Series-levelling victory by Pakistan at Port Elizabeth

Guest Post: Dr. Haroon Qazi

I would rate Pakistan as the most unpredictable team in the history of world cricket. Shoaib’s first innings spell and Inzamam’s 92 not out were out standing, and not to forget a superb spell by Asif in both innings. Although the team has match winning players, who can on their day take on the opposition individually, but they all lack consistency. In my opinion consistency and mental strength are the only two characteristics of our team separating them from the Aussies.

Shoaib being a great strength with the new ball but lacks fitness and has a great attitude problem. Rumors of him slapping Bob Woolmer during the ICC championship and then a fight with the coach in the second test against South Africa makes him a controversial player.

The other real concern would be Pakistan’s batting order. Inzi is one of the worlds leading run getter and a gem of a player. Should he be batting so low an order. In my opinion he should be batting at number five.

The series has become very exciting now. And the final test would be worth a watch. If Pakistan manage to win the series, it would be a great high leading to the world cup.



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One response to “Series-levelling victory by Pakistan at Port Elizabeth”

  1. shobz Avatar

    hope the cricket team doesnt let this success get to their head. They tend to act superior when they have won a match or two.