After working hard for upwards of two months the team at Desicritics finally launched their website geared towards the South Asian Desi comminity worldwide, I was honored to be invited into the team ahead of the launch and with a collection of upwards of 90+ authors and counting I am sure it will climb like hell. Desicritics has finally gone live as promised earlier on the 26th of Januray. Check out some interesting first day posts. Credit to all the hard work goes to the team leader Aaman Lamba for keeping us steaming ahead into launch.

There are already upwards of 90 authors on the website and if you are a ‘Desi’ and enjoy writing then pitch in.



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  1. Shirazi Avatar

    Wel done Awab and congrats. BTW, I saw your honourable mention in SPIDER. They covered it nicely. And you deserved that. Glad.