SAVE Karachi’s Beaches

For a good many days a heated discussion has been in progress talking about the sale of the Karachi beach front to a Dubai based real estate developer. The entire Clifton Bay beach is to be developed and then linked to Manora Island by a bridge. This real estate development will continue along Sandspit and Hawkes bay where the Sugar City is to be constructed.

manora_beach.JPGThe Manora Island is then said to also house a five star hotel and this island will later be linked to Keamari with a bridge and the development is to continue along the coast up to the DHA golf club. On a causal look it appears to be a great initiative but what surprises everyone (including me) is that the concept seems to have been visualized and conceived in Dubai and is being pushed down the throat of the citizens of Karachi without any due thought process by its residents. Have a look at the presentation made by the developers to the ‘all knowing’ owners of our city, they seem to have it all thought out and planned without even the courtesy to even bring it into discussion to the local populace which will be directly affected by this development, it undoubtedly will impact ‘the future generation’ as this as conceived by the developers will most definitely outlive the very people who think ‘this should be the future of Karachi’.

We all know that Sandspit is also the nesting ground for the for Green and Olive Ridley Turtles where the WWF-Pakistan has established wetlands for this purpose. But more importantly the only recreational spot for Karachi is to be snatched away for some visionary plan which seems to be quite far fetched. Why? Why? do I smell a number of rats trying to push the plan around in the hope of getting a handsome kickback once it is approved. If these are the same leaders who are actively pushing the concept of an Elevated Expressway on top of Shahrai Faisal, then I have some serious reservations on their proposal to annihilate our beaches.

The Rabita Zone blog has been at the forefront prompting this issue and has formed a petition objecting to this development, if you approve with the petitioners then please sign it here

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5 responses to “SAVE Karachi’s Beaches”

  1. stabani Avatar

    You know, as someone who is probably to profit from the development, directly or indirectly, and someone who has been asking for something similiar to happen in pakistan, I am probably a hypocrite for voicing my concerns over the development.
    The Development in such areas where the tourists reside is a terrible idea. It will only make matters worse for the poor of our country who already have a few amount of places to relax and enjoy themselves. In retrospect, the government should have probably alloted the land for this purpose more away from the city where the water is cleaner and the public is non-existent. That would be development, and not “redevelopment” of something already used.
    Just my two cents anyways

  2. Anwar Avatar

    Welcome to new Sheikhy Land!
    I am afraid it is too late to do anything about it.

  3. Uncle in a pickle Avatar
    Uncle in a pickle

    Do you know the place where you wrecked your Vigo sits on tectonic plate boundry ……. Eurasian and Indian and runs all the way to our North. Ever wondered what’ll happen to this “shaky land” the day tectonic pressures are unleashed ?

  4. sue Avatar

    what’s shaikly? i myself is from karachi please reply

  5. Laila Ahmed Avatar
    Laila Ahmed

    Mushraff has put Pakistan on sale to Americans and Arab Sheikhs while Pakistanis suffer from worst power cuts, high food inflation, crime, suicide bombings, and we are told lies about economic progress while his corrupt Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz has run away from Pakistan with all the billions he made in stock market scams