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Tag me if you can

Bull's EyeJust recently I was blog-tagged by Minigma, I usually am not too keen to play the tag game but thought that this specific tag was very interesting. Go ahead read this post it is possible for you to discover the person behind the Teeth Maestro’s blog, so discover away.

TAG Questions:

5-years ago: That’s a very long time back, sadly old age has its own toll, but ill try to remember…. oh yeah 5 years ago I had just joined a Masters Program in the field of Orthodontics at Saint Louis University. Getting into a US university is a tough task as only a few program and naturally hundreds of potential candidates. I think I can call myself as being fortunate.

1-Year ago:
I remember myself busy practicing with my father Dr. Arif R. Alvi, at our practice Alvi Dental Hospital (the old website is undergoing a redesign so wait up until its ready). At ADH, I think we do a decent job in providing the best quality dental care in Pakistan, we pride ourselves in trying to do the best for our patient without any monetary motivations.

5-Songs that I know all the words to: NONE, I am like a normal Joe, who knows only the popular lines but then mumbles or hums the rest of the song. I don’t care about the words especially when the CD Player is available to sing the song for me, with a horrendous singing voice I will never be caught even in the shower showing off my vocal cords to even to the toilet bowl hence naturally I don’t feel the need to remember the entire song. Nerds who do, please put your kidneys to some better use.

5-Things that I’d never wear:
I usually have no problems with anything, but will never be caught in women’s clothes everything else is OK. Thinking about women’s clothes do have a look at the Hijra Show on aaj.tv where Hijra Begum Nawazish Ali dresses up to interview a few people on Saturday night – DON’T Watch it, even if I were to offer you a million dollars – its a stupid ass, bull shit show a disgrace to the quality of entertainment in Pakistan.

5-Things I’d do with a $100 million dollars: Forget it no use dreaming when I know I’ll never win the lottery, but if I were to get it, I’d rather get my country out of the eternal debt. I honestly believe with honest people running our govt it is possible to wash off all the Qarza, but Honest people are hard to find. If my calculations hold correct, I am left with a few million well the rest needs to go to some charity as I feel its unearned income, you know the old saying Haram ka Paisa Haram hai I strongly feel lucky money aint right, very tempting but I pray to Allah to help me judge properly if tested in such a way. Sorry to disappoint the millionare temptation in you guys.

5 Favourite TV Shows: I simply love the following shows starting off with Seinfeld, Who’s Line is it Anyway, The Screen Savers (Tech TV), Simpson’s and stand up comedy on Comedy Channel

5 Greatest Joys: Passing my BDS, Getting admission into a MSc Ortho Program in the US, Marriage to my wife Sadiqa, birth of my son Zaafir Habib Alvi (check out his picture)

5 People that I’m tagging: hmmm lets pass the tag on to Shobid, Danial, Abbas Halai, Dirty Dan and MH Gold – You are tagged


  • Maria |

    Oh great! See, it’s a good way of marketing yourself … err I mean .. let other people get to know you. I have to say .. you’re one interesting blogg-er. And now I have a feeling that I can learn a lot from you — not knowing exactly what.. but you sure are in possession of plentiful knowledge, Mr. Pakistani Dentist. :)

  • KO |

    Hijra Begum Nawazish Ali dresses up to interview a few people on Saturday night …its a stupid ass, bull shit show a disgrace to the quality of entertainment in Pakistan.

    It’s a good show, far better than the other run of the mill talk shows.

    disgrace to the quality of entertainment in Pakistan.
    it would have to be really shit to be disgrace to the quality of tv in Pakistan….

  • Teeth Maestro |

    Views may differ about this show, I saw it for a 15-20 minutes I might have to agree it started off well, but his wanna-be female comments slowly got on my nerves, resulted in a quick channel change to something more pleasing.

    If you have seen the show Machis which is a spin-off from jerry springer. I just feel our society has lost its moral values and have started accepting such pathetic shows as having entertainment value. — But that is just my opnion, you may choose to differ ;)

  • shobz |

    thats one reason why i dont watch so much tv. pakistani tv is boring. however i dont hate all pakistani tv serials. my all time favorite is “tanhayian”. the only problem with tv nowadays is that the acting is wooden and its OTT. i am glad i dont have to watch geo or other channels.

  • Raheel |

    Thanks and welcome to my blog!!

    Thatz quite an achievement and lolz @ put your kidneys on a better use.
    Btw that she ooh i mean he.. naa IT does so much nakras and wacko things that it seems so stupid. MR. IT can do only shows which has a feminine character. How the hell Mr. IT’s marriage can sustain lol.