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Touseef Ikram of Paksatire has drawn a cartoon on yours truly, with the raging twitter phenomenon this new keyword Dent-twit-tics rings true. Thank God the twitter fanaticsm has still not reached the dental chair to an extent that my twitter world has yet to see me twittering while I perform Dentistry upon my patients at Alvi Dental Hospital – but one can never predict the future…

it was only today that I had the misfortune to treat Faisal Kapadia and he was literally twittering and photoblogging while I was hard at work on his pan stained teeth [imagine the crap and torture that we poor dentists have to go through]

Courtesy of Paksatire.com

awab-alvi on Paksatire


  • Adam Insaan |

    -Good one, liked it.

    From now one your phone must be called `odontoblast´

    -and your laptop ; Enamel Pearl.

    Just don`hope that some day uvula will be removed/extracted instead of some supernumery tooth ( shall we call it 9´er/nine ´r ?)

    Anyway good stuff, and Ramadan Mubarique.

  • Shaista Hussain |

    Dent-twit-tics…dats brilliant! And yes, twitter is the new social phenomenon you can't really ignore…

    brilliant comic strip and great job on the blog (and the RTs)



  • SMKhan |

    One fine dental work was done on me by the Teeth Maestro last year while digging out the root canal in anticipation of finding some oil… and i am witness to him not using the twitter while doing so…

    LoL… again that was last year, only GOD knows better how things have progressed…