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APDC 2006, Karachi, Pakistan


Starting from the 23rd Feb to the 27th Feb, Pakistan is going to be honored be the host of a very elite dental conference titled the 28th Asia Pacific Dental Congress. This is a prestigious Scientific Seminar conference which Pakistan has obtained after some serious negotiations amongst the 28 Asia Pacific nations with some severe resistance due to security concern bugging the country and the city of Karachi. About a good two years back a number of leading dentists of Karachi lobbied hard to convince the other nations to award the conference to Pakistan.

The big day is now upon us, we expect upwards of 5000 dentists from across the globe to participate in the conference due to be held at the Expo Center. Expo center being the only premises large enough to house such a mega-event will be converted for the 3 days into a proper convention center. All four halls will be used and even more space will be occupied by acquiring the other two level of the convention center.

This event will surely be a memorable event and if the city shines with all its splendor and peace we are bound to break the resistance barriers of other International conventions. The team of dentists organizing the event have worked hard over the two years into planning and with only a few days left it getting nerve wracking but still under control.

This is only possible if we as simple Pakistanis can truly believe in Pakistan despite all the odds, my hats go off to all the members of the Local Organizing Committee who have worked against some tough odds and continued to believe in Pakistan and proving the entire world wrong.


  • shobz |

    great. hope u all have fun discussing teeth. :D glad to see that ur hard work this past week is not going down the drain.

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