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Shaukat to quit as PM

Well rumors have been circulating quite seriously for the past few months of a pending resignation of Shaukat Aziz from the corridors of Islamabad and soon to move into Washington as the Managing Director World Bank. It would indeed be sad day for Pakistan to loose such a brilliant economist another casualty to our power hungry President who has slowly alienated him out of the picture.

This move to World Bank would no doubt be a very respectable exit for Aziz out of the power circle hence leaving at the top with his reputation intact (which we have rarely seen in Pakistani politics). I wish him all the best and also appreciate all his efforts in positioning Pakistan back into a booming economy. We honestly can only hope that his replacement which will most likely be Hamid Chattha, can mimic Aziz even to a fraction of his strengths in taking Pakistan onwards. What do you have to say?

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  • Asif Ali |

    I am not going to say anything, hey, guyz use your head, WHO PUT HIM THERE??? Pakistanis people ? Nay, he is going to stream line some business deals, like privitizing PTCL the most lucrative money maker for Pakistan is now sold out ………May God grant us the wisdom to accept the things we cannot change…?

  • Asif Ali |

    hamid Nasir Chathha, I believe he can’t wipe his own ass……We need Dr. Mehboobul Haq whose photo is hanging in every Korean Bank…..

  • ansar alam |

    That bastard should go and find his father. Definitely he is product of an American father