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Jahil Online beaten up

For those who wanted to extract aome sort of sweet revenge on His Fraudulent-Majesty Prince Aamir Liaquat Hussain – you (including me) have sadly missed the golden opportunity, when he was mobbed and severely beaten up while going to attend Mufti Atiq’s funeral. The official verison is that his cars windscreens were smashed by the enraged mob, but unoffically the version goes….

Jahil Online arrives to the funeral in a police escort, both the protecting vehicles were disabled by the mob and his car was smashed when the mob finally got hands on this fake religious scholar he was then dragged inside the madrassah and served with a decent helping of smak-aroos. Enough to shake him up, he was then locked up in the room where he made frantic calls pleading for help. He refused exit under a normal police protection and only left the madrassah in an armoured car (some one was chicken shit scared ๐Ÿ˜‰ – honestly he should worry more about what will happen at the Day of Judgement).

By now everyone reading this blog very well knows that I simply hate his gutts, simply can’t stand him even for a moment as I feel he is a crook and a shameless liar. I curse myself at have not been there to serve him a decent helping of a Teeth Maestro’s left-uppercut knockout-serving one-two Jab, missed another golden opportunity shit! shit! shit!. I assure you I am not a violence oriented person and would condemn such incidents, but some promises are meant to be broken. Once only please!

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  • shobz |

    strike one. i wish they had broken his sorry lil back and cut off his willy. that would have been fun. ๐Ÿ˜€ keep it up docta. thanks for the great news.

  • the olive ream |

    And people complain that there’s never any positive/happy news coming out of Pakistan. Bravo! Your post was a great read as usual…

  • essjee |

    hmmm… you said so much.and you must be aware of the fact that it is not good to be honest nowadays. well hope he would feel it hurts.
    and some people are surely very happy:)

  • B |

    wow… thank God there are other people who hate this little prick. I routinely throw up in my own mouth whenever I see this dramabaaz. but what shocks me was that I happen to be one of the very few people I know who are disgusted by this idiot’s dramas.

    well good to know there are others who don’t quite like this character to put it diplomatically.

  • khan |

    i guess this web site has some kind of mqm fobia,, they don’t see how mqm dealing with all the things , what this organization doing for pakistan, this is the only party which i saw in pakistan who can change this country, mqm is againt the feudal system of pakitan, but this website is like a part of feudal system of pak,, and they don’t want anychange of paksitan, i think whole nation saw how this mqm did after 2005 earthquake inpakistan, this is the party who work day and night for those people whoo never saw this face of mqm, untill last yeah i was against this party but i met with mr altaf hussain and i agree with his point of view and his philosophy, and he is the LEADER what Pakistan Need

  • Teeth Maestro |

    Khan Sahib. as much as you can try to defend the MQM faction little can they do in 1 year of rebuilding efforts to nullify the destruction in the previously 15 years of reign of terror. But I still give them a pat on the back for their effort in this term at office.

    But what also damages your argument is also the fact that you sit comfortably in some town in the United States using a Verizon Wireless connection and have the nerve to critique us who live the brunt of their ‘service values’ here in Pakistan. (your IP address reveals your location)

  • the olive ream |

    @teeth maestro,
    “But what also damages your argument is also the fact that you sit comfortably in some town in the United States using a Verizon Wireless connection and have the nerve to critique us who live the brunt of their service values here in Pakistan.”

    Awab, it does not surprise, the leader of MQM sits comfortably in England with effing British Passport and is apparently fighting to save Pakistan. See the irony of the whole situation?

  • shobz |

    doc ignore comments from people who think they know it all. I for one know that you dont have MQM phobia nor are u a racist (nice of me to stick up for you for the right reasons yet again). We all know what the MQM is up to. Developing the city is just a smoke screen for all their activities. They arent content because they want more so they can send money to their beloved leader who apparently considers London his home and not Pakistan.
    PS. This khan guy shouldnt bother using Khan as his username coz a true “khan” would rather die than support MQM.

  • Thakur |

    Man, this post is a Godsend. Hating Mr. Jahil Online (I love this name btw) is independent of anyone’s views of MQM. If you support a party, it doesn’t mean you have to like each and every one of its members, and vice versa. I think we should all stop talking about MQM and seriously think about how to get this womanizing prick off of our television screens!
    I do not change the channel immediately when Alim online is on because of the Ulema and the knowledge one can gain from it. But at the end Mr. !@#$% insults a perfectly good naat by trying to recite it. And then, when the final credits are being shown, his face with a BBBIIIGGGG smile is frozen on the screen. At that point I feel like RIPPING it apart…

  • waseem |

    beghairti ki bhi had hoti hai sharam karo aik banda tumhare liye ilm ka program chalata hai aur tm apni auqat dikhate ho lagta hai yazeed k khandan k ho