Hu Heckled in the US

The President of China on his recent official trip was not only heckled by a Falun Gong activist during his address on the White house lawns

If this were not enough then being heckled by President George Bush, is rude enough by an annoying tug on his sleeve. Many Chinese have said that this was uncalled for and label Bush as a “protocol-impaired dweeb

Hu and Bush

A dialogue which may have transpired off the record…..

BUSH: Can I come too…. pretty please!
HU: Dang it Bush! Leave me alone!!! (“Idiot doesn’t know when to stop bothering us rich folks”)



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One response to “Hu Heckled in the US”

  1. shobz Avatar

    actually bush was like “lets play tag”. the chinese president was like “are u for real?”