PTA Unblocks Blogspot

In a very surprising move the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has just recently unblocked the entire blogspot domain. Credit must go out to Don’t Block the Blog team (Omer Alvie & myself) and the Action Group Against Blogspot Ban in Pakistan. It was a combined effort from both groups to have created enough pressure to undo the blanket blogspot ban, it helps solve the problem of hundred of Pakistan based bloggers and blog readers the constant inconvenience for practically no fault of their own

All celebrations aside there are still a few websites that are still blocked from the PTA’s list. I feel the government should not be the enforcer of any ban, it usually makes matters worse and unwillingly projects the website into fame and recognition. The bureaucracy should realize that people are educated enough to decide for themselves and a small website can make all the fuss but if left alone will die its own death, probably far sooner if unrecognised than actually announcing and blocking it publicly.

Websites Blocked as per the PTA’s Letter dated 28th Feb 2006 BLOCKED
    The Nordish Portal BLOCKED
    Draw Mohammed Week UNBLOCKED
    Mohammed drawings BLOCKED
    Free Speech? BLOCKED
    Plus + Ultra BLOCKED
    Jesus and Mo BLOCKED
    Mohammed Image Archive BLOCKED
    Dumb Religion UNBLOCKED
    Danish Cartoons UNBLOCKED BLOCKED

Websites Blocked as per the PTA’s Letter dated 25th April 2006

    Baloch Voice BLOCKED
    Baloch 2000 BLOCKED
    Baloch Front BLOCKED
    Sana Baloch BLOCKED
    Hindu Unity BLOCKED




9 responses to “PTA Unblocks Blogspot”

  1. Raza Avatar

    I can’t access Wikipedia ! I’d rather see Blogspot banned than Wikipedia …

  2. Raza Avatar

    Congratulations to you nevertheless TM !

  3. shobz Avatar

    thats great doc. now u wont have any problems visiting my blog.

    ps. can u move me back to the top of the list?

  4. Iqtidar Avatar

    Yep, now it got all right again, months of suffering and now we are back again in the cyber world 🙂 yeah baby!!!

  5. Funbie Avatar

    Congratualtions!!! though it wont open here in NWFP Peshawar, wondering whats the problem or may be our ISP hasnt reacted to the PTA yet.Lets see what happens!!!

  6. Funbie Avatar

    Congratulations!!! Though i dont see it unblocked here in NWFP Peshawar,but still congrats for what u did for this all thing!!!

  7. umair Avatar

    i read some quotation some where that “internet treats blocking as a malfunctioning and bypass it ” 🙂

  8. Tom Daly Avatar

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