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Paypal in Pakistan


With the ever increasing popularity of e-commerce, everyone desires to take a bite into the sweet pie, and why not? But sadly Pakistanis are being left behind as Paypal, one of the most popular e-commerce networks has still to list Pakistan in its permittable countries for registering with the service. We are then forced to use alternate commerce systems which have slowly cropped up but to contest the monopoly and popularity of a trusted Paypal account still eludes us Pakistanis.

This issue bugs not only marketing companies, freelance developers but is also a major deterrent for bloggers who are unable to receive funds generated via the ad networks running on their blogs. I have been fortunate to have a full business account (as I was studying in the US for over three years) and was able to use this to generate donations for the Earthquake relief in Pakistan during our Donate a Dollar for Pakistan campaign at Help-Pakistan.com.

A very interesting article written by Faisal Khan CEO of Net Access where he discusses a potential collaboration with TCS, the largest courier company in Pakistan as a potential catalyst for the promotion of e-commerce in Pakistan.

I open this issue more to initiate a discussion as to what solutions are now available and even discuss a possible course of action which may be adopted to force the bureaucracy (Paypal & Govt of Pakistan) to help the people of Pakistan to tap into the wealth of resources available worldwide which will undoubtedly positively affect the economy in Pakistan. The Indian sector was successful in pushing through to an extent that people in India are able to get checks in the mail for any withdrawals. Why can’t we do the same, if not better?


  • Kashif |

    yeah well i guess alertypay should be considered a good alternative to stupid paypal.. I really don't know why only Paypal doesn't support Pakistan. Every other online payment companies seems to support Pakistan. So it can't be because they say there is some Spam from Pakistan.

    I guess we all Pakistanis should use alertpay more and more to break the pride of Paypal of not accepting Pakistan as their accepted country.

    To make an account at Alertpay go to following

    To withdraw money from alertpay you have two options check/bank wire.

    For check they charge 4 dollars and for bankwire they charge 15$.

    So goto https://www.alertpay.com/ and start your freelancing career.


  • nauman |

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  • Zayan |

    Hi There,

    We make it possible for Pakistanis to receive or send their payments through Paypal.
    If you want to send or receive any payment through paypal then we are providing our services to everyone.our account is registered with PayPal UK and we will charge only 5% for your all your payments sending or receiving.
    We can also pay your all online payments through PayPal.

    We are offering Special discount of 3% charge for students who want to give their fees to foreign Universities for their admissions or for courses.

    Paypal is a secure way to send or receive payments.
    For more information kindly mail us on and do not ask anything in comments.

    Waiting to serve you
    Thanks and Best regards
    Zayan Choudary

  • mudassir |

    Whoops, no thanks no one neeeds your service –

    hahahahaha lol 5% on each transaction

    shaadi mein aya hai kya.

  • haroon |


    Did you asked anything from the person who is offering the paypal services name zayan, what are his terms and condition?? what are his way to deal with every one?if he is offering his service for everyone, there must be some rules and ways to deal with every user.

    You just read his comment and gave your stupid comment without any information.

    And Now you are not telling your way.That is making you fool.

    You are not the first person who is using the way that you are using , many people might be using your way, then why are you hiding your way.

  • haroon |

    @ Mudassir : Dear Mudassir if you can make any paypal transaction without using a registered account here in Pakistan,please let us know.we are all waiting.

    If the someone is giving us the opportunity to use the paypal service from Pakistan with the 5% markup, then i don't think so that he is higher rate,,,suppose you want a online transaction of $100 then what the problem to give $5 to this service?otherwise you cannot make a transaction, as u know.


  • mudassir |


    Read my post above

    whoever is interested can leave their yahoo or msn chat

    Through my method you will operate your own paypal account

    I cannot share it here

  • haroon |

    @ Haroon

    Dear Mudassir clear your working, what do you mean by "can leave their yahoo or msn chat"

  • haroon |

    OK but clear your way of paypal payment , i need to talk here so everyone can know, may be you have better way.I need a paypal account, now guide me.

  • mudassir |

    look dude

    I cannot share here

    It is possible that paypal reads it and patches it up.

    so its best to tell in chat

    and, even if I write my guide here, still there would be a ton of things you guys would want to ask me, so just make it easier, leave your chat ID.

  • haroon |

    No, i am sure there is something wrong in your way, you can just telling us the way like an example.Don't think that paypal is unaware from your activity.

    It is very easy to make a fun of someones comments like"Shadi pay aye ho kia" etc.

    That will be very embarrassing moment for you but just think and share your way here.Guide us here like an example.otherwise you know what others people will think about you.

  • haroon |

    kaha gya mera bhai Mudassir????

    yar roman urdu may he btaa do ager paypal ka der hai k wo par lain gain.koi legal way hai to btao jaldi,,i am waiting aur b kaam hai koi

  • mudassir |

    Feel free to use this guys services who is offering ON 5% BASIS,if you think if it will work out for you the well ad good.

    if you are serious in internet marketing and deal in paypal on a more frequent basis like me then do you think it would be easy to contact him everytime you need to send payments and confirm payments from him all the time. If you think it would be, then do as you must.

    of course paypal is aware of my activity. look, I repeat ways are to mantain FAKE account from pakistan which is required if you need to deal more frequently. it is not possible for you to deal through some one elses paypal account on a more frequent basis.

    just like providing fake information is a violation of paypals, so is letting others use your account or sendin and receiving payments on behalf of others. So i dont think it makes a difference since either way ur violating paypals TOS

    I am willing to help any pakistani member out but just not here –

  • mudassir |

    wow lol –

    Do you need to ASK him to figure that out? Come on that is common sense. Wouldnt you need to contact him every time, tell him payment addresses and what if he isnt online and you need to have a payment sent. Like I said, feel free to use his service, alL i am saying its not feasible on a more frequent basis.

    As for whether it's legal, it has nothing to do with being LEGAL. In the very rare case if paypal catches you, all they will do is freeze your account. You can stay safe from this by not keeping a LOT of money in your account.

    I never said I am the only one using it. A lot of people operate fake paypal accounts even from supported countries due to various reasons.

    Even if I share the way here, it would be useless because all of you would need assiatnce over many things required to make it work. And I am a very busy person, I cannot pop in and out over here.

    I have tried my best now, just let me know your yahoo or msn and we can discuss it based on how frequently you will need to use paypal.

    • Farhad |

      Yar muddasir bhai mjhe aap wala tariqa jaanna hai kyunkey mera aik hee rishtedaar hai amrika mei aur unko net waghaira nhi ata (She`s a houseWife)…. ye mera email address hai …. mudassir bhai mei intezaar mei hun tmhari mail ka. zohairraza@msn.com

  • haroon |

    You cannot make a guess about his service.May be he has a good management of multiple accounts for everyone and you are making his business down with this stupid long useless comments with me.

    mail me on .com and send me your way now, i am waiting.i need a paypal account on urgent basis for a payment receiving and also for sending.

    Thanks ,

    Waiting for your legal way in my mail.But urgent please.

  • Pakistani |

    @ Mudassir :

    I hate those people who make fun of others without any reason…

    Everyone can read this comment by Mudassir

    "1-Whoops, no thanks no one needs your service –

    2-hahahahaha lol 5% on each transaction

    3-shaadi mein aya hai kya."

    1-Whoops, no thanks no one needs your service –

    If you do not want to use his service then how you can say that"no one needs your service" are you President of pakistan?or nazim or lahore??

    2-hahahahaha lol 5% on each transaction

    What is so funny ???If a person is providing something that is not available then don't you think that he will get any benefit from his services???Do you want to avail his service free of cost??papa ki service samji hue hai k free kaam b ho jaye aur kuch dena b na paray.

    3-shaadi mein aya hai kya

    What is the relation of paypal 5% markup with the shadi???jab aap shadi per jatay ho to 5% charge kertay ho??

    and later on you are saying

    "Feel free to use this guys services who is offering ON 5% BASIS"

    Dimaag set hai mudassir saab aap ka??hosh thikanay hain, in one comment you make fun of the service and in second you are saying to use this service.

    Answer to everyone here who got your comments in their mail.

  • haroon |

    O bhai Mudassir i am waiting for your mail, 8:34 per kaha tha, ooper say 11:30 ho gay hain, Bus hawa nikal gye hai jo itna critisize ker rahay thay ,khud kuch ker nai saktay aur doosro k comments per HAHAHA kehtay ho.

  • mudassir |

    I am sorry guys if you got offended I apologise – its just that i found the rates ridiculous.

  • Pakistani |

    Hi everyone,

    @ Mudassir it is very easy to make fun as you did,I hope next time you will respect others comments.

  • mudassir |

    yea dude

    I will — sorry again everyone — my apologies to MR zayan and haroon here used his service and said its good so if you dont deal frequently and have small transactions, then if you like you can go for this service. thanks

  • Zayan |

    @ Mudassir,

    Dear Mudassir i was looking your comments from 2 days and did not gave any comment against your comments, i do not have any interaction with you , then how did you put this statement here

    "if you don't deal frequently and have small transactions"???

    Have you used my service??No , then how you can say that i am dealing only in small transactions and not for frequently?If i said i can deal your all transactions then Who are you to make a statement about my service??

  • Mudassir |

    okay bhai, your service is the best, I was just cautioning others because freelancers here are so desperate that they jump on anything that allows them to deal paypal..

    All i was saying that if some one doesnt live the same city as you and cannot meet you, it would be difficult to develop an understanding to do large transactions

  • Haroon |

    @ Mudassir

    Mudassir saab aap nay jaan nai chorni iss topic per apnay galat comment denay say???

    Jo iss service ko use ker raha hai uss say poocho k wo kis had tak satisfy hai,jis ka jo masla hai khud responsible hai , ager wo ye service use ker raha hai to sub kuch soch samaj ker he kar raha hai, Paiso ka maamla jo hai ,aap q kal say itnay pareshan ho rahay ho??aur baar baar galat comment paas krtay ho aur phir kehtay ho k ye serive best hai?YY?

    Koi hosh k nakhun lo yar.mujay b aap nay mail per koi tareeqa nai btaya mere liye paypal k account ka aur yaha aa ker b taang araaa rahay ho.

    Khuda ka wasta hai bus kero ab.Zayan bhai nay khud b aap ko keh diya hai k aap k comments galat hain.

    • Zayan |

      It is not possible because PayPal can reverse the amount due to any reason, may be you got these $400 from a fraudulent activity , just example.

    • ali |

      it is not fraudlent ! it is earned via ptc !

      i invested in svbux via alertpay but due to site was out of alertpay funds so i requested and got paid via paypal !

      is there any way to cashout !

      pls help !

  • ali |

    I was searching in search engine about paypal withdraw and found the article below so thought that this blog can help me !
    but loook what responce i got from huzaifa
    " @ Huzaifa says:
    December 12, 2009 at 8:36 pm

    Sharam ker salay,,Logo ki majboori ka najaiz faida uthaa rahay ho"

    mai kis baat ka faida utha raha hu pata to chalai !

    mujai to infact idhar sai kuch faida hua hee nahi hai ultaa log fraud aur aisai word use kar rahe hai mainai chaudry sahab sai kaha k mujh sai mile mai ausurance deta hu k kuch b ho mai zimaidar hu !
    laikin yaha to log bohat batamees kisam kai hai !
    kya evidence hai aaap logo kai pas kai mai faida utha raha hu !
    Mujai ab is blog pai bharosa nahi mujai kisi ki madam nahi chahiyai !

    Hi There,

    We make it possible for Pakistanis to receive or send their payments through Paypal.
    If you want to send or receive any payment through paypal then we are providing our services to everyone.our account is registered with PayPal UK and we will charge only 5% for your all your payments sending or receiving.
    We can also pay your all online payments through PayPal.

    We are offering Special discount of 3% charge for students who want to give their fees to foreign Universities for their admissions or for courses.

    Paypal is a secure way to send or receive payments.
    For more information kindly mail us on and do not ask anything in comments.

    Waiting to serve you
    Thanks and Best regards
    Zayan Choudary

    • @ Huzaifa |

      ………O Bhootni k Ali ,tujay kuch nai kaha gya iss form per, uss salay ko kaha gya hai jo tuj say 50$ fee charge kernay ki koshish may hai,,,tu q garam ho raha hai

    • ali |

      ok i appologize for my mistake , mujai laga k tum mujai keh rahe ho !

      yr mai fees pai karnai k lyai tayar hu q k tumhai to pata hai is mulq mai withdraw mumqin nahi mai to pareshan ho gaya hu !

  • ali |

    hey wait a minute you are the one who asked me that for $50 you can help me !

    why are you creating confusion here !

    Huzaifa says:

    December 12, 2009 at 2:28 pm

    hey ali,

    I can help you, but I’ll take $50 as fees.

  • @ Huzaifa |

    …………..No, I am not the same,,,@Huzaifa means k may hazaifa say mukhatib hoo


    Hello Brothers,

    If any one want to Pay by Paypal or make any transaction Paypal now require to verify your account with a either by your credit card or Bank account before you can make any transaction this security make quite impossible for Pakistani to make any transaction because they need to verify the account first.So here i have some ideas on how you can verify your account by sitting in Pakistan no need of a profile in abroad or anything like that simply Verify your account with your Visa or Master Card.To get a visa or master card contact me and i will guide you further on looking forward to help you guys thanks…

    Uzair Khatri

  • Asif |

    Dear My all brothers!

    yara yeh kiya discussion hai…kisi ne bhi koi kaam ki baat nahi likhi…..sab bekaar ki batain kertay hai….

    koi bhi pakistan mai withdraw nahi kerwa satka direct paypal se…..

    but i can do……………..my dears.

    contact me:

    love is life………………..bye tc

  • khan |

    how kan i work on ebay pakistan. ? which bank i should open account for selling my products?

  • Sharu from sahiwal |

    hello everyone,
    Friends, i did little research on it. we can make paypal account using american address but my question is, can we transfer that money in our visa debit card account number in pakistan.

    there are two banks in pakistan that provide the facility of visa card international. like UBL providing the facility of UBL Wiz card and the second one is Standard charted bank.
    friends if anyone know about that what is the roll of visa card in international transaction plz tell me i'll be gratefull for him and share my information about international transaction, my contact no. ******

  • Harold Tucke |

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  • charsikhan |

    I dont understand the fuss about paypal for pakistani's. Theres other payment processors pakistanis can use online and for those fanatic die hard pakistani ebayers who wish to buy and sell on that site theres moneybooker (https://www.moneybookers.com), which i might add is on ebay's list of approved payment processors.

  • entertainmenx |

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  • ikram |

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  • Fida |

    Hello, As Paypal is not in Pakistan… so i m using Ecom solutions Pakistan as Paypal alternative and found it as good option..