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Teeth Maestro v 4.0

Teeth Maestro v 3.0Welcome to the new design of Teeth Maestro’s Blog, it is for the record the fourth major re-design of this blog since 2004 when I first started to blog on the world wide web..

The v3.0 had been running for almost an entire year and saw us through some serious political debates here in Pakistan but like Pakistan its time for a change and I now present you the v4.0 design. I personally had grown tired of cluttered and confusing layout of the old design, though the play with the two side bars was truly a geeks paradise on earth but it was just a bit too much. So in an attempt to change I finally took the plunge last week and pulled out a theme which appealed to me.

A few improvement are noted below

  • Asides / Mini-Links

    The best new feature to this design is the inclusion of my mini-links or asides which are tucked away under my daily post, these are small links to certain topics of interest which I would like to share with the world, links that don’t per se qualify for a full post on the blog and hence a mini-blog extracted from my daily journey across the world wide web. These links will generally contain a short comment following the original link, a feature which I hope will enrich your experience on the blog.

    These mini-links are featured only on the main page and on occasions when I don’t write a post for any specific day will be featured prominently on top, all appearing on a smoky grey background which will differentiate it from the regular posts. Hope you like this new feature

  • Side-Bar

    The next major changes is definitely the non-intrusive utilization of the side bar which displays both the one-column sa well as the two-column sidebars. The search box, Latest Comments and Popular posts (still being tweaked) are now condensed into the top allowing people to choose at will

  • Ads

    I must confess blogging to date is a passion and it has never been about money, but considering the rise in visitor traffic on this blog I have been forced to move away from the cheaper hosts into a more expensive dedicated host which can cater to the usage of this site. The new ad spots are far less intrusive then the old design and are now tucked gently into a corner (above the fold). We have also made room for exclusive placement of small advertisement banner spots for any marketer who may want to run a run an online campaign on this blog .

I personally have been working on tweaking this new design for the past week on a test site hoping to get it just right, it is possible that some may come across a bug too many for which I would be grateful if you would kindly drop a comment below. I would also generally be on the look out for critique on the design with the hope that I might make your experience on the site a little more interesting.

Fingers crossed here we go…….


  • Sohaib Athar |

    Typo: Archivew

    On my machine, the archive post counts and the category post counts are appearing on a separate line, eating up valuable pixel estate – and while you are at it, don’t forget to correct the spelling of “Hospital” on your main website.
    (Damn I can be anal!)
    And oh yea, there’s an empty space besides the Full Rss Feed button ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Adil Najam |

    Wonderful look.
    Neat and easy to use and navigate.
    Love the Search/Popular posts/Latest comments toggle at the top right. Makes navigation easy and the page remains uncluttered.
    Congrats on a successful transition.

  • KO |

    Much better design this time around!

    Now the only thing left to tweak is the url…

  • Imran |

    Congrats, Very nice, Dude. Rounded corners are nice.

    I would suggest a name change as well in near future. Your blog name in my opinion creates confusion.

    But overall what a fantastic blogger and site.

  • Jeremy Dawes |

    I think its good to update your blog with new designs and lay outs as this will help to attract more and more people to your blog.

  • MB |

    The previous one was better , this one looks normal but it was better