British born Pakistanis

Ain’t it ironic that the word Pakistan seems to creep into every terrorist incident worldwide? In the recent London Bombings three out of the four terrorists are British nationals of Pakistani descent: Shehzad Tanweer, Mohammed Sadique Khan and Hasib Hussain have been accused to be the primary suspects in the on going investigation.

Following the recent active investigation by the UK Police I am sure it wont be long before they start to investigate all muslim families residing in the UK in an attempt to root out other threatening sleeper cell organiststion, ineffect making life miserable for muslims peacefully settled there. It also is bad news for us Pakistani green passport hilders where is it likely to become difficult to get a UK visa as surely there will be a strict visa policy in-effect after these bombing incidents

Are we really a nation that breeds these terrorists?
My analysis is that our nation is no different as compared to any other country, poverty along with social frustrations, pushes people towards the ‘wrong sort of company’ and slowly the individual is turned into a extremist. A good example can be taken from the MQM faction that invaded our youth in the 1980’s and has now left us with a corrupt terrorising generation. With the same breath I also accuse the US and the UK government to have grown these terrorist in Pakistan for their own personal goals in the past and now these extremist have turned against them.

In the mid-1990s, the Pakistan-based jihadi group Harkat-ul-Mujahideen (HUM – previously known as the Harkat-ul-Ansar, HUA ) sent a contingent to help Bosnian Muslims in their fight against the Serbs. They were sent by the government of Benazir Bhutto at the request of the Bill Clinton administration. The contingent, which was raised and trained by Lieutenant General (retired) Hamid Gul, former director general of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), who himself used to visit Bosnia, included a large number of British Muslims of Pakistani origin.

According to estimates, about 200 Muslims of Pakistani origin living in the United Kingdom went to Pakistan, received training in the camps of the HUA, and joined the HUA in Bosnia with the blessings of London and Washington. Among them was Omar Sheikh, who went on to mastermind the murder of US journalist Daniel Pearl in 2002.

A decade before Bosnia, the CIA had raised and funded a large corps of jihadis of Arab origin – including Osama bin-Laden – to help the Afghan mujahideen in their jihad against Soviet troops in Afghanistan in the 1980s.

By the time of the Serbian crisis, these Arabs of Afghanistan vintage had already started creating mayhem beyond Afghanistan, notably in Indian-held Kashmir, so Western intelligence wanted to avoid the use of Arabs in Bosnia. They turned to Pakistanis, particularly Pakistanis living in Britain and other countries in Western Europe. Thus began the radicalization process of Muslim youth of Pakistani origin in western Europe. —— Asia Times Online

What is your understanding of the life in the post-London Bombing



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8 responses to “British born Pakistanis”

  1. Zia Avatar

    So everyone else is to blame? How convenient. But then again, we’re Pakistani. Introspection isn’t our thing.

  2. Teeth Maestro Avatar

    Zia – I fully understand your comment its always so easy for us to point a finger the other way.

    I do own that we are very much to blame BUT you tell me why is it that Pakistani’s always tend to get in the midst of everything. To analyse the root causes I see a few essential ingredients in creating terrorists, Poverty is prevalent worldwide, lawlessness is also present in other third world nations. What is the magical potion it that sets us apart?

    I would have to conceed its a combination of things and I blame oursleves and also the US & UK govt equally to have USED our people and their emotions irresponsibly, then convienently walked away stranding the militants without any control or authority. Somehow we Pakistanis especially the radical section is always infuriated by the US (it could be for any reason but is more likely attributed to having deserted us in Afghanistan etc). But thats just my perspective you may differ, and I would lijke to hear your side of the puzzle

  3. abbas halai Avatar

    i unfortunately live a few continents away. should be in karachi in the winter. will let you know.

  4. Khushal Khan Avatar
    Khushal Khan

    Congrats Dr.Aw!!! u got a nice PR!!! sorry i found no other surce of communicating with ya !!! so i did it here n yah i condemn the attacks in London as its an Atack on Humanity!!!

  5. Sarfaraz Ahmed Soomro Avatar

    very true, i translated an article by Javaid Chauhdry on the same issue, You must have read it in Jang, if u haven’t u might have a look

    , BTW, your blog is a good and informative read,

  6. Asif Ali Avatar

    No matter – even if they blacken 100 Million pages the truth is there, and its very easy to see, Moslems are not stupid enough to put their co-religionists in some flameable position by committing such a crime. Now look at this fact, September 9, 2001 in USA where moslems live in harmony with all other races and in England same as above means,
    Mossad + Israel + Jews +Illuminatis and shhhhhhhh….. end of message…

  7. Asif Ali Avatar

    PLS, ASK ME WHAT IT IS…..?????? It is certainly related to this subject

  8. Yasir Avatar

    Yah its true Pak name always being comes whenever any accident happened in goracities.well I’d reckon that during a soviet war US used Pak border’s as a proxy to gives logistics support to afghan mujaheddins during a soviets war.They US CIA even trained pak people in order to kicked ass soviets and after defeated soviets by mujaheddin US turned their asses on them when they needed most after a decade war with russians.They US should’ve to show the great compassion at that time instead of now they’re trying to do which is no longer a compassion to hit afghan poor people houses by air bombardment even to mosque’ it compassion?No way,well now US&UK has been yelling that pakies being involved in 7-7.well UK has given asylum to many radical rude ruthless folks like salman rushdie,who has been mentioned our muslims holy book Qur’an as a word of devil.he is an ass like other Altaf hussien who had been declared terrorist by PPP.They’ve got asylum’s in UK and there’s many more asses like ’em,so how come you can save from these attacks,Thats nothing happened remember,what happened in Bosnia when genocide kiiling of over 6,000 muslims in july 1995.werent that terrorist attacked.and you’re yelling for only 56 people killing,why dont you yell for these attacks just coz they were remember you’re ones who trigger blatant provocation of over one billion muslims across the’re the ones who responsible of 911&7-7.we’re not,we’re Pak.its all bout reciprocity of your voracity against suppressing muslims and plunder their wealth.