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The Presidency, Islamabad

Feast your eyes on some pictures of ‘The Presidency in Islamabad’ which has been the home of our dictator cum President General Pervaiz Musharraf. No wonder he does not want to leave this position.

presidency-1.jpg presidency-13.jpg

presidency-3.jpg presidency-4.jpg

presidency-5.jpg presidency-6.jpg

presidency-7.jpg presidency-8.jpg

presidency-9.jpg presidency-10.jpg

presidency-11.jpg presidency-12.jpg


Would you willingly leave this for anything in the world?

No wonder Musharraf is clinging to his reign of power for his dear life compromising all his so called principles compromising them to shake hands with the very people he called crooks barely seven years back. Its sad but Greed, money and power can definitely play havoc with anyone mind and Musharraf is no angel to have fallen in love with this lifestyle over these seven years.


  • jahanzaib |

    You know they have to make tough decision , let them live peacefully in this resort kind of house to relax their brain, that i doubt they have ever used.
    Thanx for posting these images and letting us know what is different between us and them.

  • Uncle in a pickle |

    kickass furniture more suitable for a person like Idi Ameen. Thought Mushy had better taste……..
    The interior designer graduated from UTTS (university of toba tek singh) LOL.

  • Asma |

    I’m not very much sure if these pics are truly of the presidency at Islamabad, any proof?? they look purely European – so I’m quite in doubt about the truth behind these pics.

    Since the interiors of presidency as shown in some footages does not match even a bit with these pics ….ResT Allah Knows :>

  • binary-zero |

    yeah – i still dont believe these are real picture – and architecture is a bit unusual too.

  • Teeth Maestro |

    Well I cant be kick-ass sure but was at the receiving end of this email from some of my more reliable sources but that does not itself go to authenticate the originality of these pictures –

    I must agree the pictures show some real gaudy furniture – but I love the bathroom, YIKES

    For a little investigation have a look at the bedroom image ‘Presidency-8’ in the hallway there are two frames the closer one appears to be off a couple in which the woman appears to be dressed in a sari – could it be Shehba? But I’m just guessing – but then again I could be wrong. Also have a look at the picture frames in ‘Presidency-2’ and ‘Presidency-3’ images its difficult to make out but its a family portrait with a few more people but too vague to be certain

    Until we can prove these images to be fake, lets just all stare in amazement at the luxury being served up for our President. To be honest apart from the Gaudy furniture we should generally expect the luxurious lifestyle to be along the same lines after all this is THE HOUSE OF THE PRESIDENT OF PAKISTAN he should be pampered. There should be nothing less

    Lets see if someone here can corroborate the originality of these pictures.

  • shobz |

    yeah i agree with poo poo. I dont believe that this is the presidential mansion. For starters the landscaping doesn’t look Pakistani at all.If you look closely you can see that the trees are a tropical. The architecture is quite European. Maybe Mushy demolished the entire president’s house and rebuilt it European style. Haha not likely at all. Doc you have been duped,pranked,etc.etc. I can’t believe you actually fell for it.

  • Asad |

    Oh, come on Dr. Awab…

    First things first, I have seen these pics before but haven’t yet gotten any reliable source for ascertaining that these pics truly are of the President’s house. They have been going around in chain emails and I am sure a person of your calibre can judge how true chain email contents are.

    Secondly, you are just using an excuse to disrepute Musharraf [despite his current low level of reputation, but that is entirely another matter]. Presidents before Musharraf used the same President’s house. If this is truly the President’s house, this was not just built for Musharraf. Nawaz Sharif and Benazir used it too. No wonder they loved their seats and didn’t want to leave. No wonder they are trying to come back by fooling people with their false agendas… again.

    Stop using this as an excuse to blame Musharraf.

  • Teeth Maestro |

    Asad granted there is no proof, but are you surprised with these pictures, do you believe this is lavish out of the world architecture – I assure you not, we have houses like this in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad which are laden with marble etc and such similar gaudy furniture.

    My ascertation to you here is NOT to dispute the authenticity of the pictures but to look at the luxury and ´power’ that we are asking Musharraf to leave. Will any sane person want to leave the leadership and power of a whole nation – its tempting. I dispute the mindset that has overtaken Musharraf’s principles. The very same crooks he condemned seven years back are now his life line to five more years.

    Heck if you accuse me of Musharraf bashing – then its nothing compared to what he has done to MY (& your) NATION. He has left the poor poorer and his circle of friends far richer then imaginable. Am I pissed yeah right, but more pissed at seeing Benazir coming in for a third tenure. The first time could have been simple mistake, second time we could call it unlucky but wanting her for a third stint of power is plain stupid and every person is saying the same thing, but Musharraf wants to secure his FIVE years. He is willing to serve our country to the dogs and you want me to take it lying down ;)

    PPH & Shobz – I’m honestly more stunned at you guys thinking that this is NOT possible in Pakistan. Look again, this is nothing out of this world. Its very much possible, only the fact remains are these the exact pictures – yeah I might dispute that, and Ill take the fall for it but the Presidential house SHOULD be better, heck it still does not have a FLAT PANEL TV did you notice, how backward can you get with the 42″ screens are popping up in every house LOL

    Continue the debate if you disagree ;)

  • Asma |

    Dr sahab, what an eye you have, In Presidency-8 picture, the portrait looks more of Shaukat aziz, rather our very own president + in case you dont our president Lives in Rawalpindi and not in Islamabad’s presidency :>

  • Ontario Emperor |

    Even if it were the Pakistani president’s mansion, the luxury in itself may not indicate anything. The White House in the United States has several floors, including a very luxurious main floor that is used for state affairs. Before September 11, I took the White House tour and got to see this floor (last I heard, the tours had been re-started, but were open to tour groups only). Bush himself lives up on the third floor of the house; I’m sure the third floor isn’t a slum, but it’s probably not as luxurious as the first floor.

  • Uncle in a pickle |

    Your Comment to Asads post I wish to clarify something, there were more than one INSANE PM’s who willingly let go off the seat. My all time favourite was Moeen Qureshi an honest man to the core.

  • Asad |

    Remember Dr. Awab, demonising is easy. Finding excuses to blame something on someone is very very easy. Even the US made this ‘easy’ mistake with Iraq and WMD issue. Neither of us are all knowing.

    About me, no, I am not at all surprised. I have seen equally or more luxurious settings in Karachi, Lahore and even in Islamabad. Frankly speaking, the gaudiness makes me sick and makes me wish to run away from such a room.

    Dr. Awab, you are using these pics as the basis of your blame on Musharraf. Questioning the authenticity of these pics is highly relevant to this discussion. Does Musharraf even resides in the President House? I doubt it or else the Islamabad Highway won’t be blocked each day for hi VIP entourage. He stays in Rawalpindi.

    Temptation is but the test of willpower. Any leader having the willpower can leave such things in a jiffy. I am sure there have been politicians who would leave these things without a second thought. Problem is, they are too few and not very effective.

    What has Musharraf done to our nation? He has saved the nation from becoming bankrupt. His administration has payed attention to education, investment, etc. I don’t dispute the fact that he has done a lot of foolish things which has hurt his reputation. The CJ crisis is just one amongst them. However, he has also given a lot to the country and its people. We, in our zeal to demonize him, often overlook his achievements. Heck, i consider him to have performed better than Zulfiqar A. Bhutto whom people still idolize [wrongly so.. and neither should they do it to Musharraf. If I have noticed one thing about my nation, it is that we are very quick to forget the good and even quicker to lament the bad.

    I absolutely hate the fact that people still support Benazir and/or Nawaz Sharif. We are getting ourselves ready to be bitten by the same snake which has already bitten us twice. And those who support them are mere sheep. And sheep can only be led, they can never lead.

    One reason many people still support Musharraf is that they do not want PPP or PML-N to enter politics again. This is, at least, one of my reasons for supporting Musharraf. The idea is, ‘lesser of all the other evils’. On that note, I am strongly against any alliance of the current government and PPP/PML-N.

  • Teeth Maestro |

    Asad – I hear you word for word, but you seem to put the argument in the perspective of ‘better of the two evils’ but do we always have to judge for a compromise.

    You talk about economic prosperity, that is a misnomer along the lines of the term ‘Enlightened Moderation’. Economic Prosperity at the moment is sadly being translated into an overburdened poor class. The rich are simply getting richer by the day.

    The investemnt in Education and Health is nothing revolutionary it has simply been forced down the throat quite simply due to the debt relief barter deal. But yes I agree with you the money has come into both these sectors – and undoubtedly its surely better then having it sent abroad.

    As far as your comment on ‘saving the nation from bankruptcy’ just hold onto your horses as I am working on an interesting post about the mystery behind all this economic buoyancy. And it could be there that we can have yet another debate.

    Hear Hear — your comments about PPP etc I feel exactly the same way

  • the olive ream |

    Looks like a bloody set of a campy, 70s movie about posh people. The interior designer needs a kick up the arse for such horrific display of over-the-top bad taste furnishings.

    Any sane person would quit the presidency just to get away from such a tacky furniture.

  • shobz |

    doc u do know that i agree with all ur views but this is something i dont agree with. i know there are houses like that in pakistan but i am pretty sure this is not his house. i dont know why but something inside me keeps screaming that this is not a house in pakistan.

  • Poo Poo head |

    Dr. Sahib I have decided not to argue any more with any one :-) .

  • Adnan Siddiqi |

    OK, these might not be part of presidency but… can’t he get all these? it’s all about grabbing few locals and sell to USA as Taliban. So simple my friend! :-)

  • Jin |

    picture 6: has a frame with word ‘Mashallah’ written. so it could be in pak.

    picture 9: if you look far in the right there is some sort of horse back type of ladder there. so maybe the person who took the pic was part of some renovation team?

  • Danyal |

    well i dont think the pictures are real because u can check The Presidency, Islamabad from Google Earth the building is square shape and the pictures shows that the building has D shape sides which does not exist in The Presidency, Islamabad. kindly check / research on the information before submitted on the web

  • Danyal |

    in cont. The Presidency, Islamabad has more than 2 floors as well as no open pool :) so please check from Google earth coordinates are 33′ 44″ 02.60 N 73′ 05″ 40.19 E

  • Zafarullah |

    Thank for the beautiful imges ; at leasy we can see how the president of this poor under huge debt country. now it should be clar to us why BB Nawaz & other are ruining their life for such a thorny ,rocky, uncomfrtable, deprived life? why people once clung not ready to leave even at the cost of their life.

  • Mishal |

    Do you think he would not leave for a house. Is that how low human mind can work. Isnt Pak at cross roads? Ant there many many other problems?? I am amazed to see how your petty mind got stuck at some house which he want to have to stay in power.
    Three things:

    1. This is not Musharrafs residence. Army house is not like this I have seen.

    2. Even if suppoer that is where he lives, DO YOU expect him to live in a cave? After all he is president.

    3. A rich doctor can afford to have same kind of residence so why choose Musharraf for this petty thing

  • redsnapper |

    @mishal: A rich doctor usually earns it. The President usually grabs it.

    That’s the difference.

  • Rohail |

    Yes I agree with Asma….I have been to Europe…and these are 100% European Bungalows.

    If you watch the Presidents recent interview with Kamran Khan & AAJ TV. You can see the local interior & color matcing(purple color & cream).

    These are rumors created just to malign Musharraf. Also, the President House was not made in this Era.

    And, forget the President’s house…the houses now in Defence Karachi & Lahore…are even more worth seeing…the lavish lifestyle of our RICH can beat anyone in the world.

  • Shahid |


    I am also sick of those you don't read the state Banks Facts & figures of the recent years and compare them with the figures of 1999 and before.

    The picture comes evident…that our country is in a very strong and stable position than before. Our growth rate almost 7%.

    Never before has our Eductaion Quota been 2.5% of GDP; and they have decided to make it 4% of GDP this budget.Keeping in mind that GDP amount has also increased.

    Musharraf has planned and execution has started to make 9 World Class Foreign ENGINEERING UNIVERSITIES in Pak. This is revolution!

    If the opposition had anything in proof against Musharraf; they would have taken him to Supreme Court long ago.

    I love Musharraf !!!

  • A Pakistani |

    Dear All,
    We try to reach a position of manager or above manager because we need a home to reside, its bills paid by company and we have conveyance, etc. etc.
    Now, you need all this for managers and what you want for president of the state? A dashed life?

  • Sal_Khan |

    This is not Mushi residence. Army house is not like this that I have seen.

    In case you dont know pakistani dictator (president) lives in Army House Rawalpindi and not in Islamabads presidencial palace

    I'm surprised to see a Palm tree ?! in Rawalpindi …these pictures are taken in Dubai or in some middle eastern state.

  • Gumnam |

    Dear fellow, I am surprised to read the comments from those how are praising Musharraf. Probably, either the yare sensationally blind or not up dating their minds with realities. I would like to ask all of those ever they have seen fact and figures on the economy of Pakistan? Look at any civil and government departments, look at pak Universities VCs and look at any highly established multinational companies,, EVERY WEHRE YOU WILL FIND A RETEIRED ARMED OFFICER. What the hell they are doing in all departments even they dont deserve with intermediated qualification? A PhD person is working under F.Sc of FA passed person. Universities highly educated professors are working under FA passed person, Civil, government and any other department you will see a non deserved armed person. What the hell musharraf is doing? In Pakistan there is not any respect for any educated person. Who caused all these things? An example of Dr Qadeer is in front of all of us.
    Just need to think just in right time otherwise we all will face swear consequences.

  • suleman |

    This is BS. Interior pictures are not those of army house islamabad. This is pure propaganda. You guys can even enlarge the pictures to observe the pictures on walls and see is musharraf anywhere in those pictures?

    I mean one must authenticate something before publishing, secondly i can personally say with 200% surity that the interior is not of army house.

  • SA |

    Well the pics are not real at all… not a single one of them. And yes, i live in the presidency so i would know, and if you are talking about the Army House, then your wrong again… The presidency is beautiful but not so over the top as shown in the pics. Recently the presidents floor has been installed with a wooden floor to give it a great look. And these things are minor to keep one from leaving the presidency, the real thing is the power….. NO ONE WANTS TO LEAVE THAT!!

  • Hamza |

    Look closely at the thrid picture on the right..from above….the one which also shows a big TV. You can see a small picture lying around on the counter infront of the pillar….which has “Mashallah” written on it. So its definetly not a european or an american house. it does atleast prove one thing….the house belongs to a muslim government/person.

  • Kamran Sikandar |

    Everyone is so bent upon criticising Musharraf for the the presidency’s lavishness that they forget it was not him that constructed it. Put your hatred to one side and use your energy to work for the betterment of Pakistan. Remember the old saying “Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people”.

  • Aisha |

    I agree, I’ve been to the presidency, and it looks nothing like this. All these pictures are counterfeit. The architecture of the Presidency, though, indeed, lavish, is a more contemporary style similar the exterior; and even then, nothing like this.


  • Shakil |

    this isnt president house at all. president house building is all in square shape and fine lines not european or gothic style at all.

    so dont jump before knowing the facts.

  • Dr.Tariq |

    Asalamo Alikum to all Brothers and sisters,
    I am pretty much sure that the pictures taken are of presidency. Those people who doubt that the pictures are not of presidential House are probably not aware of the fact that how much these people spend on there luxuries. I would say that they can afford much better and much more then this. we can question the authenticity of the pictures but at the same time we must remember that there life standard of almost all our larders are much more better then this and they are looting the wealth of the Ummah for there personal comfort and using our resources against us in order to please their Masters (UK, USA).
    Looking at the situation of pakistan General Musharrafs regime has broken all records in borrowing and has pushed the country into a debt trap. Recent State Bank reports showed the government had borrowed a staggering amount of over $15 billion in the past four years, as the countrys total debt and liabilities had peaked to an all time high of $40 billion. Such debt apart from additional borrowing is also composed of rescheduled debt as the Musharraf government continued borrowing to fund basic government duties and the inability to generate sufficient wealth from the domestic economy. Such amounts of debt have never existed in the history of Pakistan. By the end of 2004, the total external debt was $33 billion. If the government had stopped borrowing as it claimed, the countrys total debt would have declined to $23 billion based upon Pakistans regular yearly payments by the end of June 2007.
    With the absence of basic industry in Pakistan, imports have become critical and have been rising due to this. Pakistan now faces an all time high trade deficit. Pakistan has borrowed over $3 billion during 2006-2007. The figures reveal that the huge borrowing was made to pay debt and continuous current account deficits. This is because the Pakistan government was unable to provide for the basic needs of the country, were forced to import larger amounts from in excess of exports and this has resulted in a deficit. Average annual payment of debt servicing has reached $3.3 billion in 2007. The current account deficit for the fiscal year ending on June 30, 2007 had increased by 41% reaching $7 billion. Instead of focusing on increasing exports the Musharraf government is relying on unreliable sources like foreign direct investment (FDI), remittances by overseas Pakistanis and privatisation to meet the gap.
    This clearly shows the Musharraf regimes lack of vision has failed to develop the foundations of a productive economy. In previous eight years its reliance has been on the services sector, real estate, and stock market. The real productive sectors of the economy, both industry and agriculture, were ignored. The infrastructure in Pakistan has not been upgraded and as a result the country now faces a serious energy crisis. The social sectors continue to be neglected with expenditure for education and health sectors much lower than those of previous governments.
    Although Pakistan generates $128 billion the people of Pakistan see very little of this wealth and live in severe poverty. Wealth distribution represents a glaring failure on part of the Musharraf government as its policies have only benefited the select few, life for most Pakistanis is a daily struggle of making ends meet which has got even worse since Musharraf took over. Depending on which measure is used the World Bank puts 17% of the population living on less then $1 a day whilst 73% of the population lives on less then $2 a day. The World Bank also puts 33% (the size of South Korea) of the population living under the poverty line, another measure, which is a national estimate based on population-weighted subgroup estimates which is decided by national governments.
    The blatant inequality is something all the people of Pakistan can see. The Pakistan Economic Survey 2006-07 acknowledges that the gap between the rich and the poor in the country widened in the period 2001 and 2005 (when the two surveys that have provided the data were held). The ratio of the income of the richest 20% and the poorest 20% went up from 3.76 to 4.15. The Gini Coefficient, which is universally regarded as an efficient measure of income equality, changed from 0.2752 to 0.2976 (that is for the worse). The thrust towards privatisation of facilities in the social sectors, especially education and health, has made these services more costly and less affordable for the common man. People are now compelled to spend more on most basic necessities. The governments own figures say that the poor are now spending 14.6% more (as compared to 2001) on health. Ironically, the rich are spending 6% less – thanks to the better food, environment and living conditions they can afford. The poor are spending 50% more on transport and 11% more on food. The Musharraf regime has attempted to gloss the figures over by juggling around with statistics and definitions. Such shifts in the yardsticks adopted have distorted results beyond belief. For instance, a new methodology has led the government to change the poverty line figure in 2001. Thus an income of Rs878 per month per capita has been taken as the poverty line. This amount is at complete odds with the facts on the ground. Not surprisingly, the figures cited by the government for people living below the poverty line have come to be widely questioned. With poverty alleviation being the buzzword in Pakistans economic development and a key criterion for aid givers, policymakers are desperately trying to prove the success of their strategy in terms of falling poverty levels. What is so shocking is the fact that although the situation of most of Pakistan is one of abject poverty according to the UNs Food and Agriculture Organisation, Pakistan in 2005 was the worlds:
    • Largest producer of Ghee
    • 2nd largest producer of Chickpeas
    • 4th largest producer of Apricot, Cotton and Sugarcane
    • 5th largest producer of Milk and Onion
    • 6th largest producer of Date Palm
    • 7th largest producer of Mango
    • 8th largest producer of Tangerines, mandarin orange and Rice
    • 9th largest producer of Wheat, and
    • 10th largest producer of Oranges
    Inflation has also pushed many people into poverty as prices continue to rise. Add to this the increase of the general sales tax (GST), life for most Pakistanis has become more difficult in the last decade. The huge surge in prices has been caused by huge increase in money supply particularly private credit, which has risen by an astounding average annual rate of 25% over the last five years. Such credit has caused considerable damage to the economy and the countrys poverty stricken citizens. The credit has fuelled inflation, which officially stands at 10%. However that is the average price increase, most essential items have risen much higher in price including staple foods like flour and cooking oil. During the last six years essential kitchen items have increased by 200% – 300%. Opposition MP Ahsan Iqbal exposed the Musharraf government emphasising “The government policies are pushing the country towards a serious crisis. The cost of borrowing could be a threat to the countrys economy as, he said. “The State Bank has been purchasing billions of dollars from the local market by flooding the local currency and creating inflation in the country.
    May Allah(swt) protect us and grant us victory over our enemies and the enimies of Islam and may Allah(swt) grant us khilafah Rashida again, to take the Muslim Ummah out of this sever intellectual and political dicline and carry Islam to the whole world. Ameen

    Thanks and JazaKallah khair.

  • Kamran Sikandar |

    Dr. Tariq. I am sorry to say that you are nothing but a hate mongerer. For your info (once again) that President Musharraf always lived in the army chief’s house in Rawalpindi. http://www.dawn.com/2007/12/07/nat15.htm

    The presidency in Islamabad was started during the days of the first PPP government and has never been occupied by an army general.

    To take people away from the post itself, you start to put out financial data. If you want to discuss the economy, start another thread. These are basic net etiquettes.

    I would also like to remind you of Sura Al-Nas. If you are not sure of your facts, dont post them.

  • Ahmad Sarwar |

    well… i can certify that the pictures shown here are fake as far as their relevance with Pakistan Presidency is concerned. I’ve been there and none of the pictures shown here show any part of that building.
    I got to know from someone else the pictures shown here are in fact the house of Indian film star Shah Rukh Khan, which is debateable.

    However, it should be encouraged that correct facts are placed infront of people, but such a practice as i have seen on this website is really disappointing and seems really amateur.

  • maryam. |

    ya!! i also dnt think so that its realy truely presidents home pics!!

    but it may b true!!

    as he is jst looting his public 4 the sake of his peace nd a luxury life!!

    nd the poor public dieing to have even cold water!! nd he have a swiming pool to make jst himself cool!!hguh!!


  • Tarts |

    Hi, these pictures have appeared in so many different web postings. Some say that this is the the Palace of a former Azerbaijan President. The most recent ones say that this is the home of Zimbabwe President Mugabe or that of his crony Chiyangwa. I also saw some email saying that this is the home of Babangida of Nigeria.

    It seems that whenever people need to point out the opulence of rulers, they use these pictures. There is even a possibility that these pics do not even come from the same house.

  • adeen |

    rubish the two above picture one is a back yard picture of white house and the other one is famouse hotel of usa in florida and yes other pictures are really of pakistan but not presidency islamabad ,these picture are prime minister house islamabad which was made by the order of former prime minister benazer bhutto sooo please make your information correct first and sorry the health of this site is just like a aids (hiv)guy any body post what ever he or she want like a infection ,really funny

  • Raheel |

    Hey!!!! Guys what happen to you all , You all are arguing that isn;t it President House…Pleaas look at the third pic in 2nd coloumn, you will find a picture on which MashaAllah is written . This is not the only truth. If you people believe that he is not the person living in this Resort than please hang on…..President house would not be less in any term if its not the original one….Think of a person who can spend millions on his security (Bullet proofs BMW’ Mercedees….) ca’t live in such place.

  • eisha khan |

    im confuzed btw president house islamabad n srk house cuz day look da same!!!!!!

  • saqib chauhan |

    is this president house?
    I think it’s not true,he is living in good home than this home.