Imran Khan speaks out

Recently Imran Khan wrote an article which was published on SA Tribune. I quote you a very interesting point that he mentioned amongst other notable items also discussed.

…rather than trying to understand why 9/11 had happened, Bush and his colleagues took refuge in such inane expressions as “they hate our freedom, our way of life, our democracy” and, even more ridiculously, “they love killing”. The main stakeholders used 9/11 to pursue their own agendas for which it was convenient to conflate Islam and terrorism.

Read the entire article on SA Tribune to really feel how perfectly he has conveyed the feelings of Muslims and especially Pakistanis. How do you percieve this article?



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3 responses to “Imran Khan speaks out”

  1. TDH Avatar

    😀 ..

    awesome link man 😀

  2. Asif Ali Avatar

    beautifully explained, well done Imran Bravo, another in-dipper right into the block hole. The “Enlightenment” movement grew in Europe to put a reason, a just rationale behind every deed and philosophy. But it seems Europeans or Whites have disposable morals, they tilt so fast, yes, WHY is always there, they need to discuss WHY, and WHO would benefit out of this tragedy, WHO would be the immediate beneficiary, Not Moslems I know, so the fingers points out towards…!!!
    right !

  3. Yasir Avatar

    well imran khan has been our cricket legend and inventor of reverse swing bowling and taught to 2w’s and as well as our only one WC winner so far.He is being into pak politics for many years.he was the one who raised issue for desecration of our holy book koran by u.s soldiers at guantanamo bay.He was also angered by the cartoon in the Washington Times newspaper, published after last month’s catch of Al-Qaeda’s alleged number three Abu Faraj al-Libbi, that showed Pakistan as a dog being patted by a US soldier.
    Well khan is an educated man from oxford he should have been into PM seat but unfortunately he has got only one seat in assembly and he hasnt have a good relation with perverted pervez musharraf and as well as his commonwealth wife.for whom he has been separated now.which is sad story.but it seems common in commonwealth personalities.