Touseef Ikram of Paksatire has drawn a cartoon on yours truly, with the raging twitter phenomenon this new keyword Dent-twit-tics rings true. Thank God the twitter fanaticsm has still not reached the dental chair to an extent that my twitter world has yet to see me twittering while I perform Dentistry upon my patients at Alvi Dental Hospital – but one can never predict the future…

it was only today that I had the misfortune to treat Faisal Kapadia and he was literally twittering and photoblogging while I was hard at work on his pan stained teeth [imagine the crap and torture that we poor dentists have to go through]

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awab-alvi on Paksatire



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8 responses to “Dent-twit-tics”

  1. Waisybabu Avatar

    Ahaha! Epicness! 😀

  2. Touseef Ikram Avatar

    Thanks Dr. Sahib for documenting this caught in the act. heheh. Hope your fans would love this.

  3. Jehan Ara Avatar

    Ha ha this is terrific! And oh so appropriate. 🙂

  4. Faisal Khan Avatar

    One of these days dude, you'll be twitting on on a tooth and drilling into your blackberry!!!!

  5. Salman Asghar Avatar

    hahaha…i agree faisal :p

  6. Adam Insaan Avatar
    Adam Insaan

    -Good one, liked it.

    From now one your phone must be called `odontoblast´

    -and your laptop ; Enamel Pearl.

    Just don`hope that some day uvula will be removed/extracted instead of some supernumery tooth ( shall we call it 9´er/nine ´r ?)

    Anyway good stuff, and Ramadan Mubarique.

  7. Shaista Hussain Avatar

    Dent-twit-tics…dats brilliant! And yes, twitter is the new social phenomenon you can't really ignore…

    brilliant comic strip and great job on the blog (and the RTs)



  8. SMKhan Avatar

    One fine dental work was done on me by the Teeth Maestro last year while digging out the root canal in anticipation of finding some oil… and i am witness to him not using the twitter while doing so…

    LoL… again that was last year, only GOD knows better how things have progressed…