that they will never get representation in avenues of power, they either lose hope or demand a revolutionary change in system. Our countrymen sadly due to their apathy and rampant ignorance have selected the former.

This is the Pakistan I grew up in. Outwardly, I like most others, had made a compromise with the affairs to plan a destiny on a sail less ship being navigated by the most undeserving of captains in the roughest possible waters. But in my heart I was never satisfied, knowing this is not the country the father of my nation fought for, this is not the country our forefathers gave their lives for, this is not the country we the youth of Pakistan deserved. But, then I met and became part of a group way different than anyone I had ever seen before in Pakistan. A group of young motivated people who would not sit idle when issues of national importance are being thrust upon them contrary to the desires of our countrymen. A group of people who take pride in their identity, religion and culture yet aren’t biased to degrade those who disagree. This is a group of people who have no political gains, who have no monetary gains associated with their activities. This is Pakistan Youth Alliance.

Pakistan Youth Alliance aims to awake the youth of Pakistan from the sleep of Apathy. The mission is to gather together young people whose only motive is a better Pakistan and to utilize their energies for nation building. The activities of this organization are as varied as are its demographics. The main focus is however on:

  1. Enlightening the youth to feel responsible for this country and prepare them for future leadership tasks
  2. Rallying and raising their voices against injustice, exploitation and other social ills of our society.
  3. Raise funds for various nation building activities like education of youth, welfare of missing persons families, helping the war torn affected of Swat etc.
  4. Making our leaders accountable for their deeds and to demand an explanation when their activities tarnish the image of our homeland.
  5. Spreading the message of enlightenment, hope, responsibility and patriotism to the masses through unconventional but effective mediums like music, poetry and prose.

Pakistan Youth Alliance which started during the “Emergency Rule” in November 2007, held a number of anti-emergency protests across Pakistan. Recent event include Protest against Indian air space violations, Fund raising for the effected of Swat and Gaza, show of solidarity against indiscriminate attacks on Srilankan cricketers and Rallying for the Restoration of Judiciary. There are various Socio Political events in the pipeline in near future which include fund raising concerts, panel discussions, study circles, seminars and walks/vigils. Moreover, PYA is planning a “Music for Change” series of jams/gigs across the country which would urge musicians to use their music as a tool to wake the youth of Pakistan up.

PYA is an organization which unlike other political parties and student federations takes it strength purely from Pakistan, particularly from the segment of society which has always been neglected i.e. the youth. We do not cash upon religious biases, we do not rely on provincial prejudices, we do not emphasize on sectarian issues and we have no linguistic barriers in our organization. We believe Pakistan to be a true Islamic Republic in which people of every religion can participate in nation building therefore we carry the same spirit into our organization and any person or any religion can play a role provided he has no personal petty gains attached with it. For us Provinces are no more than mere lines which are there only for better management of Pakistani territories. In PYA there is no Punjabi, no Sindhi, no Balochi, no Pathan and no Kashmiri there are only Pakistanis, True Pakistanis. In PYA there are no linguistic barriers, for us language is a mode of communication and we choose one which can convey our message to the masses effectively. We draw our strength from our National Language Urdu and are equally proud of all the regional languages because it binds us to our land. We are proud of our Urdu distorted throats which can’t speak English in Foreign accents reminding us every moment of our lives that we belong to Pakistan.

Pakistan Youth AlliancePYA believes our country is the land of opportunity. We are a nation who when decides to achieve something … achieves it by any means. A glimpse in our history shows that when our forefathers decided to gain their freedom, an empire on which the sun never sets bowed down. When we decided that we will have no barriers on our liberty, a billion racist Hindustanis dreaming to undermine our religion and freedom were thrown back across the border. When our country was challenged to defend its freedom in Indo Pak wars, we proved our mettle by defending our freedom from armies five times our size dreaming to drink in the land of Pure. When our fathers decided to build a nuclear arsenal for protection against our enemies, the whole world saw a nation which can’t make a needle on its own, build nuclear weapons and state of the art missiles. My dear Countrymen this is the legacy we should have possessed to build on it a better Pakistan. But the continuous exploitation by corrupt leaders and our apathetic attitude has resulted in hopelessness beyond measures. But even now nothing is lost. We are the same people who have altered the course of history in the past. We can do it again! Provided we are ready to pay the sacrifices, provided we make up our mind. This country which has given us so much and has asked back so little, deserves much better stature than it has today.

At PYA we have made up our mind that either we’ll go down or our country will go up. For all those who wish to join us in this task of nation building we assure negligible gain and unimaginable pain. The only gain we enjoy is the green flag unfurled in all its grace. The only gain we want is a better Pakistan and we are ready to go any distance for this cause. We don’t promise that we will bring a change but we promise to spark a brain that will bring a change!

Everyone who wants to be a part of this unprecedented movement can E-mail at or contact +92.333.4532030 or join our facebook group “Pakistan Youth Alliance” and very soon our web portal, would be online too.

Asad Tirmizi






14 responses to “Pakistan Youth Alliance – A Ray of Light In Darkness”

  1. Ehsan Avatar

    Another fake propganda organization just like the lawyers movement for so called "justice" born during the emergency rule perfectly shows its puprose to destablize pakistan by pointing out fingers at the people responsible for protecting pakistan and achieveing the political objectives of their masters !

  2. farrah, k.raja Avatar
    farrah, k.raja

    Good work Asad.I am a bit old to join you.Congratulations

    to come up with the idea and uniting people.

    Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.My sincere wishes and full support to your party.

    I trust in youth of Pakistan…….you are our future …..

    make it bright.

    What I like about Youth of Pakistan,they are so optimistic and they are full of ideas and they are not afraid to express themselves.

    Freedom of expression and speaking up is the true freedom,indeed.

  3. Teeth Maestro Avatar

    LOL – Ehsan seems like you just cant get away from us 😉 good to see you around, Everytime I see you in a knee-jerk reaction I just smile and watch the fumes come out of those two ears 😉

    Have a pleasant night

  4. guYasir Avatar


    Freedom of expression and speaking up is the true freedom,indeed.YES

    How do/did I use Freedom of expression in my previous comments remember, IMF = ?

    How is UK farrah? there's alot of protest during G20 summit and many burn and break Bank of England and RBS offices as scuffles threatened to escalates.

    G-20 Meltdown is an umbrella protester organizer. They spray-painted at the wall of the RBS "thieves" and "anarchist" they hold play cards carries the slogan "smash the banks" how ture is that but too late when bankers have been looted UK/US and created the Neo World Order aka globalisation

    Sad to know that the social tension gonna high more and more and economy will badly crack for everyone.

    Now I gonna share the Bnakers colossal scam mankind ever got to know

    The bankers use public credit(taxes) and give it back to their gov and charge interest, and keep authority to print money in their own hands.

    Bankers are behind counter culture, credit crunch and all wars including war on terror…

    They've usurped money and its spending rites and bring corrupt/castrated rulers on our heads who are fulfilling their agenda.

    In short Banker means Gangster

  5. Ali Avatar

    @ Ehsan – LOL. Your ignorance is appalling!

    A group of youngsters, sick of their "leaders" try to raise their voice and potray the voice of the segment of the society which has been constantly neglected, and for your information 60 percent of our population is below 30.

    It is because of people like you, we stand here! Who themselves don't have the guts to stand up and do something and aimlessly point at someone who is living by his beliefs.

    May lord show you light!

  6. ali Avatar

    @ Ehsan – I wouldn't blame you brother, you don't have the guts to stand up for your beliefs and do something in real and you would always show your ignorance.

    I wouldn't try to argue with you, as they say, arguing with a fool means making fool of yourself.

    @ everyone – because of people like eshan, we stand here. we need to realize what a big sin silence is!

    May lord show us ligh

  7. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    Another fake propganda organization just like the lawyers movement for so called “justice” [Ehsan]


    Pressure Group is a must for the development of Democracy, Civil Society, Civic Sense and Amity and Love amongst the citizens of different race, colour and last but not the least 72 Sects of Muslims living in Pakistan, provided nobody [any other political party be it religious or secular] use and discard these pressure group. This blog despite all the shortcoming is a good forum and one must appreciate the efforts of Mr Awab Alvi that he is trying to bring back that Karachi where everyone [despite severe Ideological Differences] used to tolerate each other and used to share grief and happiness. I had seen the Peaceful Karachi of before the fateful accident of Bushra Zaidi. I and everyone should try to bring that back and Alvi Sahab is trying to that. We must help him.

    PTI should form a Think Tank and a Forum for Seminar to bring party workers of different political parties and exchange notes and do workshops to develop a better society.

  8. yaseen ch Avatar

    i think we as individuals should also be as strong as to bare any hardships bestowed on us and we should have our own vision for this great country.

  9. farrah k raja Avatar
    farrah k raja


    Long time no see!!Agree with your analysis.

  10. readinglord Avatar

    I did not expect such a pure propaganda article on Teeth Maestro.

    They call Urdu a national language which is spoken only by 8% of Pakies. Urdu is in fact, as our history shows, an anti-national language. It was Quide Azam's ill-advised declaration to impose Urdu as a national language which resulted in break-up of his Pakistan into New Pakistan and Bangladesh.

    Again, they say they are proud of their religion: which religion, by the way? The religion rampant in Pakiland today is 'Deen-e-Mullah' which is nothing but in Allama Iqbal's words 'Deen-e-Fasssad'.

    Btw, we should rejoice that, as just heard on the TV, the USA team visiting Pakistan, have assured the president that they won't attack Baluchistan with DROANs. So the rest of Pakiland is at their mercy to do whatever they like. Doop marne ka maqaam he.

    So on and so forth!

  11. asma Avatar

    ReadingLord what crap?

    I have lived in 13 cities of pakistan, I always spoke urdu with everyone in the streets, never ever from peshawar to karachi I had to speak another language. Urdu is and will remain our national language. For once realize the reality on ground man

  12. asma Avatar

    And who told you deen e mullah was what these passionate kids wished to have? I am really impressed by these youth who reflect upon a change. We ourselves couldn't do anything except sitting on internet and typing what should have been, they atleast keep their differences aside and join together and try to make a difference and they should be appreciated. Yes the youth of this country are our only hope and elders like us who discourage from everything are at fault

    I saw their show on tv and these kids raised lakhs for swat affectees and the same for fata, they stood up when we all that we could do was sit on internet and write what we thot was right

    I am with you kids – till the end. Ignore people and elders like readinglord for their apathy would be the biggest hurdle

    1. AB Khan Avatar
      AB Khan

      ur all fagz…do u actually thnk tht by writng an article or doing these protests iz gna chnge anythng?? if u thnk tht thn ur all dumasses…my advice get of ur computers and do somethng that is,how should i put it oh yea 'useful'!! noobs all of ya do somethng good make somethng of ur lives do sumthing for Pakistan..getan education,help the poor..

  13. Somnath GuhaRoy Avatar
    Somnath GuhaRoy

    What fanaticism and appalling ignorance! Go on, blame India and Hindus! Sisters and Brothers of Pakistan, a nation based on religion neither ever existed before nor will ever exist. What you have is a region where the people delight in foregetting their forefathers and culture, and adopting proudly foreign Arab names and culture in the name of religion. This artificial creation is held together by a temporary glue of fantasy, wishful thinking, huge doses of religion and hatred, ignorant mullahs and their cunning overlords – Army, and foreign masters USA and China.

    I had hoped that PYA would go in for non-sectarian, secular democracy. Go on, wilful self-delusion never gives anything but ignorance and pain and self-rhetoric.