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Vulture in Karachi

Vulture 1

I personally have never seen a vulture in real life, and only read stories about this amazing creature, just recently we happened to come across an injured Vulture around the Karachi Golf Club area. The local caddy population was wanting to make money from the sale of this bird, my father (Dr. Arif Alvi) stepped in and brought the animal home to revive this animal and hand it over to the WWF preservation society. The WWF claims that there are 6-7 remaining vultures upwards of 1000 vutures in Pakistan. How this animal came to Karachi, we shall never know.

Vulture 2

Vulture 3

We have fed the vulture and it feels quite healthy as you can see in these pictures, he was basking his wings in the Karachi winter sun. Massive wing span of upwards of 6 feet and probably 3 feet tall. We are scheduled to release this wonderful beast to the WWF in a day or so.

Updated with the correct WWF Paksitan information thanks to our reader Uzma Khan (WWF Pakistan)


  • FM |

    Vulture culture prevails here unfortunately. People dont love each other. No respect for each other. You will find neighbours hodling necks of each other…too bad :(…

    with regards

  • Jalal |

    My aunt was once telling me that Vultures were very regularly found in Karachi in the 60s. But then they disappeared slowly.

  • Amin |

    Dr. sahab thank you for visiting my blog and a wonderful comment. this birdy looks nice inshaAllah jald hi ziarat karyegay

  • Uzma Khan |

    WWF Pakistan has been misinterpreted. Pakistan has eight species of vulture, two of them are declining and no species has 6-7 individuals left as quoted in the introduction. Even the declining species have around 1000 individuals in the wild. This particular bird is a Griffon vulture and cannot be part of the breeding programme of WWF – Pakistan because this programme is trageted on the White-backed Vulture.

  • Destitute Rebel |

    The information in this post can not be correct, because i have personally seen a hige number of vultures is different parts of pakistan, I do not think there are only 7-10 left because i’c seen more together it one place.

  • Yasir Salam |

    Well I read one news in an int’l news page in Express newspaper that dogs are getting equal to humans in Srilanka, here vulture coming means virtue has gone in us and we have divided ourselves in divine doctrine.
    which is shameful and Most thoughtful Pakistanis are ashamed their nation, created to be an ideal Islamic state, has become a cesspool of crime and corruption without virtue and valor but with vultures.

  • Shaikh Khurram Ishtiaq |

    This creature is beautiful. It was so sweet of uncle to birng it along

  • sinner |

    my my, that’s a very camera friendly beast you’ve got there 🙂 the vulutre is actually modelling for you in those pics, complete with showing off his impressive wing span, and if I’m not mistaken, one can also see it grinning with pride ;-D very nice

  • Nabeel |

    jesus christttttttttt .. mann this is awesomeeee …
    what are the odds of finding a vulture (not a cheel or a kawa) but a god dang vulture in Karachi ..

    the pictures .. are they at the golf club or once you brought it home?

  • huma tariq |

    i agree wd uzma khan
    whether endangered its impossible that there are only 6-7 vultures in karachi
    i request to u all to plz send patent and beleivable information here.
    wd love huma

  • Azra Zahid |

    it is possible to restore the population of vulture in karachi wwf can be partner in that project with the parsi community near the tower of silence in karachi.this proposal can be asked from me.+

  • Jamil Khan |

    Dear fellow,
    Happy to see the comments on this issue. Is anyone who help me about the correct location of “Tower of Silence” of parsi community.

  • Mrs. Waqar |


    I used to be in Lahore and surprisingly there were two vultures in our college (Lahore College for Women). But most of the time they used to live high on the tress and hardly come down on the ground. and the funny thing was that whenever they would pay visit on ground, there would be the scene of curfew in the whole college… hehehehe..uss din bunk classes ki ration sb say kam hoti thi… :p

  • moeed |

    i still remembr whn i was in 10th class i often see these birds in air with white strips below the wings but knw nt evn a single one . Rly sad