Finally we are breathing

Guest Blog by Farrah K Raja

When I came across” Teeth Maestro” I thought well how healthy my teeth are? The answer is always the same the one which Cinderella’s step mom used to get from the mirror.

I do not believe in cosmetic surgery or going under knife so I do not spend much time in front of the mirror but I do spend a lot on my computer.

In today’s world where now Obama will be addressing the Nation through internet, so that message is not limited to USA alone but to the whole world. The impact of internet cannot be ignored and I am so glad Teeth Maestro is one blog from Pakistan which very responsibly is providing an alternative for people to express and connect as compared to stereo type Print and Television Journalism.

I personally believe past ten years were extremely important in the history of the world and in the history of Pakistan.

We were led by a true statesman, Mr.Musharaff, the only thing he was lacking was he did not come through voting process. By God people of Pakistan have proved who ever does not come through this process is never going to rule us even if he delivers moon and the stars.

Last time I saw this hunger in people for politics was when Bhutto was arrested .At that time, Gen Zia and his Martial Law forced people to abstain from political discussion.

“Siyasi Guftgu karma manah hai “was written in every public transport and every Chai walai hotel or shopping markets. As a nation we bottled up all our anger and frustration and as a result very often, we seldom open our mouth and when we do, we are extremely hostile .

Later on we sit with our head in our hands and say,”What the hell, where is this reaction coming from, I never provoked this.” or we think with a regret,” Was that me who said that?

I read Teeth Maestro blogs regularly and comment often .These blogs are our breathing house .Unlike the media electronic and print where people with certain mind sets are sitting, with very few exceptions only, these blogs are fantastic ,we are having a dialogue .We are not isolated any more.

These blogs are moulding our opinions and shaping our thoughts, with the passage of time these blogs will do more to set our trends.

Blogging is a wonderful experience, in Pakistan a traditional society under transition.

This is democracy we are not afraid any more to say what we have to say.With time we will get over this two minute fame claim and real dialogues of serious nature will develop.

Any society which has a dialogue, debate and discussion on, that society is alive.

I want to congratulate Teeth Maestro for seizing this opportunity of providing a Blog for people to share and exchange and let the steam out.

Behind all this change I see one person, Mr.Musharaff, Yes he was in Uniform, Yes he was an army man but I believe he delivered Democracy to Pakistan.

Liberalism is the word he introduced to Pakistani culture and I see Pakistani people practicing it in their thoughts and writings.


Congratulations Pakistan, We must celebrate ourselves and recognise ourselves.



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19 responses to “Finally we are breathing”

  1. Rafay Kashmiri Avatar
    Rafay Kashmiri


    you are certainly exaggerating calling Musharraf
    a ” statesman ” if he was, which I doubt, he would
    have been elected, as you admit, madame.

    I have fought against Charlatanism of Bhutto uptill
    1974, People hated him for his collaboration with Ayub,
    Yehya, Mujeeb, but what outraged people most, was,
    Bhutto’s proved direct responsibility of Pakistan’s
    split and Simla agreement, personally I wished his
    trial and hanging, the frustration he created was
    felt only among certain groups, who were ideologically
    with left /secular, supporting Bhutto, shall I remind you
    what Bhutto did in his reign of terror ??

    I doubt very much if Musharraf was behind the change
    you mentioned, he had chosen to leave the power after
    exploding opinion-Dam called ” Berrah Garaq Dam ”
    in Islamabad, Bhutto and Musharraf have many things
    common, the only difference was that one of them was
    not Democratic at all, the other, gave the impression to
    be one.

    Some of your other karamati points, later on !!
    Au plaisir, Madame !!

  2. farrah k raja Avatar
    farrah k raja

    Agree with your points apart from Musharaff .He did not come through elected process because the elected one offered him the oppertunity to land as a head of state .
    Yes he did make some mistakes.
    Regarding similarities between him and Bhutto I do not think so apart from great minds think alike.

  3. Jaf Avatar

    Nice Post Farrah i appreciate it :}

  4. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    @ farah k raja
    you are not breathing
    you are dreaming.
    living in the dream world.

  5. farrah, k.raja Avatar
    farrah, k.raja

    Thanks for the post!the link is a good report with an impact.Being a woman I am extremely sensitive to such incidents.It is a long way to go but not impossible.How vulnerable woman of Pakistan is actually she is not vulnerable she is a victim.

  6. roma Avatar


    Do not listen to anything Kashmiri and Jawwadkhan says although the latter is not as bad as the former. But I’m convinced both of them are Talibans disguised as the average Paki.

    They are not capable of giving a straight answer to a simple straight question. Just go to and look for the Pakistan warns India not to over-react BLOG.

    If I had my way there will be NO Talibans or Islamic extremist/terrorist who hijacks the good Koran ALIVE in this world today. I hate these bastards with all my heart and will be glad to send them to hell sooner rather than later.

  7. roma Avatar

    There will be no democracy as long as people choose to rule by the hand of religion. Religion and democracy does not go hand in hand. Even God Himself wants us to choose freely whether it be Good or Evil. But no one has the right to force another human being to believe what he believes in. That is why God allowed Satan to exist, in order to give us a choice to freely pick whoever we want.

    Depending which we pick, our souls will reap for it later but under no circumstance can we be forced to choose. This is the hypocrisy, down fall and ignorance of the fascist islamist.

  8. farrah k raja Avatar
    farrah k raja

    I agree with you ,I understand fully we the Pakistanis are victims to Arabic Terrorism of Alqaeda and USA war on Terror.
    Pakistanis themselves are passive and liberal people.Human Rights needs to improve.Woman has to come out.I believe religion should be separated from politics for good of Islam otherwise ,muslims will indulge in civil wars against each other.
    Talibanisation is not acceptable,woman of Pakistan is very strong.When we will come together we will change Pakistan that is what Islamists are afraid of.
    In Saudi Arabia,recently the daughter of King was put a question what would you do if you would become a president for a day.She said she will allow woman to drive.
    This is extremely encouraging,woman in Iran drive cabs.
    This wave of change is slow in Islamic countries but statements are huge.
    I like to engage into talks with men.I want to let them know that they do not have to feel insecure.We the woman need husbands,love,children, home,but we want respect freedom to smile and make decissions for ourselves.
    life free of fear.
    when we are asking for freedom it does not mean that we are anti religion but we are against the oppression of system and society which have dual moral standards.
    Men have to feel confident in order to support us.The day city guys will stand and march with woman that day all this Feudalism will be washed away.
    I can never talk about Pakistani woman without crying because I am a Pakistani woman myself.
    Long way to go !!Always keep your spirit up 🙂

  9. roma Avatar

    Yup definitely I think the most insecure and lack of confident man are located all the way from the middle east to south asia. Full of jealousy, rage, and distrust. And they behave that way because they are the ones whom they distrust the most to begin with. If you can’t trust yourself how are you going to trust someone else?

    They only use religion to justify their BAD behavior because without it they will not have anything to point their fingers at. And the best part is no where in the Koran it talks about treating women badly or even as less than equals. They conveniently tend to forget that without their mothers (woman) they would not be borned into this world.

    I say to all Pakistani women stand up together even if it means your life. How many lives can they take before the world see’s what’s happening and react decisively? It’s better to die a free women and than live an imprisoned butterfly.

  10. roma Avatar

    but first we need to destroy all talibans, al qaeda and any man who walks around with a long beard and turban with mascara around his eyes and bad teeth, MUST BE SENT TO HELL NOW!!!

  11. farrah, k.raja Avatar
    farrah, k.raja

    Excuse me Roma!
    What crap is this?

    but first we need to destroy all talibans, al qaeda and any man who walks around with a long beard and turban with mascara around his eyes and bad teeth, MUST BE SENT TO HELL NOW”
    this is neither feminist nor woman.It is pure hate.I fear Talibaan I do not hate them.

  12. farrah, k.raja Avatar
    farrah, k.raja

    Dr Jawwad
    After fifteen years Talibaan would come to Islamabad.Think again,I think Talibaan was in Islamabad fifteen years ago.
    Zia plane was crashed.It was easy to get rid of Zia but not Jihad.

  13. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    @farrah k raja!
    two things
    first it is not just roma, it is romavictor
    second, he is qadiyani not a secular fascist

  14. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    destroy taliban….hahahahaha

    ask americans and NATO forces they already have been defeated. atleast psychologicaly.

    mark my words boy…..with in 15 years taliban will be in islamabad.

    why don't you come forward ???

    join the american and NATO forces???

    don't act like "hijra"

  15. roma Avatar


    you fear the taliban but you do not hate them? so you’re like a women who gets beatings from her husband whom she fears every day and night but at the same time she does not hate him because he is her husband is it? Well you get what you deserve.

    On the other hand Yes I absolutely hate this who call themselves muslims but go against everything the Quran teaches. And I have no apologies for that. I hate them and they must and will be destroyed!!! FOREVER.

  16. roma Avatar


    you think the international community will allow a bunch of hooligans like taliban to capture islamabad and be in control of a country with nuclear weapons?

    dont be stupid and foolish man. dont be. the international civilized nations of the world will nuke pakistan back to before islam was born if that ever came to fruition.

  17. roma Avatar

    I will personally write your name on one of the NUKES Jawwadkhan.

  18. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar