Darrell Hair the Racist Cheater

Just a few moments ago, Pakistan while playing in the 4th Test Match vs England on the 4th day has been accused without evidence of ball tampering. Darrell Hair who has repeatedly been a very biased umpire ruling many times against the cricketers of the Indo-Pak region has yet again proved his bias today. The ball under question was about 54 overs old and at this stage was naturally reverse swinging, this raised suspicion in the mind of Darrell Hair and he replaced the old ball offering the choice of the new ball to the batsmen who naturally selected a better ball. In this accusation the English batsmen were also awarded five penalty runs. All commentators were also surprised to see this decision and the TV crew has still yet to produce any hint of such ball tampering despite the presence of over 10 24 cameras fully focused on the field

I would like the Pakistani community to raise hell and push the ICC to ask for proof of ball tampering, it is actually accusing the Pakistan team of cheating without even a hint of false play (unless they show the evidence), if they find no evidence and this is based on a hunch decision by Darrell Hair then we must ask for his expulsion from the cricket world immediately.

The 4th and final test between Pak vs Eng has been called off/Abandoned amid a controversial 4th days play

The people of Pakistan demand that Darrell Hair issue an unconditional public apology for his actions otherwise Pakistan should forfeit the entire series

UPDATE: After a lot of closed door meetings at The Oval the Pakistani team had finally accepted to come on to the field, but as soon as they emerge from the dressing room they are greeted with a lot of booing by the English crowd, once on the field the Pakistani team was sent back into the dressing room as the Umpires have ruled the match stands forfeited. This mess is bound to get worse.

UPDATE 2: It appears as if the ICC still has not issued any official clarification apart from a brief comment that there are intense negotiations underway and there might be chance for play tomorrow. In my opinion its a good time for Pakistan to stand tall and push for some serious apologies across the board

UPDATE 3: It’s just been noted that the ICC office will be closed tomorrow. “The day has been declared a holiday in Dubai to mark the Ascension of the Prophet (PBUH). The office will be open as normal on Sunday 20 August (8.30am – 5pm) and, after the day off, it will reopen at 8.30am on Tuesday 22 August.” — Cricinfo. WOW this is going to get really interesting, someone needs to wake up and solve this mess even if it means calling someone to work on a holiday in Dubai.

UPDATE 4: The status of the match is being reviewed; they may strip it of Test status – that’s all we know from the meeting so far. Darrell Hair has gone home, If they have to do have to appoint a new umpire, to call it a Test match could prompt anarchy. There is speculation among the press corps that Darrell Hair may be replaced mid-Test. It’s up to the ICC to decide whether they can change the rules mid-match, but that could set a dangerous precedent. — Cricinfo

UPDATE 5 The fourth and final test has been called off — Cricinfo. I hope that Pakistan gives the ICC a tough time and seriously lodges its protest against Darrell Hair for making a mockery of the Pakistan name and the cricketing world.



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13 responses to “Darrell Hair the Racist Cheater”

  1. Sattar Avatar

    Well, threatening to forfeit the series would be kind of rough and would probably worsen Pakistan’s image.

    They should just demand that either Hair apologize or tht the ICC should not appoint him for any more Pakistan matches.

  2. shobz Avatar

    screw that racist bastard… I hope he rots in hell. no wait i hope he rots in this life. he is going to rot in hell anyway.racist asshole.

  3. Jaded Avatar

    Why do they let this piece of shit officiate matches involving sub-continent teams when he is always dead centre in any controversy that is stirred up? Don’t look beyond your white-assed bias to support the brown team but it is bad for the game too you morons!

  4. Rocker Avatar

    Hair is a cunning devil. His convict genes have given him cunning. He has stirred up contrversy in a deliberate way to(i) improve future autobiography sales (ii) stir up racial tension or (iii) generate income from match fixing. Where would the gain be for a Pakistani team (whom I definitely do not support as a Brit) who are in a winning position? Where is the camera evidence?

  5. ubaid tareen Avatar
    ubaid tareen

    well no new thing for third world countries, what u ppl expect from them…..

    they all are same,,, USA, Europians, Australians … they all will stand against you… but amaizingly none from the asian contenent stood in favor of Pakistan,,, neither pakistan raised voice against this B…….D when he charged Murallidharn for his bowling action… so please dont expect anything positive from these ppl…
    if today all these countries decide not to play a single match untill darrell hair resignation from international cricket and sit home … u bldy oldy ugly…sit at home…

  6. wangdang Avatar

    What’s the problem guys?

    Murali had an illegal action and the ICC have actually changed the rules to allow him to continue distorting the record books by gathering his dodgy wickets.
    Pakistan have plenty of previous when it comes to ball tampering (not least the bowling coach!) I cannot believe that Darrell Hair is copping the flak for doing his job. Just remind me, who was it that behaved like a bunch of spoilt, silly schoolboys and refused to come out to play?

  7. shobz Avatar

    whateva wangdang. you are too ignorant to be true. why does ur post scream “i am a big racist who loves to defend hair coz he took care of the paki team”. I wonder what the English team would have done if the umpire had done something unfair. Read the fine print mate. The pakistani team was unfairly awarded a penalty. I think people have the right to protest. I guess you still dream of a world where only white people are allowed to protest. So you are behaving like the silly schoolboy coz the english team won because of a fortfeit and not cause they earned it. Get your facts straightened next time.

  8. wangdang Avatar

    Hello Shobz

    What makes you think I’m English? Or white? Do yourself a favour by taking a step back and trying to view the whole episode objectively and with fairness. Darrell Hair is trying to do his job as an independent umpire – a system which, don’t forget, was brought in after intense lobbying by the Pakistan cricket authorities – and has done his best as he sees it. What worries me are the knee-jerk accusations of racism that are flying around. I’m no racist and I hope you are not either, because that sort of attitude gets us nowhere. We should be together for the good of this great game and I fear that everyone is getting much too hysterical and precious. Let’s not forget that, apart from this episode, it was a good series and played with great spirit.
    Call me a racist again and I’ll send you down an unplayable bouncer!

  9. Yogibairx Avatar

    I cannot understand why the administrators of this site allow such foul and abusive language no matter what the subject.

    The comments I have read here are far more racist than the aledged racism of Mr hair.

    I for one believe Mr Hair to have acted in the best interest of cricket. whether his actions will be PROOVED are yet to be seen.

    The comments on this site are insulting and made by people who act out of anger and racism rather than forthought.

    When England were accused of ball tampering Re Mike Atherton, did you hear calls of victimisation or racism?………….No!

    If Mr hairs decision is proved to be correct, how many of these people will apologise? No doubt if Mr Hairs claims are disproved, there will be a public apology and Mr Hair will no doubt be sactioned.

    But for pitties sake cut out the crude, vile and insulting language.


  10. shobi Avatar

    whatever yogibearx! time for you to take your prozac or a taser will be needed to restrain u. no wait u have a coconut for a brain.

  11. samuel Avatar

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  12. Col Avatar

    I would think that branding an Umpire a “Racist is uncalled for, umpires do not take sides and they do not care who wins a match.

    An umpire has made a decision, if the decision is right or wrong; is not the point, you are bound by the “LAWS of Cricket to abide by it.

    If you continue to attack the Cricket umpires by branding one of them a “Racist or referring to all non Asian Umpires as “Goras then you, your self, are a “Racist. An umpire, is an umpire nothing more or less just an umpire.

    The only looser out of all of this is “Cricket, we all love the game. So for the love of the game, leave the umpires alone. You will not have a game without them.

  13. joe Avatar

    You scumm sucking pieces of shit

    that is all.