The Path of Khan

Imran Khan

I would recommend you to read the interview of Imran Khan taken by Tim Adams of The Observer.

I personally remain a big fan of Imran Khan for his in-your-face honest truth, whether you like it or not he speaks straight from the heart. Its sad to see professional liars only make it big in our political system, but I give him due credit for raising his voice on all issues.

Link: The Observer – The Path of Khan



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8 responses to “The Path of Khan”

  1. Jaded Avatar

    Love him or hate him, you have to admire his straight talking guts! The proper king of the mountain in my point of view… Thanks for putting up the link

  2. Olive Ream Avatar

    Thanks for pointing this out Awab. A great read..

  3. Checkmate Avatar

    It was becoming hard for me to keep faith in Imran Khan. Maybe because it is so hard to keep faith in anything or anyone in these disillusioned times. Thanks for this post it reminds me that there are still a few good men standing.

  4. Faisal Khan Avatar

    Whilst I disagree with most of his policies and sometimes they way he has a certain views on various political issues, I salute him for his Cancer hospital. For that, he will always be the unsung hero for millions!

  5. Adnan Siddiqi Avatar

    Imran Khan is different but absoultely not fit for Pakistani politics.He could do much better things for Pakistanis with the help of social work.Edhi is not a politician but serves better than millions of Pakistanis.

  6. Umar Akram Avatar

    Imran Khan – I was talking with people who make difference in our political life and one of my friend in the capital said some thing very important, “Imran needs to change his attitude in personality as politics is not the same as being in the shadow of the great stardom he gained from cricket”. That is the ONLY thing he needs to change. And things will start changing when he adapts this.

    I also believe Fazal-ur-Rehman regardless of his beard one of the great “politician” you guys have .

  7. D. Keller Avatar
    D. Keller

    Fazal-ur-Rehman is the one of the corrupt politicians that you people have. It really amazez me to see how you pakistanis are being fooled by a person who in the name of Islam has manipulated the peopel of NWFP province and has amassed a lot of wealth during PPP rule. How it is easy to make a fool out Pakistanis.

  8. S. Zaffar Khan Avatar
    S. Zaffar Khan

    Imran Khan is a man of character and honest, but his political beliefs are frighteningly anti women, as well as othodox to the point of being regressive. We can no long subscribe to a cave man mentality in the 21st century.

    Benezir Bhutto is pays lip service to the west and western ideals, but is unscrupulous and will sell her soul in the name of poltics. However liberal her stance maybe she cannot get away from her fueudal roots and mentality which is deeply ingrained.

    Nawaz Sharif is mediocre in everyway, and his brand of traditional conservatism and antagonism towards the army, will not be able to pull this country out of the mess it is in.

    The PPP and PML/N need to show their democratic spirit by first ensuring democracy within their party, allow new party leaders to be elected, as is done in the western democracies(to which they pay lip service) and perhaps then the people of Pakistan can rebuild their faith in these parties. It is time for indivuals to stand aside and for ideologies, institutions, and true people power to come to the fore front.