America You Decide: Justice or Genocide?

Its amazing how the United States continues to stand by quietly to watch the genocide in Lebanon, they have continued to claim to be unable to intervene and stop this war, which were seen a number of statements made by the White House only “requesting” the Israeli army to take care in attacking Lebanon (truly BS) but they never issued a call to stop this mass genocide.

For every innocent life lost in this war I US and Israel equally responsible, Israel for this blatant act of war which have been sponsored by American tax dollars to purchase the advanced weaponry for the Israeli Army to humans with absolute no compassion. I call for an end to this one sided war and also urge the US to stop playing games and strictly force the Israelis to stop this genocide of Lebanese.

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23 responses to “America You Decide: Justice or Genocide?”

  1. FM Avatar

    The only solution is that Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi arabia join hands and form a co-alition to fight Israel. If they dont do that, i am afraid israeli agression will keep on hauting the muslims.

    with regards

  2. Olive Ream Avatar

    The reason why the American administration stands idly by and watches this murderous rampage by Israeli authorities is because this whole thing was approved and sponsored by the anti-christ minions residing in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

    Unfortunately, I fear, this is just the beginning…

  3. Flap Avatar

    Israel has a sovereign right to defend itself from the non-state terrorist organization that is Hezbollah.

    As an ally of Israel the United States aids Israel in its own defense.


    What are you talking about?

    Have you lost your mind?

    Who is firing rockets into Israeli cities designed to kill Jew civilians?

    Answer: Hezbollah

    And, the Saudis are actually sitting quietly by and Syria nor Iran have the guts to enter the fight.

  4. Breathe Islam Avatar

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  5. Teeth Maestro Avatar

    Flap – as I asked you before try to think outside the BOX, think of a solution and not be a part of the problem, don’t defend a problem simply by following what your US based news outlets are blasting out at you, I assure you the reality is being shown in all open and free news outlets world over.

    Hezbollah’s attacks are literally like water drops in the ocean as compared to the bombing by the Israeli’s. The World media (not US based biased media) shows a far greater devastation on the Lebanese side of the border with hundred and thousands of lost lives.

    It appears to be the same type of Genocide as the Jews faced themselves a good 60 years back, have they forgotten the massive killings to revert to the same butchery now. A bruised and battered Jewish nation would be careful not to repeat mistakes it went through during the Holocaust.

    History should have taught them not to make that mistake ever again, what happened? Why are the Jews so cold hearted to actually killing on the excuse of one captive soldier and then continue killing taking no heed to the entire world. Hezbollah will try to defend in whatever way possible but rocket launchers as compared to targeted missions by precision based ammunition is a far cry from a fair and balanced war.

    Think outside the box and not as an American hypnotised in the spell cast by the biased media

  6. Destitute Rebel Avatar

    Dr. Sahib, America is not capable of deciding between Justice and Geonocide.

    Flap, get your facts straight.I suggest you read up on history and see the news, if this is not geonocide pray tell what is. Now if the israelis were attacking military forces and not civilians like they did on USS Liberty that would not be considered geonocide that would be war, what they are currently doing can certainly be classified as geonocide. And this is not the first time, if you go back in time you will see numerous instances of Geonocide by the Israelis.

  7. Flap Avatar

    Think outside the box?

    Hezbollah attacked Israel and kidnapped their soldiers.

    Hezbollah are cowards hiding within Lebanese civilian populations while shooting their rockets at Israeli civilians.

    And these rocket attacks are continuing.

    Do you propose Israel should NOT defend itself? Or do you see another way they can stop the Hezbollah attacks.

    Do you even know the history of Hezbollah? Or do you hate the Jews and Israel so much it does not make a difference?

    You talk about a fair and balanced war. Since when has a war ever been fair and balanced. Hezbollah do not even wear uniforms and cowardly hide with Lebanese women and children.

    And your source of news is?

  8. Destitute Rebel Avatar

    Ah so hizbollah kidnaps 2 of israeli soldiers and all hell breaks loose first of all i do not believe that hizbollah is capable of entering the camps and barracks of one of the best trained and equipped armies in the world and kinapping soldiers from among their midst, so I might be wrong but my thinking says that the israelis were captured, not kidnapped while operating inside lebanon. Secondly, Israel has hundreds, no thousands of prisoners some of them democratically elected officials, They are the only country in the world that “assasinates” people in soverign territory with disregard to international norms, who are they to cry wolf over the kidnapping of two “soldiers” who signed up for war.

  9. Flap Avatar

    Response to #8:

    Oh please…..

    You offer nothing but weak speculations.

    Hezbollah is a TERRORIST organization and what in the heck are they doing militarily in southern Lebanon anyway?

    They are not the Lebanese army.

  10. Desitute Rebel Avatar

    Sorry Teeth Maestro for hijacking your blog.

    My Friend Flap,
    Targetted assasinations of democratically elected political figures is a reality and not speculation, the whole world knows about it unless you turn a blind eye to it or are watching fox news all the time. Why is it that when its democracy which is not west friendly it is not acceptable otherwise demacracy is what you people cry for.

  11. Flap Avatar


    What does this have to do with Hezbollah sending rockets into civilian areas of Israel?

    Hezbollah is a terrorist organization, no?

    And what news sources do you watch/read/listen to?

  12. FM Avatar

    The problem is when Muslims were at the zenith, they themselves allowed the WEST to prosper and then ultimately when WEST got more powerful they deprived us from the throne. But WEST wont allow us to become powerful because whatever they have achieved , they have achieved through hardwork and cleverness and also by exploiting the differences among muslims. Same goes with US and Israel. Israel is based on evil roots but you cannot deny their hardwork. Most of the Phds in the world are of Israel.Islam lay so much stress on hardwork and education but see where we are,we are always looking for shortcuts in our daily lives too and try to avoid the harder path. Think from Isreali point of view, they are powerful, they will use their power come what may. If you had been an Israeli wont you have used your power ?. Its the muslims problem that they are unable to defend themselves, dont you think? If Iran, Saudi arabia, Syria and Lebanon join hands they can easily kick israel out of this world, but they themselves are tied up to do anything because of their dark past. Iraq attacked Iran and Kuwait for Oil, Saudi Arabia had to call US for self defence and since then USA is in the region. Why the hell Iraq needed to attack Iran and kuwait being a muslim country?..Its all the differences of Muslims that are leading to this situation. Israel is exploiting it. We should pray to Allah that muslims should get united ..because thats the only way we can backlash!

    with regards

  13. Destitute Rebel Avatar

    Flap # 11.
    First of all I can assure you that I do not understand arabic so your fox news perseption that everyone in the muslim world watches Al Jazeera is not correct, to the best of my ability I try to watch, read and listen to a wide spectrum of news sources including FOX.

    What do you expect from someone who is under seige, mind you by an army that unlike militia is expected to follow some rules in this case the israeli army is not following any rules, they are blatantly bombing clearly marked civilian buildings, schools, hospital, ambulances, red cross workers and unarmed UN Observers knowing well what they are hitting. What hizbollah is doing is nowhere right or justified but should they sit idlly while their old, and their children are killed by bombs dropped from 10,000 Ft in the air. Everyone knows they are using outdated and crude rockets, that is all they have to fight with other than stones. They dont have the luxury of precision guided missles and dirty bombs to fire where ever they want. that is the irony the israeli army with all its precision weapons “mistakenly” hits UN observers even after being notified several times, they hit hospitals, man one things for sure if its a mistake everytime they need a lot more training.

  14. Flap Avatar

    DR #14

    What are your news sources. I challenge your facts.

    Hezbollah are cowards hiding behind women and children after Israel has given notice for them to leave the war zone.

    Hezbollah do not wear uniforms and shoot rockets into Israeli civilian areas and then cower back hiding with Lebanese women and children.

    Can you refute this facts?

    No, you can’t…..

  15. Flap Avatar

    TM #12

    So, you equate moral equivalency to Hezbollah and Israel?


    I discussed before the rationale for the Iraq war.

    Now, would you like to discuss the rationale for Hezbollah Iran’s client state, Syria and Iran in attacking Israel?

    Why, it is to “wipe Israel off the face of the map.”

    And you wonder why they fight?

    Please drop your naivity we know what Hezbollah and the Mullahs want.

  16. Teeth Maestro Avatar

    Flap – I too don’t stick to one news source but do look at all the major news reporting channels worldwide to get the best picture. On the overall picture I tend to partly trust CNN and BBC but do keep an eye on FOX and the others. But on top of that a wide spectrum of reading both right-wing and left-wing to better come to an understanding of the actual situation.

    Under UN Resolution 242, Israel is required by international law to withdraw from all the territories occupied in 1967, including East Jerusalem. The United Nations General Assembly has repeatedly condemned Israels occupation of the territories as illegal (see UN resolutions 338, 1397, and 1402, among others).

    It seems Israel has repeatedly defied any decsion made by the UN and chooses to act as it pleases.

    The US Arms Export Control Act (AECA) strictly forbids the government from giving military assistance to any country that violates internationally recognized human rights. The State Department’s 2001 human rights report states: “Israeli security units often used excessive force against Palestinian demonstrators including live fire … by their strict enforcement of internal closures, which reportedly contributed to at least 32 deaths. Israeli security forces harassed and abused Palestinian pedestrians and drivers who were attempting to pass through the more than 130 Israeli- controlled checkpoints …

    The US continues to defy its own laws to help Israel, The UN is crying foul, The Israelis are “accidentally” bombing Qana, the world is screaming for a peaceful resolution.

    Seriously think about stopping the war and not justifying it, think about a peaceful coexistence and not annihilation of the other race. If everyone starts thinking that way it changes the arguments entirely, no more blaming fingers and it then becomes “OK lets move on”. Think about it.

  17. Teeth Maestro Avatar

    Flap – Hezbollah in my opinion is as much of a terrorist as the Israelis are orchestrating these assaults on Lebanon. As per our previous discussion, for me anyone who kills a human is a terrorist its as simple as that.

    And what really bugs me is the US overtly talks about condemning terrorism by invading Iraq etc but when it comes to the Jews – it chooses to remain quite.

  18. Destitute Rebel Avatar

    My friend Flap, sorry for the late reply. you definately sound like an American, in post 14 I did not give any information that needed sources, I had although used a lot of “general Knowledge” which frankly a majority of Americans are lacking. But now that you ask i’ll give some quotes and sources, both historic and recent. PLEASE read them carefully before crying wolf. Lebanese are not the first people to fall prey to the indiscriminate behaviour of Israelis in case you need reminding you might want to research the USS Liberty incident which was so tactfully brushed under the rug by the american government.

    Now to the middle east quotes and sources since Fox news has different programming for the US and different for the rest of the world.

    Zionist colonization must either be terminated or carried out against the wishes of the native population…an iron wall…to resist the pressure to the native population….A voluntary reconciliation with the Arabs is out of the question…for without an armed force…colonization is impossible…Zionism is a colonization adventure…It is important…to speak Hebrew, but… more important to be able to shoot.
    Source: Jabotinsky, V. (1923). The Iron Wall: We And The Arabs.

    The most well known atrocity of the first Israeli war was the massacre of Deir Yassin. On April 9, 1948, after cessation of fighting in that small village, the Zionist terrorist Irgun Gang, led by Menachem Begin, murdered 254 people, most of them women, children, and the elderly. For two days these Zionist terrorists had murdered men, women, and children, raped women, crushed the stomachs of pregnant women, and stolen their possessions. A Red Cross doctor, Jacques de Reynier, chief representative of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Jerusalem gave a chilling account of the massacre in his official report.3
    De Reynier, J. (1950). Chief Representative Of The International Committee Of The Red Cross In Jerusalem. (A Jerusalem Un Drapeau Flottait Sur La Ligne De Feu’, Geneva.

    Israeli Missiles Rip Into Medics’ Esprit de Corps
    By Megan K. Stack
    Times Staff Writer
    07/25/06 “Los Angeles Times”

    on April 18, 1996, in the Lebanese village of Qana, during Israels “Operation Grapes of Wrath invasion, the IOF killed 106 Lebanese refugees seeking protection at a Fijian UNIFIL compound. As usual, the Israeli government expressed regret, but words are cheap, especially considering the fact the IOF consistently issues such meaningless apologies after slaughtering innocents.

    After Israel bombed a U.N. shelter near Khiam, Lebanon, killing four observers, Daniel Ayalon, Israeli ambassador to the United States, had the audacity to tell Wolf Blizter of CNN he expects an apology from U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan for complaining.

  19. Phil Avatar

    Well, Saudia, Iran, Syria should not join hands to fight Israel.

    Saudia, for one has massive amounts of US troops ready to mobilize if SA moves in such a direction.

    Iran, is already under the sword and will be wacked for even moving. It would be justified to attack Iran then.

    Syria, itself is not capable to wage war on Israel. Considering the arsenal that Israel has and the backing too.

    True, that US is just a bystander, and nothing much has been done by them to throttle the killing spree in that region, but hey, its their munitions that are selling, isnt it? Standing by, watching this all happen is equally culpable as not telling the truth.

    For now, the only solution that this war has that Lebanon fights the Israelis on her own, as whether it be due to Hizbollah, or Hamas, it is her people that are losing the war. Regional involvement of any sort from any country would start a mini-WW.

    My 2 Cents.

  20. wazeer Avatar

    After reading all the posts ,i too wana to share some miserable ideas. i do agree to bothg parties . Israelis,amercaicns and british are ruling by dividing musluim and it seems hard to bring them back to the unity. Islam itself is a conquer ,its not like russian which was broken in one year . policy maker of america are full aware that they can clean musluim but will they clean their people who r the most dipresses people in the world and by passing time coming toward islam .Truth never fails .

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