Yeh Hum Naheen – Say No to Terrorism

Yeh Hum Naheen - Say No to TerrorismYeh Hum Naheen¸ (This is NOT us) is an NGO headed by Waseem Mahmood and a number of like minded popular Pakistani vocalists have choosen to join hands and raise their voice on behalf of the Muslim world coming together in the form of a an amazing soul touching sound track, featuring names like Haroon, Ali Haider, Ali Zafar, Shufqat, Strings, Shuja Haider and Hadiqa Kiani.

Since the tragic events of 9/11 which shook the world to the core the world has started to label all Muslims as terrorists, the veil, the beard and other Islamic symbols have come to be recognized more as a threat to the world rather then a symbol of a peaceful Islamic religion. The movement aims to address the issues of the growing radicalization of the Pakistani youth and the rise in terrorist activities breeding locally as well as on the international front, the long term objective of this organization definitely remains to address the negative image of Islam in the West.

Yeh Hum Naheen is geared to become an unprecedented musical movement. Featuring the vocal talents of some of Pakistan’s biggest music artists, including Haroon, Ali Haider, Ali Zafar, Shufqat, Strings, Shuja Haider and Hadiqa Kiani, uniting to sing out the message the world needs to hear. (MP3)

Written by Ali Moeen, composed by Shuja Haider, the central message of the song that has compelled so many people to become involved. It is a message of reconciliation, a message of peace and a message of truth. Capturing the imagination of people across the board, Yeh Hum Naheen has given a voice to the silent majority, those in the Muslim world who have for too long been mis-represented. These are the people who although not appearing on our television screens are saddened and shocked at the high-jacking of Islam by terrorists, and want to stand up and shout “This is Not Us.

We as concerned Muslims must join hands to promote this message of peace and love to the entire world.

We plead the world to hear this cry, Muslims are NOT Terrorists…

Story Credit: Tarique Kamal



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361 responses to “Yeh Hum Naheen – Say No to Terrorism”

  1. suhaib Avatar

    my name is khan and am not terrorest

  2. Saad Avatar

    Empty vessel makes most noise.

  3. pankaj shrma Avatar

    bhen chod muslmano kya keh rahe ho hum ye nehi seh skte salo gitni gaali de tumhe utni kam hai tumse gandi koi kom nehi hai terricum to tumhare khun mai hai salo tum hindu our sardar ki tatti ke barabr nehi ho tum gaddar ho tum kaate to bharat ka ho gaate dushman desh pakstian irak iran dubai affstian soudhi arab ka ho salo gater ka kida bhi tumse pak hota hai bhag jao yaha se salo pig ke bacho tumhari maa ki chut our muh mai pig ka land bhago salo terriec

  4. Mohsin Avatar

    How fake are you people? Until the average Pakistani completely rejects violence of any type than you lot are terrorists. Did any of you make any noise when 2 Ahmadi Mosques were attacked in lahore? Did anyone speak up for them? Than you jahils kill of two innocent brothers in Sialkot… and the flood is also a AZAB on all of you.. get rid of ALL your MULLAHS… put them all on a ship and sink it…

  5. Ahsan Bashir Avatar
    Ahsan Bashir

    What a retarded people Pakistanis are.

    After decades of jahalat and destruction all born and bred within Pakistan, now we have come to realize "this is not us".

    It is a fact that Pakistanis are the most religious bigots on the planet. We are the most sold out soles on earth.

    Our "democratically" elected President is an paid employee of American bureaucrats. We are the ones who go to mosques everyday and pray behind these terrorists who have destroyed Islam and Pakistan.

    Unless we do something to wash away the religious filth from our minds, there is no point in making such absurd media campaigns.

    We cannot fool the world, everyone knows what kind of people Pakistanis are.

    1. Anya Avatar

      My goodness. Now you are a great person to be with. we do NOT need to get rid of Muslim faith. Faith is something that people need to embrace and not hate eachother or hold eachother accountable for. Terrorists are extremists, such as Hitler or Stalin. Do you hate all German or Russian people now? No. Do you blame me, a catholic, for the crusades? No. Chill out friend. Muslim faith in the Quran speaks of good will and kindness towards ALL people. YOU seem to be the bigot here. stop being biligerent. jackass. >:6

  6. Shumaila Avatar

    Assalam o Alikum To all Muslims!

    Calm down o]please,Islam is The Name of Peace,its true that We Are Not terrorist,Terrorist have no Religion.these are Fasadies who are ruining our lives.Its just because of that we are far away from Real Islam.We forget Sajda infront of Allah,it is easy for us to beg infront of an ordinary man but cant infront of ALLAH PAK.If we remember ALLAH,Then how can HE Leave us.So wake Up! ALLAH HO AKBAR

  7. vishwas surve Avatar
    vishwas surve

    When u want 2 get rid of an ailment first try & find out what caused it.Thats half d job done.Good luck boys & best wishes from a Hindu brother.

    1. arif Avatar


      Take your best wishes up your ars3.

      We are better of without your best wishes.

      Long Live Pakistan,

  8. mraltotokfromsolo Avatar

    yes we all are againts terorism sir