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I would like to announce the creation of Cricket Bloggers of Pakistan, it is just a blog created out of necessity since we felt an apparent absence of one concise place where bloggers from Pakistan can come and write about the Pakistani perspective on the world of cricket. There is little doubt that this blog is gearing up to join in the celebrations that await us in West Indies at the 2007 ICC Cricket World Cup.

The invitation is open for cricket writers and bloggers to join the team of editors and write about cricket, be it one simple article or a constant stream, we want to hear your analysis of everything from hot gossip to any breaking news which you see important enough to write. All articles will be fully credited to the writer providing a prominent link-back to their website and also the necessary exposure..

This concept also lends to the true concept of blogging where an individual who may be sitting casually at home can spin a few captivating words and immediately be able to share it with the world around him, with a potential to be read by thousands if not millions, a perk, only reserved previously, to the editorial staff of big-name publication houses. We simply want to empower the aspiring cricketing writers to come forth and mesmerize us with their writings

If you have the itch then lets hear your views, some readers may like it and some might even argue your analysis hence opening up an interactive forum to discuss the Pakistani Cricketing world

Enough of our commentary,

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5 responses to “Cricket Bloggers of Pakistan”

  1. shobz Avatar

    Congrats on your new cricket blog doc. Only a devoted cricket fan is capable of doing something like that.
    ps. wanted to be the first to comment here.

  2. Fahad Avatar

    Congrats!!! Good work!

  3. Asma Avatar

    Hey congrats ….and it sounds trulyy interesting 🙂

  4. Indian Cricket Avatar

    I am amazed with the issue raised & information displayed by you. May be support your efforts.

  5. Anna Avatar

    Now I am not sure if this goes with the topic but How does one differentiate between footballs . I been searching blogs on this with no avail. The school where I work needs to know which blog to go for.. there is one slightly oval shaped from one local company and then there are multinationals which cost twice .. I am confused?