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Silencing Saddam

Its been barely two weeks since Saddam Hussein was sent to the gallows. There is not a soul on the earth who would have been sympathetic with this murderer but strangely after watching the ‘assassination’ haphazardly orchestrated by the American forces he may have potentially become a hero. I look beyond the jeering crowds, I look beyond the hooded masks and I look beyond the cheers which drown the room immediately after his hanging, he gracefully held his composure despite being confronted with a rough audience. Out of humanity, out of decency and respect for a dying man, regardless of how ruthless he maybe, the assassins could have ensured his peaceful departure.

The scheduling of Saddams assassination can be the most controversial and damaging to the United States of America. Since it was ordered to be scheduled ON the day of the Hajj, probably one of the most religions days in the Islamic calender. The American forces it seems were unsympathetic to the Muslim feelings and specifically ordered the assassination on the very day millions were celebrating Eid while a large congregation was observing their once in a lifetime religious rituals at Makkah, where even the act of hurting an inconsequential animal such as an ant can potentially nullify the entire ritual for the person. For many Muslims it apparently appeared to be a deliberate effort to ensure that the hanging took place on the every same day as if to indicate to the Muslim world that, do all you might but we will continue to rub your nose into the ground. While a post 9-11 traumatized nation which continuously tries in vain to comprehend as to why Islamofascist have turned against them, there is little doubt when such matters of insensitivity can easily push a moderate Muslim to radicalisms. Had if the assassinations been of some other criminal belonging to another religion more care would have been taken to avoid the ‘accidental’ scheduling on a major event like Christmas Day or for the matter Thanksgiving day lest it leave a bad taste, probably even the cruelest of democracies prefer to avoid criminal proceedings on such landmark events to avoid an emotional backlash from the greater populace.

It can easily be considered a very deliberate attempt to create the emotion of resentment against the Americans as deferring the ‘assassination’ by a few days would not have mattered much since there is little doubt that the judicial court processing this sentence was fully under the iron tight grasp of the American hegemony, to the extent that the public was shown the images of the court being run under an independent Iraqi court, but in actual effect it was America who had thoroughly orchestrated this stage play to ensure a favourable verdict and silence this old Allie to an eternal silence. One must remember that the biggest crime by Saddam in my opinion was the usage of chemical weapons which killed millions, yet this was not his undoing since the trial carefully bypassed the question as to how he acquired these chemical agents, since such a question would point a startling finger straight down the throat of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave

Irritating the Muslim world even further should not be something which the Americans would like to foster, as it might lead to undesirable circumstances but then again maybe this is exactly what the agencies want, they could very well be cultivating a strong anti-American sentiment which can easily be turned into some carefully orchestrated assault on America. I have been very suspicious of all activities by the Americans and this assassination of Saddam does not go down well.

Take an example of a neutral-thought Muslim like myself who has seen the world change in a matter of few years to have slowly been mesmerized by a strong Anti-US sentiment, not to oppose the American people (as they are the most loving people I have known) but more as a frustration to the American Foreign Policy. imagine for a moment what would have happened to a Muslim who was already radicalised pre 9-11, his opinions and thoughts could easily have boiled over to become a Jihadist. This gradual change in opinion is becoming apparent worldwide to the extent Europeans now eye every American move with great suspicion.

America please prove me wrong, prove for once that you mean good to this world, prove to us that you have no intentions of global domination, prove to us that you truly desire a peaceful coexistence with other nations as in the past few years it is has been far from rebuilding a nation and more into global conquests at the excuse of a traumatized 9-11 nation. Prove us wrong PLEASE


  • shobz |

    i dont think that they are going to prove us wrong. we may want to think that everything is going to be alright but deep inside we know it wont. There are a large number of people who dont believe in being politically correct and wont stop till everyone acts like a racist. It was a shame to watch the americans resort to such an act.I am surprised that no one saw Saddam’s execution being filmed. It’s obvious that this was pre-planned so that the world could be see how Saddam was executed. I felt really bad when i heard that a man being executed (guilty or not) was subjected to utter humiliation. Shame on the “civilized” west.

  • Dr Farrukh Malik |

    Well you are quite rite in wat you wrote but its a high time to realize that US is trying to follow the policy of divide and rule. They are moving towards a catastrophe in Muslim world by dividing Muslims on sectarian grounds. I have tried to give my point of view in my current affairs blog recently. You can have alook at http://worldaffairs.wordpress.com.

    P.S.Its been long time that I happened to stay out from blog world but since I am back hope to keep in touch!

  • AH |

    While I don’t disagree with the thought that watching this man hang made him more sympathetic, I do disagree with the point that the U.S. bungled this hanging. The U.S. did not want him hanged so soon, they realized the PR nightmare that would come from this. The Iraqis got bloodlust and went on with the hanging … and in light of all the atrocities committed by this man, can anyone blame them?

  • Ra. |

    I agree, totally, with Shobz. Shobz, no one responded as no words can express the bad feeling this entire episode leaves in the soul…

    I, on my side, am thoroughly disgusted!

    And I cannot a do a thing about it… NO one can!


  • Extiinct |

    It seems to me the US of A was desperate to make 2006 “the year when they hanged Saddam” and not “the year when America lost it’s war on terror”. Or “the year when the death toll of it’s American soldiers bypassed the number of lives lost on 9/11”.

  • Abbas Halai |

    i am shocked to read that you think that US globalization is a recent phenomenon. in the past 100 years, they have invaded the phillipines, cuba, puerto rico, guam, panama, guatemala, yugoslavia, iran, vietnam, egypt, laos, indonesia, cambodia, oman, chile, nicaragua, libya, somalia, haiti, sudan, iraq, albania, and colombia. this does not include all the threats and ousted governments that it has supported or the protection of US interests in foreign lands which are countless to list here.

  • Adeel Ansari |

    Well, I think its good to see the end of a feller who worked for American government(Kuffar), called war for American government. Now atleast we know that what American government do after using someone.