Blogspot Blocked AGAIN

Well our celebrations from the last post, were indeed short lived as the PTA has again resumed the blocking of the entire blogspot domain. As of today, 6th May 2006 5:00pm, after a brief relief of three precious days for the internet surfing society of Pakistan, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority appears to have again resumed the blocking of the entire blogspot domain. Initial reports came in at around 5:00pm (Pakistan Time) of problems in accessing the blogspot domain and it was slowly verified by dozens of activists across the country.

It just seems that this cat and mouse game was probably played out just to appease the world during the annual World Press Freedom Day which is held on 3rd of May, ironically it was the same day the entire ban was lifted and we were actually patting each other on the back for a job well done, who knew three days later we were again to land flat on our face.

This brief period of freedom followed by the censorship actually makes us even more determined to create change. We will fight them to the nail and I assure you with good support from friends across the globe we can indeed dream of knocking some common sense into the bureaucracy.

Press Release 6th May – Blogspot Appears to be Banned again in Pakistan

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